25 Times A Parent Cleverly Dealt With Their Gullible Child

Published 1 week ago

Any parent will tell you that dealing with kids requires patience, skill and some amount of humour. Many parents even chose to follow the wise words of one individual who once said, “If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em”. 

This subreddit is dedicated to finding posts that share how a parent cleverly dealt with their child’s quirks and idiosyncrasies that landed them in a bit of a pickle. We have to admit, these interactions are downright entertaining and thanks to this community, we have a a treasure trove of comedy gold that any parent can either relate to or learn from as you can see below.

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#1 Get This Man A Phd

Image source: meme_collector_42069

#2 Liar

Image source: ghendricks24

#3 Nice

Image source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#4 A Better Version Of Hide N Seek

Image source: SmithNotASmith

#5 My Daughter’s Elementary School Emailed This Photo So Parents Can Claim Lost Glasses. The School Only Has 190 Students

Image source: WTF_Conservatives

JoNo: I don’t understand how a parent isn’t at the school or on the phone to the school the very next day after their child arrived home without their glasses. They may well think “the glasses could be anywhere and we’ll never find them” but it would be worth a try, surely?

#6 My Literal 7 Year Old Daughter Answering A Philosophical Question For School Work

Image source: kewe316

AlienatedCheeseStick: Sometimes the only true answers to philosophical questions are the most blatantly simple ones.

#7 Glad This Didn’t Exist When I Was A Kid

Image source: Specken_zee_Doitch

Dumb teenager: Can I just say that once it gets to a certain age this crosses the boundary from secure peranting to just plain creepy. I’ve still got this $hit hooked up to one of my google accounts! I’m 17 for fu(ks sake! I’m legally old enough to have sex, quit school and drive independently and yet my perants still think they need to moniter every image, word and video that crosses my screen online. Good thing they don’t know about guest mode…

#8 What The Heck

Image source: Spiritual_Country_62

#9 My Brother Everybody…

Image source: reddit.com

#10 I Dont Know What To Say

Image source: benbentart

Laura Slade: Guinea pigs should always be kept as pairs it’s cruel to only have one, so weirdly this worked out for the best

#11 Kids Are Way Too Gullible

Image source: Otherwise_Dust_2331

#12 The Anniversary Of This One.. I Was The 11 Year Old

Image source: AmsterdamsT

lenka (edited): We called the police when my little brother, then aged 5, went missing. He went upstairs to go to bed. Mum went up to tuck him in and turn the light off about 15 minutes later and he was gone. 5 hour police search covering several km radius from our house. Found him when the sniffer dogs were called in. He had pulled the mattress ever so slightly from the wall, slotted himself in the gap and pulled the blanket over the top of himself and gone to sleep. Legit looked like an empty made bed.

#13 Ah Yes, How To Get A ‘Free’ Cookie

Image source: unfortunatelymade

#14 Beautiful Message For Veteran’s Day

Image source: TinyTrafficCones

#15 So Caring

Image source: My_Memes_Will_Cure_U

#16 Never Felt Better

Image source: squazher

#17 I Have No Idea How Mad I Should Be

Image source: Rolok916

#18 What A Pleasant Thought

Image source: S_K_Y_L_I_N_E

#19 Fun For All The Family

Image source: Hypnoidz

#20 Kick Me Again When I’m Sleeping

Image source: marlon2603

#21 5 Year Old Donated $400

Image source: Therealilg000real

AlienatedCheeseStick: Aaaaand that’s why five year olds shouldn’t have access to the internet

#22 My Little Brother’s Got This On His Wall

Image source: Plastic_Pickle_2960

#23 Having To Call Toxicology

Image source: Felix_B91

Nicky: Bought red dog food that was 90 percent off. Later his poo looked bright red and I thought he was dying. A vet visit later, I realized why the food was so discounted.

#24 Genius

Image source: UnrealK80

#25 What Was The Thought Process?

Image source: Forest_folf

BMXemplary: Gull-ability

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