Woman Shows How Fake Some Instagram Moms’ Posts Can Be By Sharing Her Encounter With One At The Pool

Published 5 years ago

No matter what some influencers would like you to think, there’s no such thing as perfection. Sure, looking at their photos it may seem like they’re living perfect lives, posing by crystal blue water, wearing nice clothes and driving fast cars. We hate to break it to you but the reality is that most of it is often staged and one woman recently gave the perfect example of why you shouldn’t believe everything you see in pictures.

A short while ago, Jen Flint, a mother of six from Utah, shared an eye-opening story about her encounter with an Instagram mom at the pool. In it, the woman explains how easily the “perfect” photos are faked and that mothers shouldn’t be discouraged just because they don’t look like the people in those pictures.

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“The main intention of my post was to help mothers (but really it applies to fathers and teens as well) to realize that what they see on social media isn’t always real and when they scroll through perfectly staged photos of women who are better fit, on exotic vacations, wearing expensive clothes and living in spotless homes, that they need to remember not to compare themselves to what they see,” said Jen in an interview with Bored Panda.

Jen gave some words of encouragement for mothers everywhere: “We are enough, just how we are. Remember that YOU at home with your kids or YOU at work supporting your family or YOU with the spotless house or YOU with the small apartment or YOU with an extra 30 lbs of weight that’s you’d rather not have, YOU are enough. Don’t compare yourself or your situation to anyone else’s.”

The eye-opening post was liked over 200k times and shared by 140k people with countless mothers leaving positive comments and sharing their own experiences.

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