List of collections of bridal lehengas in Chandni Chowk

Published 8 years ago

Every girl has a dream of getting married with pomp and show. A little glitter here and a little frill there. A bride also wants to be the center of attraction in her own wedding complete with the perfect makeup, dress, hair and everything else. Many brides today prefer wearing a lehenga for their wedding. It goes without saying that the bridal lehengas in Chandni Chowk, Delhi are one of the best in the market.

Apart from the obvious reasons of price and authenticity, shops in Chandni Chowk offer an enormous variety of lehengas. The collections are amazing so read on to find out more about them.

Innovative cuts and styles

Everyone does not like the same type of cuts in their outfits. Brides can find straight cut lehengas which are generally preferred. Women of all sizes and shapes can easily rock a straight cut lehenga with ease. Next you can find paneled lehengas. These kinds of lehengas come with a lot of flares and fall in both the lehenga and the choli. If you are a fun bride, you can experiment with different colors as each panel can be available in a different color all stitched together to make a beautiful offering. The third type is the fishtail or the mermaid style of bridal lehengas in ChandniChowk. This kind of lehengas are fit in the waistline and opens out at the bottom. These can be selected if you are blessed with curves in the correct places. Many people choose this design if they consider their hip to be large and a problem area.

For traditional brides who are not comfortable with other experimental cuts, there are lehengas which are circular in nature. This is a common type of lehenga involving a lot of pleats in the waistline.The pleats provide a lot of volume to the lehenga and are especially preferred by the brides with a sleek figure.

Variety of the fabrics

A major reason why brides of today prefer lehenga is the availability of a lot of fabrics. The bridal lehengas found in Chandni Chowk consists of rich fabrics, most commonly silk, and brocade.They also come with luxurious embellishments like mirror work, heavy embroidery, zari work and so on. The shops have the latest collections for occasions like weddings.Women generally prefer heavily embroidered bridal lehenga which is usually made of silk. You will also get matching dupattas made of silk.If you want, you can get the dupatta in a different material which is also preferred by most of the brides.

For lehengas spelling elegance there are pieces made of rich satin. It gives an ultra-shine and appears exquisite and unique. You will also find lehengas in crepe, Georgette, tissue, net and temporarily used fabrics.

This was a comprehensive list of the collections of lehengas that you get in the market. But, Chandni Chowk is a magic land. You may chance upon something that has never been mentioned under any lists.

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