30 People Who Tried To Recreate A Photo From Their Past And Nailed It

Published 8 months ago

We love the trend where people recreate an old photo. There’s just so much of people’s stories unfolding before your very eyes when you have a couple of “Then vs Now” pics. 

Scroll below to check out some of the most popular submissions found on the subreddit r/PastAndPresentPics. Bursting with sweet memories and palpable emotion they’re sure to enthral you in the narratives these photos bring to life.

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#1 Real Friendship

Image source: NazliNazNazli

TeenieMeanie: This is so sweet!

#2 Me In My Parents Backyard Less Than A Year After We Moved In And Me Almost 30 Years Later When They Sold The House

Image source: Redgreen82

Sue Lynn ChanIf the tree can talk, it would have a lot of stories to tell.

#3 So We Recreated A Photo(Me On Top)

Image source: Emoje775

EmberWhat an attractive family

#4 Truly Man’s Best Friend!

Image source: marrana_brainz

Richard Ross: Beautiful picture 😍

#5 Me And My Siblings Recreated This For My Parents As A Gift For Their 50th Anniversary. 1985-2019

Image source: CatchResponsible1261

Tara Moov: The commitment of the woman on the right in tracking down a green and pink teddy bear sweater and thick pastel aviators is *chef’s kiss*

#6 Phew! That Was A Long Boat Ride! ?

Image source: Glittering-Tree-7567

nbfreshsame boat!?

#7 Same Drama

Image source: NazliNazNazli

NapQueen10/10 for effort! Love the bonnet!!

#8 My Wife And I In 1973 And In 2019. I’d Just Turned 16 In The First One, She Was A Month Away From 16. It Was The First Pic Of Us Together, Taken In A Mall Photobooth

Image source: QtheM

LALALand: OMG she still had the scarf!

#9 We Recreated A Childhood Photo… From Blue’s Clues Birthday Party To 20 Years Later At Thanksgiving!

Image source: madiissuun

#10 Happy Father’s Day

Image source: beerdidtrev

Kat PekinHe still looks just as proud!

#11 Giving My Boys A Ride / And My Boys Giving Me A Ride

Image source: VisibleRace7849

More!Time/life passes so quickly, we hardly notice it until we see our own photos like this.

#12 My Daughter And I Swinging Thru Time

Image source: Flabbergastedly

#13 LEGO

Image source: markshure

Linda van der PalI love how the boat grew bigger too

#14 Still Friends 20 Years Later

Image source: HSThrowback20years

VonBladeThe most attractive thing you can wear is a smile.

#15 My Mom And Her Siblings, 1971 And 2023

Image source: ek599

Mis Stake she/her 🇫🇮🇬🇧

Santa is younger. He really is magic !

#16 My Sisters And I Recreated A Photo At The Same Beach In Hawaii (1991-2022)

Image source: teenytiny212

#17 My Grandfather With His Mini, And Me With Mine

Image source: XTDVMini

TempestYour pants need to be worn higher up! ;p

#18 My Parents, Still Tired

Image source: mattybgcg

#19 Throwback Thursday, 1991 -> 2021, Back At The House I Grew Up In (Queens, NY)

Image source: StatandMelo

#20 My Pop And His Mama!

Image source: Jamescovey

#21 Age 16 vs. Age 30

Image source: reddit.com

NapQueen: Your skin is perfection.

#22 Me & My Bff, Taken 20 Years Apart

Image source: ilikeyourswatch

Maartjemoo: Love the natural gray hair

#23 Same Mom, Same Me, Same Teddy Bear Some 55 Years Apart

Image source: knirkle

#24 Grandkids In 1994 vs. 2022

Image source: Cheese_Beard_88

#25 At My Desk Hardly Working, 1992-2019

Image source: dittidot

FeelingFriskyYou’ve aged so beautifully!

#26 Thanksgiving 2011-2021

Image source: KolaDesi

Spocks’s Mom: Pretty soon, she’ll be holding him! ❤️❤️

#27 A Cowboy And His Tree At 4 And 63 Years Old

Image source: SquidLee

#28 My Mom And I Getting “Called To The Bar” As Lawyers 35 Years Apart. 1981 —- 2016

Image source: lannart123

NapQueen:  LOVE THIS, you go girls :)

#29 My Granddad And His Wheels, ~1950 & 2020

Image source: ragingremark

#30 My Great-Great Grandfather (Left) 1862, And Me (Right), 2022

Image source: Rhaenyc

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