30 Times People Were Spotted Showing Trashy Behavior And Got Shamed Online

Published 2 years ago

There are many jerks out there who try to make themselves feel better by putting down others, being rude or disrespectful to people, stealing valuable things, or showing a sense of entitlement.

Today, we have gathered some examples of the meanest, rudest, and most annoying people who were exposed online. So, here is a little trigger warning to you if you are going to scroll ahead- some of these posts may make your blood boil and spike your blood pressure. Read at your own risk and stop midway if you feel that it’s too much.

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#1 The Big Family Behind Us At The Food Court When They Left

Image source: reddit.com

#2 Some Rich Kids In Honduras Thought This Was Cute

Image source: ProgenitorOfDragons

#3 Tourist Scales Ancient Egyptian Antiquities

Image source: AloofNerd

#4 Stealing From A Grave

Image source: lee_redrobin

#5 Getting Used To The Fact That Some People Are Just Jerks

Image source: gwinefcc

#6 Man I’m Actually Pissed. My Mother Got Rid Of My First Pet Without Warning Me

Image source: Bucket0fMilk

#7 This Was Posted In A Restaurant’s Facebook Group

Image source: somnifacientsawyer

#8 Big Time Karen Energy

Image source: bour-bon-fire

#9 My Cat Almost Got Stolen Today

Image source: Geico2017

#10 Teacher Taking A Child’s Hearing Aid As Punishment “Cause She Wasn’t Listening Anyway”

Image source: raniawrites

#11 Support Worker Leaves Her Shopping Bags On Top Of The Disabled Man In Her Care As She Takes A Fag Break

Image source: ww-m

#12 Neighbour Built A Community Library. Last Night Someone Dumped Chili And Cat Food Inside

Image source: Extric_Atorium

#13 Someone Replace This Receptionist

Image source: princess_labia

#14 Someone Send This To Rosie

Image source: danstille

#15 Letting Your Kid Draw On The Nobel Memorial At The Natural History Museum

Image source: Paddyfarmer

#16 Owning A Maserati Doesn’t Make You Not Trashy. They Just Opened The Door And Set Down Their Litter

Image source: pateOrade

#17 The State My Ex Left My House In After I Went Away For A Week

Image source: Mau5_matt

#18 Dude Takes His Massive Mastiff On The Bus And Fails To Control The Dog. Dog Is Barking Every 10 Seconds. Bonus Points For The Dude’s Cheeks Hanging Out

Image source: ends1995

#19 If You’re A Parent And Let Your Kids Make A Mess Like This

Image source: dillonconnerty

#20 There’s A Limited Amount Of Parking At My Apartments, And This Douchebag Parks Like This Anytime He Can So Nobody Will Hit His Car

Image source: Aggressive_Action

#21 There Is An 11-Day Bin Man Strike In Edinburgh And This Is Only Day Two. Most Of The City Is Like This

Image source: reddit.com

#22 There’s A Package Bandit In My Building And One Of My Neighbors Had Their Medicine Stolen

Image source: rottenfigs

#23 The Worst Kind Of People That Shouldn’t Exist

Image source: JosephiKrakowski78

#24 I Split Up With My Boyfriend Yesterday. I Fell Asleep While He Was Packing And He Stole My Toilet

Image source: shelblikadoo

#25 A Caretaker Stole My Grandpa’s Old Rolex Before He Passed Away. I Was Supposed To Have It

Image source: Motherhazelhoff

#26 This Dude Decided To Park In Front Of My Driveway When The Entire Street Was Free

Image source: iBahnez

#27 Don’t Be This Type Of Person

Image source: SlugsLoveBeer

#28 We See Stuff Like This On A Daily Basis

Image source: empire1018

#29 A Mom Left Her 2 Kids, A Child And Baby In A Carseat, Alone While She Went Into Dance Class

Image source: p4755166

#30 Neighbor Parked His Tesla By Blocking The Sidewalk, Someone Threw Red Paint At His Car

Image source: Legitimate_Country11

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Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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