20 Things People Are Tired Of Hearing After Someone Learns Their Profession

Published 4 years ago

If you play any sort of instrument, you probably know how annoying it is when someone finds out and asks you to play something (bonus points if that something is Wonderwall). Well, turns out this annoyance is not limited to just musicians.

Someone on Reddit recently asked people to share some of the most annoying things people tell them after learning their professions, and the answers will make your eye twitch. Check out some of the best ones below! And who knows – maybe you’ll realize that you’ve been asking some of these annoying questions yourself?

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“Oh you’re a geologist? What kind of rock is this?” Just kidding, we love that s**t and will tell you a long story of the history of that rock and how we saw examples in the field in the middle of nowhere.

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Image source: imontiza

“You’re invited to my.. party/event/wedding/celebration.. please could you bring your camera”


“You’re in the Air Force? So you fly planes?”

Nah I fly a desk.

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“Oh, you’re a pharmacist? Well I have this huge, gaping wound on my left butt cheek, can you look at it and tell me what I can use over the counter?”

Sir… Please go to the hospital…


Image source: DJRonin

“Oh you’re a Graphic Designer? Can you make a logo for me really quick? It’s for my cousin’s birthday. I don’t have any money to pay but I’ll have multiple revisions that will cut into your actual paying work time, but then get upset when you ask for payment”


“Oh you’re employed by our company as a robotic process automation engineer, does that means we’re all going to be replaced by robots?”

I’ve come up with the perfect response to this now. “No, just you”

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Image source: bigEchees

“Oh your a musician, play that one that goes, bun dum dum bun dum donn bom”


“Oh you work in Social Media? How do I blow up my Instagram/Youtube?”

Conversation usually then goes somewhat like this:

“You need to provide good content that matches your target audience.”

“Yeah….but I don’t want to put any real work into that.”

“Then buy 500k fake subs from India or China.”

“But they are not real people.”

“Well you are not providing any real content.”

Image source: DrPCox85


Image source: KalosKaghatoss

“Oh you’re an artist ? Can you draw me, I’ll pay you with exposure”


Image source: Dark_Ruler

“Oh, you are a Mathematician? What is 35122*748383?”

Use a goddamn calculator.


Image source: MelpomeneLee

“Oh you work for a law firm? My son’s ex-girlfriend wants full custody of their kid. What should he do?”

A. I’m a mass tort paralegal, I don’t do family law B. He needs to get a lawyer.


Image source: summerwritingcat

Oh you are an accountant, can you do my taxes?

No Mary i can’t. I work for a corporate company not frigging H&R block. I mean I probably could but I don’t wanna.


“You work in a restaurent? How about treating me to dinner sometime?” – A lot of people assume that they can get free drinks and food just because I happen to serve food or tend the bar at the place. That is not how it works…Also “We are friends so I don’t need to tip you!” – Well, that is how you got unfriended really quickly.

Image source: NoisyNatalie


Image source: Theartofdodging

“Oh, you’re a teacher? Please explain to me how my child’s teacher had the audacity to give them a C despite it being very obvious that my child is a genius!”

Bonus points if they want you to explain the grading criteria in a completely different subject and level of schooling than you teach. Like, I teach high school and community college English and Social Studies – why do you expect me to know the grading criteria for middle school math?


Image source: lowleveldata

“Oh, you’re a programmer? I have a idea of a cool app!”


I was going to have surgery and about 10 minutes before I was scheduled to go under the knife, the nurse asked me what I was studying. I told her I’m a computer science student and without skipping a beat she asked me to help her download WhatsApp on her Huawei!

Since I’m also studying genetics, I also often get requests like “does this rash look bad” or “can you clone my cat”.


Image source: BloatedCrow


Image source: New_Game_P1us

Oh, you work in construction? (Proceeds to ask about fixing things around the house, asking if something was installed wrong because it doesn’t “look right”, or wanting a price quotes for various projects)


Image source: Absolute_Predator

“Oh, you’re a chemical analyst? You must know how to make drugs”


Oh you’re an astronomer? Why is my outlook as Pisces so negative this month? I heard all the planets are going to be lined up what does that mean for my horoscope?

Image source: Rand_alThor_


Image source: chumpidcul

Oh you’re a paramedic? I have this thing on my toe, Will you check it?

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