20 Posts That Went Stale Very Soon, As Shared By ‘Aged Like Milk’ Community (New Posts)

Published 1 year ago

Although we forget about things that are said in person, things posted online often find their way to haunt people later. So, it’s better to think twice before impulsively posting anything.

An online community called “Aged Like Milk” collects and shares posts that seem stupid or embarrassing after a certain time period. Scroll below to see some of their new collection and check out our previous posts here and here.

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#1 Sugar As Diet Aid 1971

Image source: bycrackybygum

#2 A Truly Awful Aged Like Milk

Image source: BrokenShutters, twitter.com

#3 Cnn Strikes Again

Image source: NoFaithInTheAdmins

#4 9 Days

Image source: GriffinFTW

#5 Nice One Google

Image source: jablanovix

#6 So, Is That A No To Dignity?

Image source: Cactusaremyjam

#7 “I Can Say Antisemitic Things And Adidas Can’t Drop Me” -Kanye

Image source: gregmasta

#8 Love How The Tone Of This Postcard Shifted Ever So Slightly Between Its Making And Today

Image source: technix_the_fox

#9 “They Don’t Put Pretty People Like Me In Jail”

Image source: jhovudu1

#10 …

Image source: john_rabb

#11 Aged Like Milk In 24 Hours

Image source: OurLeagueIsShit

#12 “I’ll Put My Reputation On The Line. Multiple Times”

Image source: Mrmini231

#13 Justice Served

Image source: Pachalafaka24

#14 Stick To Weekly Programming “Predictions”

Image source: Str33twise84

#15 A “Victorious” Prime Minister Declares “Peace For Our Time” After Hitler Agrees Not To Invade Any More Territories In Europe, 1938

Image source: screen_name

#16 This Dude Was Caught Robbing A Bank 3 Days After He Tweeted This

Image source: _Atoms_Apple

#17 Aged Like Milk, Literally

Image source: throwaway-3000003

#18 Fyi They Do Now

Image source: TheLostCaptain03

#19 If You Can’t Even Clean Up Your Own Room, Who The Hell Are You To Give Advice To The World?

Image source: Fertility18

#20 An Ad From The 1950’s Gives Tips On How To Dispose Of Batteries

Image source: beerbellybegone

#21 The Musker Really Showing His True Colors…

Image source: Bigringcycling, twitter.com

#22 A Lot Here On Andrew Tate At The Moment, But This Really Sticks Out

Image source: DarkDerekHighway

#23 From Hero To Villain

Image source: Logan_Mac

#24 No One Forces You To Have A Baby

Image source: Spirited-Draw-8189

#25 Lots Of Experience With Little Kids…

Image source: b_enn_y

On the 2008 reality TV show 19 Kids and Counting, Josh Duggar and his wife Anna announce that they are expecting a new child. In a cutaway, his little sister Jessa comments on how he’ll be a good dad, considering his extensive experience with little kids. In 2015, allegations against Josh came out that when he was 14-15 years old, he molested 4 of his younger sisters. Today, Josh is currently serving a 12 year prison sentence after being convicted for downloading images of child sex abuse from his work computer.

#26 Classic Law & Order

Image source: weirdlittleflute

#27 Oh, Netflix

Image source: BulljiveBots

#28 Kanye In Highschool

Image source: A_Parks_

#29 Speaks For Itself. I’m An Antique Dealer, And This Is From My Personal Collection

Image source: No-Beginning1846

#30 How It Started / How It’s Going

Image source: happymancry

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