‘Oddly Specific’: 30 Posts Where Someone Said Something That Is Too Specific

Published 2 years ago

It was almost midnight. Outside, through the window, I can see the houses with their lighting illuminating the cliffs of this mountainous city. The crickets were chirping at a distance. Nearby, I saw the drizzle of rain pass through the faint glow of a lamppost, giving the raindrops a chance to be seen, before they disappear from sight, disappear from the world, turning one with the stream that flows downhill.

When you’re reading novels, you’ll often see sentences beautifully woven like that. Their degree of specificness is what keeps the novel’s world alive and vivid, and such descriptions are useful for us to imagine what it feels like to be in a book. However, something just goes wrong when the descriptions of this kind are taken out of the books. Today, we introduce you to the Oddly Specific subreddit, the home of descriptions that sound unnatural but still get their messages across!

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#1 Interesting Quiz Options

Image source: philsadelphia

#2 Not A Squirrel!

Image source: North_Inflation1710

#3 Pemmaphobia (Cake Phobia)

Image source: TheAndrewNadeau

#4 Help Wanted

Image source: ShawannaCzarnecki

#5 Angry Avocado

Image source: nippeliito

#6 Even Average Sounds Extraordinary During Victorian Times

Image source: ambernoelle

#7 Adult Books vs. Kids’ Books

Image source: sketchesbyboze

#8 Uuh… Fox Title?

Image source: Yarklik

#9 Weird Way To Describe It But I Get The Idea

Image source: NangSor

#10 He Got A Real Good Point Tho

Image source: elijahdaniel

#11 Don’t Steel My Food?

Image source: usefulclam

#12 The Jeans Discount Is The Cherry On Top

Image source: FruityNesa

#13 When You Get Flashbacks Of Working Retail

Image source: AOC

#14 Oh Mom

Image source: bocajr119

#15 Rbdbdjddn

Image source: Mei_Shir

#16 Eminems More Positive Cousin

Image source: Gogetbusy

#17 Smoke

Image source: anonymousbwmb

#18 Rata2ie

Image source: hamishsteele

#19 I Have Never Made A Doctor’s Appointment By Myself

Image source: tey_an

#20 Brad Bad

Image source: Hollowheart9

#21 Driver Carries Only

Image source: Abidingly

#22 Aita?

Image source: verybadllama

#23 This Will Be A Reality One Day

Image source: AliKolbert

#24 The Fact That This Is Not An Exaggeration Makes It Even Better. British Football Chants Are Fun

Image source: daveloach2

#25 An Interesting Title

Image source: ceejoyner

#26 Hmm

Image source: primawesome

#27 Humble Living As A Gnome

Image source: sketchesbyboze

#28 Oh Cool

Image source: Idksonameiguess

#29 Road Trips Are So Nostalgic


Image source: lisaxy424

#30 Ok, Josh

Image source: Captain_TPT

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