35 Mildly Infuriating Things That People Are Annoyed With, As Shared On This Twitter Page

Published 8 months ago

Life is full of little annoyances that, while not earth-shattering, can still manage to get under your skin. From the incessant drip of a leaky faucet to that one sock that mysteriously disappears in the laundry, these “mildly infuriating” moments are universal experiences that we can all relate to.

Recently, people from all over the world have taken to sharing their own tales of mild frustration on social media, and the results are both hilarious and strangely cathartic. Below, we’ve compiled some of these exasperating anecdotes that will make you nod your head in empathetic annoyance.

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#1 What’s The Point Of Making An Appointment To See A Doctor But Still Waiting 1 Hour Later

Image source: beyondtabu

SourQueen : “I found out that many doctors have multiple patients come in with the same appointment time.”

Verfin22 : “Scheduling every 15 minutes is absurd to fully help the patient. When it’s already late, I feel rushed to have my visit even if nothing new to report. US healthcare sucks.”

#2 This Is 4 Plates, The Rest Is “Preferences” And A Few Allergies. Wow

Image source: KarenTheManagah

Daya Meyer : “Just. Eat. At. Home.”

Bored Templar “Just give them water… and make sure it is filtered”

#3 When Pencil Erasers Are Just For Decoration

Image source: bpopbpo

Chihuahua Mama : “I mean they do get rid of mistakes. You just have to keep “erasing” until you have a hole in your paper and Ta Da mistake is gone!”

#4 Poison Ivy Between My Fingers. I’m Considering Amputation At This Point

Image source: margaritari4

StumblingThroughLife : “Wow! We in the UK only have to deal with nettles (which are bad enough). Thankfully, Mother Nature always makes sure Dock Leaves are nearby.”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “My parents had sex in the bushes while camping. There are other places that are worse.”

#5 My Zara Basic T-Shirt After One Wash

Image source: bladderbloodgore

Debbie : “Still looks like something Zara would sell.”

#6 Does Anyone Else Find A Wet Sleeve Infuriating? It Constantly Reminds You Of Its Presence

Image source: brammerslovesyou

Jon Steensen : “Yep, especially when it happens when you try to wash something that is placed above you shoulder level and the water runs from the brush and down your arm and soaks the entire sleave.”

#7 This

Image source: HeyItsEzPz

Jeremy James : “I’ve had this happen. To fix it, I pull the drawstring out entirely and tie a paperclip to one end. Then I gradually work the paperclip end through by bunching and squeezing until it comes out the other side.”

afia kooma : “When I said I couldnt wait to be a grown up, fixing these myself was what I was thinking about.”

#8 I Tried To Take A Banana Off The Bunch And Opened Up The 3 Others

Image source: corybomb

Rocky Horror Panda : “I always take my bananas apart before they get overripe. Stops this from happening.”

LokisLilButterknife : “It’s a sign from the baking gods that you were destined to make banana bread!”

#9 Was Suspicious Of My “5 Lb” Plate Set

Image source: AtticusAesop

Mayra : “You’re such a weight watcher”

#10 This Glove I Put On At Work Before Going Into Surgery Had Dozens Of Pin-Prick Holes In The Fingers. The Entire Box Was Like This

Image source: TheLumpyMailMan

Sleepy Panda : “At least it wasn’t a condom!”

#11 Plastic Packaging. Every Single Time

Image source: EnterGreenGoose

Daniel G : “I thought I’m opening those the wrong way.Am I?”

everett : “how to make me mad in 1 easy step”

AxolotlViolet (they/them) : “Me: Grabs a knife and stabs it”

#12 When Foil Does This

Image source: Tristanio97

Sand Ers : “Could be worse. I’ve had plastic stretch wrap do that.”

#13 My Roof Has Been Shot With An Arrow

Image source: On_Mercury

Chihuahua Mama : “What century do you live in?”

#14 How My Girlfriend Gets To Sleep vs. How I Get To Sleep With The New Foster Dog

Image source: NoSexAppealNeil

Libstak : “Fun starts when doggo has his favourite dream of running after the mail man and them back legs start twitching.”

