Men Are Exposing 20 Social Behaviours That Annoy Them About Other Men

Published 11 months ago

People’s ideas on so many things have changed dramatically in recent years. The concept of manhood is one of those developing discussions. The connotations behind the term “being a man” itself are evolving. People are more aware of their unique identities and don’t want to conform to a rigid stereotype anymore. 

So when one Redditor, u/ThatOneHuman37, asked “Men, what do you hate about men?” on the platform, the answers were heartening to read. Reflecting changing mindsets in the most succinct yet insightful manner, these authentic responses resonated with many and quickly went viral. Scroll below for a few of the most upvoted replies.

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It bugs me that so many men can’t just have female friends. One of my best friends is female. She is married, I have no interest in her romantically. She talks with me about her pregnancy, vents to me about issues she hss with her husband, etc.

My male friends always act like I’m trying to hook up with her or she is trying to hook up with me.

Nope. She is genuinely just a friend.

Image source: ASemiAquaticBird, Luiz Woellner Fotografia


I can’t stand the recent rise of this horrific alpha, sigma, machismo, misogynistic, toxic, incel, red-pilled manosphere b******t.

It’s destroying insecure young men across the globe, and it sets them up to be angry and bitter a******s as they grow up.

Guys who blame women, and literally anybody other than themselves for their romantic shortcomings are upsetting.

Image source: ChaosRainbow23

#3 I don’t want to fight you because we accidentally bumped each other, or your girl. When I said, “excuse me, sorry,” I meant it. Relax.

Image source: Raspberries-Are-Evil, Keira Burton


I hate the “ball and chain” humour. I’m at the age now where a bunch of my friends are getting married now and it just started all of a sudden. I’m getting married soon and I’ve had so many of my friends tell me “it’s all downhill from here”. They’re obviously joking, but it’s just not funny. I don’t like thinking of marriage as a battle of two opposing forces. I love my partner and enjoy our life together, I genuinely don’t see then humour in constantly making fun of the person who’s always supposed to have your back, and vice versa.

Image source: ZNasT, RDNE Stock project

#5 If you have to declare that you are a nice guy or that you are an ‘alpha’, you are neither of those things.

Image source: SinisterYear, Amirali Shaghaghi

#6 That all men seem to want to talk about sports. I care absolutely nothing about other people playing sports.

Image source: abernathym, Amit Lahav


It’s sad that so many (mostly) young men are constantly obsessing about whether or not other men think that they’re gay.

“I can’t wear this, it’s gay”; “I can’t listen to X type of music, it’s gay”.

I used to work for my university’s YouTube channel and was interviewing a guy and he asked us to move from where we were filming because the LGBTQIA+ student club’s poster was behind him and people could think he was part of it.

You realize how much more energy these dudes could put towards things that actually matter in life rather than this obsession? It’s seriously depressing how insecure they are.

Rant over.

Image source: Kbrito9, Dayvison Tadeu

#8 I get criticism for liking knitting and baking I’m over it. No I don’t want to watch sports and drink alcohol

Image source: Ok_Disk_8936, Los Muertos Crew


Maybe I’m too old… but recently I went to a dancing club after years of break (children and stuff) and watched literally tens of situations, where a drunk guy tries to dance with a stranger woman, to hold her, hug her, even kiss her – she clearly says „no”, pushes him, but he still keeps trying – from the left, from the right, from behind. Terrifying and disgusting. Especially when I think what my daughter would have to get through in maybe 10 years…

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A coworker of mine constantly tries to flirt with another coworker even if she keeps shutting him down. One day I asked him why he keeps trying to flirt with her when she is not interested, his answer was “I take it as a challenge”. Hate men like this. I hope the other coworker will make a formal complaint soon.

Image source: SuvenPan


The shift from when we’re all hanging with women around to just the two of us and suddenly it becomes okay for them to start making derrogatory or overly sexual comments about whoever we were just with. I’m glad you feel comfortable with me dude but I don’t think you should ever feel comfortable enough to start saying those things. Respect for people still goes even when they’re not there to listen.

Image source: vendettamoon, William Fortunato

#12 That we’re constantly yelling about men’s mental health, then turning around and calling a dude feminine for having any emotion other than anger.

Image source: JanitorShwan, christopher lemercier

#13 That you need to be an a*****e to get women.

Be good at something. Be funny. Ask questions.

That’s it. It’s not rocket science.

If a girl doesn’t like you. Move on.

Image source: WeCanRememberIt, Quang Nguyen

#14 I absolutely hate competitive banter from strangers. I don’t mind the occasional jibe from my mates, but if you don’t know me, f*kc off with that sh1t.

Image source: MrPandabites, cottonbro studio


Why do you pieces of s**t have to be so damn creepy to women to the point they look at men they don’t know as a potential threat? Ffs is it really that hard to not be a pervert?

Image source: Swordbreaker925


– Objectifying women.

– Being proud of cheating but expect fellow men to be silent about it because of “bro code”.

Image source: joshmaula, Keira Burton


My guy, just cuz she’s being friendly it does not mean she wants to f**k you

Image source: Burggs_


“locker room talk”.

I mean, I get it to an extent. But there are dudes who go overboard with saying pretty heinous things about women in general or even specific women.

The dude will turn around and be all lovey dovey…. Ladies….. If y’all only knew the things that half of y’all’s men say behind your back…..

I had a coworker who would say nasty s**t about women, but then he found out I was friends with someone he was interested in. He asked me to put a good word in for him.

I talked to her about him and found out she was kind of interested in him to. I told her not to touch him with a 10 foot pole and told her about all the stuff he says about women. She blocked him pretty much immediately thankfully.

Image source: McFlyyouBojo


How creepy other men are. I’m still young, mid teens with my first job. At that job a pool is involved and my co workers, the female ones, get hit on constantly, all the time, by creepy guys. There’s one guy that comes in with kids and hits on my co worker. Another that came in yesterday had to be reported by my other co worker because the dude hit on her! She’s 16 dude!

Jordan, if you’re reading this, stop going and hitting on that 16 year old blonde you perv.

Image source: Sufficient_Gain_1164

#20 They don’t seem to really like women. Just having sex with them.

Image source: Dancing-in-the_dark, Dylan Sauerwein

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