25 Times ‘Pick Me’ Girls Thoroughly Embarrassed Themselves

Published 2 months ago

The strength of women coming together is truly remarkable! When united, there’s nothing women can’t achieve, and the sisterhood bond holds immense power. Yet, the unfortunate presence of internalised misogyny sometimes requires a gentle reminder that we’re all on the same team.

Below, you’ll find some cringe-worthy posts from the Not Like The Other Girls subreddit, spotlighting instances where “pick me girls” put down other women to showcase their uniqueness. Take a scroll through these photos that might give you secondhand embarrassment or serve as a reminder to support and uplift fellow women!

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#1 Definitely Not Like Other Girls

Image source: reddit.com

Jack Smith: had us in the first half not gonna lie

#2 Found On Tiktok

Image source: RaineMist

#3 Love When This Like This Show Up On My Insta

Image source: Distinct_Painting_15

#4 She’s Not Like The Other Girls

Image source: Revolutionary_End144

#5 She’s Not Like Other Moms

Image source: reddit.com

#6 Woman Posts Cute Video Of Husband Helping Her Get Around Hours After Giving Birth

Image source: Cold_Philosophy_

#7 Surprised How Many Women Replied To This. My issue isn’t with women who want to stay home, it’s the way he speaks to his partner and all these women are acting like they would be fine being spoke to like that

Image source: Sensitive_Ad5521

#8 Moms Are More Important

Image source: _90s_Nation_

#9 Woman

Image source: [deleted]

#10 No, It’s Embarrassing To Put Down Other Women At A Party

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Why Is It Always Sourdough And Dresses?

Image source: Seeker-2020

#12 Im Speechless

Image source: anxnim

#13 On A Facebook Group For “Boys Only”

Image source: WhatIsLifeAnymore_

#14 I’m Not Like Other Girls I Make Bone Broth

Image source: nekkototoro

#15 On R/Askreddit

Image source: bitten_nutellatoast

#16 A Wild Reddit Notliketheotherparents

Image source: breadteganxx

#17 First Post Here, I Just Hate Book Shaming In General

Image source: meh80

#18 Friend Of A Friend Made This Post. Ick Ick Ick All Around

Image source: AccomplishedTaste147

#19 Obvious Mental Problem Diagnosed Based On Liking LED Zeppelin

Image source: AllergicJakarta64

#20 Coworkers Talk

Image source: Sweaty_Benefit_2994

#21 Worst I Have Ever Seen

Image source: natural_woman_

She preaches shes better than women getting degrees and not having children because by being a stay at home mom on her farm with her 4 kids and pregnant at 23 years old is “going against the grain” as if thats not what women were forced into for thousands of years because of the patriarchy and societal expectations of women .. they’re not vaccinated and “unschooled” (?) and now shes into “free birthing” which is an extremely dangerous way to give birth (no check ups, no prenatal care, no birthing guide, no meds, no nothing..) she is seriously psychologically f*cked up for thinking this is the best way to care for your family. And as a woman who’s getting her masters and doesn’t want kids, f*ck you I am better than you. Read a f*cking book.

#22 “She Was Not Like Other Girls”

Image source: Fapen_esp

#23 I Hold A Ps4 Controller, I’m A Real Gamer Girl™️

Image source: directlyReproach524

#24 I’m Not A Regular Mom, I Just Enable My Husband

Image source: EfficientMorning2354

There is literally nothing that makes me hotter than women who endorse allowing your partner/spouse to get a total free pass from parenting, helping around the house, or having to do anything but relax because they bring home a paycheck.

Especially because so many women get stuck in sh*tty abusive relationships (physically, emotionally, financially, etc) and are made to think it’s the “norm” or “natural order.”

#25 I Was All For This Video Until She Started Putting Down Other Women For Their Wedding Dresses

Image source: duplextwo

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