25 Weird And Annoying Parenting Trends That Drive Folks Crazy

Published 2 months ago

Parenting, a realm abundant with diverse philosophies and approaches, often becomes a breeding ground for lively discussions and debates. Recently, a Reddit user sparked a thought-provoking conversation by inviting fellow Redditors to share the parenting trends they wholeheartedly disagree with. What followed was a cascade of opinions, unveiling the rich tapestry of beliefs and values within the global parenting community.

In the digital landscape of Reddit, where anonymity fosters candid expression, users wasted no time delving into their grievances with various parenting trends. From traditional practices deeply ingrained in cultural norms to modern methodologies shaped by contemporary lifestyles, the spectrum of disagreements showcased the intricate dynamics shaping the upbringing of children today.

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Image source: sweetopportunityy, Pavel Danilyuk

Making your child’s entire identity revolve around their extracurricular activities. Let them be kids, not robotic machines for your bragging rights.


Image source: Fun_Intention_5371, sglazkova

Not teaching children proper manners/behavior

Please and thank you go a long a*s way in this life.

Also not helping kids with conversation skills. Conversation usually goes back and forth. With no phones involved.


Image source: realiz292, CDC

Not vaccinating children.


Image source: aileen_feder, Georgia de Lotz

The trend of oversharing kids’ lives on social media. It’s like turning your child’s childhood into a reality TV show.


Image source: hatterhag, look_studio

I hate when people dress up their baby girls in outfits a woman should be wearing. Like there are little girls outfits that are adorable and meant for a little girl. But no little girl should be wearing a body suit and ripped jeans or a crop top and low rise bellbottoms, it gives me the creeps.


Do gender reveals count? Lighting things on fire, blowing things up and potentially injuring a family member all in an display of obsession over the genitals of your fetus is cringy at best and a small scale natural disaster at worst.

Image source: Jeramy_Jones


Image source: ChelleDotCom, Caleb Woods

I guess this is kinda specific, but my son is autistic, so it applies to me. I hate the “Autism Mom” thing. The t-shirts, the unsolicited “advocacy”…it seems like an attention seeking thing to me. My kid has autism, ADHD, and anxiety, and it takes approximately 5 seconds of being around him to notice. I will fight for him always, of course, but I won’t use him as a badge either. I won’t hide his diagnosis from him, but I won’t let him use it as an excuse either.

And some of those shirts get borderline threatening too…”If you want to know fear, fight an autism mama bear”…or something like that.


Image source: Am_0116, Annie Spratt

I’ve seen a small yet growing trend of homeschooled kids where the parents are completely neglectful of actual education and basically let the kid do whatever they want. They don’t follow standardised curriculum for the sake of “letting kids be kids.” If your kid can barely read at 10 years old, you’re setting them up to fail as an adult.


Image source: GoodFriday10, natee127

Parents not having even minimal standards for their children’s behavior, and expecting other people to be alright with it. I really don’t care that he is having “big feelings.” He is lying in the aisle of the supermarket, screaming at the top of his lungs, having a full blown tantrum because you said no. Grow a pair.


Image source: Christine4321, Jan Baborák

Driving your kids 200m to school.


Giving them “unique” names.

Image source: SidewinderTV


Image source: CoconuttyPixel, zhenzhong liu

Loud cartoons and games on tablets in public places.


Image source: User-1967, Kelly Sikkema

Never saying no to your child.


Not exactly a trend but: having like 5+ kids and forcing the older ones to basically raise the little ones. i know that sometimes the parents are not well informed about contraception, but it’s still not the kids’ problem! it’s one thing to have them help once in a while, but anything that stops them from living their own lives to raise YOUR kids is just ridiculous.
for example: not being able to take an extracurricular activity because they have to be home watching their siblings.

Image source: ThatGirlWhoAlmost


Image source: Violet_Mermaid, Vika Glitter

Pranking your kids or playing jokes on them. Not all kids understand it’s a joke and it really upsets them. I hate seeing videos of parents thinking it’s ok to throw things at their kids or make them do dumb stuff for amusement. Like the cheese challenge thing. Throwing food at babies….awful behavior.


Image source: kimtenisqueen, Kev Costello

I’m gonna go in a little bit of a different direction: parents not watching their own behavior when it comes to screen time, frustration tolerance, discipline, etc.

You’ve got to dig deep and figure out how to role model the behaviors you want your kids to do. If you are on your phone 24/7 and throw a fit every time the slightest thing inconveniences you you aren’t gonna have a good time with your kids doing anything different.


Image source: Substantial-Grape597, simbiothy

Child vlogging, its a bit weird tbh and I feel like things are gonna go to s**t for the parents when the kids become adults.


Image source: contrariwise65, kseniia_ph

Taking your kids to a restaurant and putting screens in their hands. How are kids going to learn how to behave in polite society if you don’t train them how to behave in social situations?


Image source: Chemical_Party7735, puhimec

Being overweight and allowing your children to follow the same path of obesity.
(Yes I get sometimes it’s genetics, but genetics is not why appx 1/3 of Americans are obese and why the rest of the world isnt).


Image source: Ok_Procedure4993, Jakob Owens

The sad beige mom trend. If you want to make the rest of your home sad and beige, that’s up to you. But my God! Please let your child’s nursery have some colour for their own development and well-being.


Image source: bappopipang, Jep Gambardella

The lack of discipline and manners taught to the kids. I get soft parenting, I’m on board with no hitting and all of the abuse but kids still need to learn boundaries about what they could and couldn’t do.


Image source: Lucyinthskyy, wutzkoh

Weird orthorexic parents who make their entire personality their kids’ hundreds of allergies . Gluten free, dairy free, nut free , meat free . EVERYTHING FREE! I’m sorry, I do not believe them .


Image source: heirloom_beans, Kelly Sikkema

Confusing gentle parenting with permissive parenting.

You can be both gentle and authoritative. Authoritative is *not* authoritarian; it is the role of a parent to provide structure and boundaries for their children while also allowing them to feel their emotions and deal with the ups and downs of being a kid. Go ahead and soothe your children when they are upset and give them a safe space to calm down but you do not have to cushion their world for them in order to avert a meltdown.


Image source: AdBroad8817, cottonbro studio

“Gentle parenting” b***h hold your kid at the doctor if they need a test done. “I don’t think she wants to do this test/use this medicine” B***H SHE NEEDS IT. (I work in a doctors office).


Image source: nannymegan, cottonbro studio

Never telling your kid no. You’re creating a monster that is going to ruin your life some day. Boundaries and consequences are essential to any kid- well human even- being successful in the world we live in.

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