25 Fragrances That Are Polarizing: Love It Or Hate It

Published 1 month ago

The sense of smell is deeply personal and can evoke a wide range of emotions and memories. While some scents are universally adored, others can be surprisingly divisive. This was evident in a recent Reddit thread where someone posed the question, “What’s a smell that most people consider to be good but you find repulsive?”

The answers were as varied as they were intriguing. Here are some of the most notable responses.

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Image source: OxytocinDeficiency, Linda Prebreza

That goddamn cucumber melon lotion that *every girl on earth* used in the early 2000’s.


Ripe bananas. Cloying near rotten fruity sweetness mixed solventy volatiles.

Image source: psilome


Image source: Isitgum, Baraa Jalahej

Lavender. Someone gave me lavender flavored suckers when I was having horrible morning sickness during my first pregnancy. It made it so much worse. The smell still makes me gag.


Bath and Body Works. Thanks for ruining this section of the mall a******s.

Lush gets an honorable mention. .

Image source: Finchypoo


Image source: scarlett_wonder_9540, Vlada Karpovich

Pumpkin scented candles ?.


Image source: aRabidGerbil, Caroline Attwood

Incense, it tends to give me a headache.


Image source: ProbablySatirical, Terje Sollie

Seafood. Easily the most revolting smell ever IMHO. Yes, even fresh seafood in a top notch restaurant makes me gag.


Image source: frailmobility, David Guerrero

Those pine tree thingy air fresheners? they make me feel nauseous.


Image source: soylentdna, Karolina Kaboompics

Avon perfume from the 1970s that old women drench themselves in before heading to the grocery store.


Image source: ZodiacRedux, Tara Winstead



Image source: OolongPeachTea, Sherise Van Dyk

Vanilla scented candles and lotions etc. The winter holiday season is a plague on my senses. QQ.


Image source: Wifey_snowflake, Anthony

Coins and wet metal. It makes me shutter to even think about it.


Image source: TheBigBrainProject, sippakorn yamkasikorn

Gas….. like gas at the gas station lol.


Image source: EdithWhartonsFarts, Ochir-Erdene Oyunmedeg

Freshly cut grass. I’m super allergic to grass, so while others associate that smell with nostalgia, summer and sun, I associate it with headaches, sneezing and itchy eyes.


Truffles. They smell like hobo feet.

Image source: ElectronFossil


Image source: UsefulIdiot85, Foodie Factor

Anything that smells too sweet tends to make me nauseous. Eating it usually isn’t a problem, though.


Image source: Artistic_Arugula_906, Kai-Chieh Chan

Artificial grape. Most people I know love it, but it turns my stomach every time.

Edit, because this has a stupid amount of responses: Please quit telling me to try Concord grapes. I’ve had them. I don’t think they taste remotely similar. Also, this thread is about smells, not tastes.

And for those of you claiming no one likes that smell, this thread of full of people stating that they are also surrounded by people who love that smell. They literally make incense and air fresheners in that smell that sell out.


Image source: Sylvergirl, Mikhail Nilov

Cooked eggs.


Image source: ABitchForSalt, Mike Bird

New car smell, cant stand it.


Image source: g00gly-eyes, Pixabay

Rose scented anything.


Image source: SassySoul_Xoxo, Alesia Kozik

Air freshener in a bathroom! For the love of God, just turn on the fan or open the door or the window!


Image source: Nerdy_Nightowl, Annie Spratt

Those damn cinnamon pinecones they put out at christmas. So overpowering. I was forced to stock them at work and maintain the christmas candle section one year and now I can’t stand anything “christmas scented” They dump twice as much perfume into the seasonal candles, and its all too overwhelming.


Image source: Extra_Flower6958, Tomas Williams

Lillies smell like death to me.


Image source: Slight_Sherbert_5239, Pixabay

Powered Parmesan cheese smells like vomit to me.


Image source: ANameGoesHeer, Mike Mozart

Baby powder. I legit gag.

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