30 Impressive Cross-Stitching Projects That Might Inspire You To Take Up This Hobby

Published 3 years ago

If you though cross-stitching is nothing more than your grandma’s favorite pastime, you’re about to change your mind. Turns out that people use this technique to create amazing pieces of art – and only the most impressive ones end up getting shared in the r/CrossStitch subreddit.

The talented cross-stitchers of Reddit are sharing their proudest works in this subreddit, and the amount of hard work that went into them is absolutely impressive. Check out a collection of amazing cross-stitching projects in the gallery below, and if you want more, make sure to read our earlier articles about the sewing and knitting communities!

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#1 My 6 Year Old Has Been Getting In On The Cross Stitch Hype In My House Too. He’s So Proud, He Wants To Show His Progress Off To Everyone!

Image source: Yellow_coffee_mug

#2 1 Year Ago This Saturday I Came Home With An Empty Cat Carrier After Helping To Release My Best Friend From A 2 Year Battle With Terminal Cancer. I Worked On This Piece Through Tears That Week, And Just Got The Frame Back In Time To Hang It In His Memory For The One Year Anniversary

Image source: willowwrenwild

#3 I Lost It At The Glasses

Image source: starryhamster

#4 Today I Ironed My Mega-Cat Project & It’s In The Mail To My Aunt!

Image source: psychkitty

#5 Came Across This On Facebook…it Took Him 20 Years To Finish This Periodic Table Of Elements

Image source: MrsMama991

#6 Schrödinger’s Cat Glow In The Dark Is Finished!

Image source: crossstitchwizard

#7 Literally Took Blood And Tears, But I Am Very Proud Of My First Project

Image source: Derpazor1

#8 Day 5 Of Quarantine, I’ve Run Out Of Fabric And Have Had To Resort To Cross Stitching This Old Strainer. Turned Out Pretty Good I Think!

Image source: Skittle_kittle

#9 Finally Got Around To Finishing This One!

Image source: lysscakes1930

#10 Done And Dusted Just In Time For My Best Friend’s Birthday! Pattern By Olga Lankevich

Image source: Laas-Yah-Nir

#11 I’m Sure This One Belongs Here

Image source: crazyg0od33

#12 A 2020 Update: Lost The Boyfriend But Kept The Cat. Priorities

Image source: callthewindreddit

#13 Cross Stich On A Wall In Estavayer, Switzerland

Image source: lvcretiae

#14 Over 5,000 Hours And 3+ Years In The Works. My Mother Finally Completed Her Counted Cross-Stitch With 606,875 Stitches

Image source: LaneRandi

#15 I Completed My Ocean Triptych Today!

Image source: SuperquooL

#16 A Few Months Ago I Posted That I Was Cross Stitching My Old Cats For Mums Christmas Present – Cat 2/3 Is Complete! Sadly We Lost This Guy To Old Age While I Was Making This, But The Process Of Stitching Him Was Very Therapeutic. Pattern By Me Using Pixel Stitch

Image source: buttfacedmiscreant11

#17 I Did This For My Boyfriend Who Is A Gynecologist

Image source: Thorbork

#18 I Just Started A New Job Where I (Annie) Sit Between An Ann And An Anna. So I Self-Drafted A Direction Sign

Image source: AnneeDroid

#19 Half Way Down, “Spanish Lace” By Riolis. Stitched 1 Over 1 On Monaco

Image source: milu6ka

#20 Everyone Loves A Good Before & After Backstitching, Right?

Image source: LavastormSW

#21 I’m Terrible At Starting Huge Projects But Never Finishing Them. This One Was The First “Big” Piece I Ever Completed And It Took Four Years! I’m Particularly Proud Of The Shawl

Image source: thespecificnorthwest

#22 My Grandmother’s Senior Portrait!

Image source: thnx4stalkingme

#23 Hi To All! I’m A 27 Yo Cross-Stitcher And I’m Proud To Show You My First Big Completed Project With Backstitch. I Think It’s Still Not Perfect, But I Really Adore My Result. Pattern “Purring On The Roofs” By Cutepatternsbymaria

Image source: Mortis_Aeterna

#24 It Took Me Two And A Half Years! Gamer Nouveau By Gecko Rouge

Image source: twotimezz

#25 Got Back Into Stitching After A Long Break, Finished This Beauty Last Night

Image source: cheeserella

#26 The Day He Proposed

Image source: ManinBlack19

#27 1.5 Years Later And I Am Finished!

Image source: Nowork_morestitching

#28 So I Finished My Summer Stitching Project A Little Early

Image source: StitchinMelissa

#29 My Beautiful Raven Is Finished! Sooo Happy With How This Piece Turned Out. I Hope You Enjoy Looking At It As Much As I Do!

Image source: bisingular

#30 Probably My Most Satisfying “Before And After Backstitching” Example Yet!

Image source: Andromeda321

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