#15 Left-Handed People Know The Pain

Image source: Breadfungus74

Karma Black : “When I was younger, I’d pretend that I was turning into a robot whenever this happened.”

#16 This Loaf Of Bread From Walmart Doesn’t Have Any Bread In It

Image source: ericthebookguy

Caroline Kimber : “Let it go proper stale and then use it as a post box.”

#17 When The Material Gets Stuck In The Zipper

Image source: Ethantburg

Agfox : “When something that’s permanently attached to you gets stuck in the zipper – but that’s probably more than ‘mildly infuriating'”

#18 Guess How Old My Son Is

Image source: orthros

RIRI : “12356789 years old?”

Errrm..wot? : “Buy the nine then and cut the top off and straighten the curve. Voilá”

#19 After Eating Two Of These Blueberry Waffles, I Went To Heat Up Two More And Saw That The Package Was For Plain Waffles. I Ate Mold

Image source: RandyBoBandy

Chihuahua Mama : “Didn’t the “blueberries” taste a little off?”

#20 When This Happens

Image source: cakt

Ace : “Ow. I feel it.”

Cat Chat : “Sometimes I don’t know which is worse. The physical pain this causes, or the fact that now one nail doesn’t match the rest. 🤷‍♀️”

#21 This

Image source: Carneiro91

Pernille. : “This is so annoying, along with getting your sleeve caught on door handles”

#22 I Reached For This Fry Like Three Times. It’s Printed On The Paper. Thanks, Whataburger

Image source: xlejxndro19

Alexia : “Hahaaa, it happened to me. A friend brough me a fridge magnet that looks like a very realistic chocolate candy. Reached for it several times, then remembered it can’t be eaten :)))”

#23 My Bank’s Support Bot (Mandatory Before Being In Contact With A Real Human)

Image source: Whackatoe

Andy C : “Is it me you’re looking for?”

#24 When Your Sock Falls Into Your Shoe

Image source: smokyrabbit14

Moë : “Grr…the pain is real”

#25 Ring Pull Broke. Then The Can Opener Broke

Image source: ninjamunkey

ADHORTATOR : “this can is cursed…must have some kind of demon in it”

#26 The Amount Of Bread We Throw Away Sometimes At A Supermarket

Image source: EnAyJay

Gandalf the Pink : “It looks like one of those pictures the police will post after they raided some druglord”

#27 Wake Up At 7 AM, Head To Class In The Freezing Rain, Just To See “Class Is Canceled” Written On The Whiteboard And The Door Locked. No Email Or Anything First

Image source: Firecracker7413

Auntriarch : “That’s not mildly annoying, that’s bloody annoying”

#28 When This Stuff Happens

Image source: reddit.com

BoredPossum : “Hate it”

and_a_touch_of_the_’tism : “And you try to chew it off, only to leave a tiny little stub that catches on everything…”

#29 Was Going On A Family Cruise Trip. Flight Got Delayed From 4:30 To 6:50. Flight Got Delayed From 6:50 To 9. Flight Got Delayed From 9 To 11:30. Flight Got Canceled

Image source: K00bik

Now we missed the cruise and waited at the airport for 7 hours for nothing.

#30 Why Does My Shoe’s Tongue Keep Doing This?

Image source: jaobodam

#31 God Hit Up For A Tip On The Self-Checkout Kiosk. Who Am I Tipping, Myself?

Image source: EggfooVA

#32 Microsoft Won’t Accept My First Name

Image source: OldUnderstanding5516

#33 My Dishwasher In My New Apartment Only Opens This Far Before Hitting The Oven

Image source: artysgirl

#34 Bought New Dinner Plates, Guess You Need To Always Read The Back First

Image source: OfficialUniverseZero

#35 Couldn’t See Right Out Of My Contact And My Eye Was Irritated All Day. Came Home And It Turns Out There Was A Tiny Hole In The Middle Of It

Image source: madilmao

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