40 Food Orders That Made People Feel Scammed Of Their Hard-Earned Cash

Published 1 month ago

Being scammed is never fun, especially when it leaves you hungry and disappointed. To help you spot the signs, our team has been hard at work putting together a collection of pictures showing moments when people didn’t get what they expected. From sad sandwiches to lackluster pizzas and missing ingredients, these photos capture the disappointment perfectly.


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#1 What I Ordered From Panera vs. What I Got

Image source: lloydchrismas

PanPan124: At this point, can it even be counted as a sandwich?

#2 This Is What You Get When You Order “No Lettuce” At Taco Bell

Image source: knightrider_82

Michael Wlodarczyk: What kind of psychopath eats tacos with no lettuce???

#3 Ordered Macaroni And Cheese At The Texas Roadhouse. The Server Said It Was Made From Scratch. It Was Still Cold. She Said, “That’s How They Make It Now”

Image source: gen_x_24601

#4 Ordered The Brisket Nachos. Got A Pound Of Kraft Singles

Image source: devmikale

#5 Paid $9 For This. Speechless

Image source: mdizzle40

#6 Legit Laughed Out Loud When I Was Served This “Deconstructed Caesar Salad”

Image source: MaybeImWrong

Ban-One: All this “deconstructed” cr*p is idiotic anyway.

#7 Red Robin Has Pizza Now, But When You Customize The Order, It Defaults To No Cheese And No Sauce. I Didn’t Notice It Until I Got Home From Curbside Pickup

Image source: CongressmanCoolRick

#8 In Connecticut, Breweries Require Food With Drink. This Is Their “Charcuterie Board”

Image source: From_My_Brain

#9 Picture Of The Flatbread Pizza On The Online Menu vs. What Was Delivered. Room Service In An Expensive Chicago Hotel

Image source: BoltyMcSpeedy

#10 Orange Chicken Taken Too Literally

Image source: hm_liyah

sbj (edited): They couldn’t even be bothered to peel the orange

#11 $50 Slow-Roasted Prime Rib

Image source: GaryHC

Maya Baggins: Give it CPR and you may save that cow!!

#12 Grilled Cheese From Subway In NYC

Image source: QuahogBay

#13 Ordered Pancakes From McDonald’s With Bacon, And This Is What I Got. I’m Not Too Sure What I’m Going To Do With All This Bacon

Image source: JaxZeus

#14 My Wife’s Flight Got Delayed For Over 12 Hours, So The Airline Is Supposed To Provide Food For The Passengers. That’s What They’re Treating Them To

Image source: Apprehensive_Ask3910

#15 I Ordered Chicken Wings For Dinner And Got A Box Of Only Vegetables And Sauce

Image source: reddit.com

#16 Ordered Steak Tacos From This Smokehouse Joint. The Second Picture Is What I Received

Image source: Premarinated_Borger

#17 The Meltdown “Giddy Up Melt” Sandwich. I Cried As I Shoveled It Into My Mouth Anyway

Image source: ScrubbyDoubleNuts

Tamra: That is pathetic.

#18 What My College Deems Acceptable For A $9.50 Pizza

Image source: dksinger2000

Bols: This abomination costs 10$???

#19 The Size Of My Sister’s Burger At Applebee’s

Image source: Tiger212GB

#20 That’s Just Plain Insulting

Image source: OliBrownMusic

#21 Ordered A Side Of Fries

Image source: TheOneWhOKnocks9

sbj: They should have put their effort into making good fries instead of wasting it on fancy swirls

#22 Wife Asked For Extra Sour Cream On The Side

Image source: dncrews

#23 “Veggie Taco” Served At A Taco Festival

Image source: reddit.com

#24 Cheese Fries My Sibling Ordered. They Were $5

Image source: deaththekiddie

#25 Pizza Served At My University

Image source: boweruk

Fat Harry: That’s not a pizza, that’s an existential crisis.

#26 Cheese And Tomato Bagel From My Collage Cafe

Image source: spudboy226

#27 Ordered Carbonara From A 5-Star Uber Restaurant

Image source: Skoldaed

#28 Ordered A Burger With A Bean Patty Substitute. They Substituted The Bun Instead

Image source: PickleVictory

#29 $29 Plate Of Brisket

Image source: RealAlexJonesTM

#30 The Steak At My Local Restaurant

Image source: EmployOutrageous2659

#31 “Chef’s Choice” Futomaki: More Like $10 Worth Of Carrot

Image source: poop_dawg

#32 Ordered A $12 Salad

Image source: Ensirius

#33 Ordered A Caesar Salad For $15 From One Of The Local Restaurants

Image source: ThisssBabe

#34 I Ordered The World-Famous “Cucumber Salad”

Image source: Pyr3_____

#35 Chicken Sandwich I Ordered From Dairy Queen In A Small Town. Not At All What I Was Expecting

Image source: corakeet

#36 Don’t Ask For Cheese Grits In The North

Image source: Subcheck

Papa: That’s what you get for asking for cheese grits in the north.

#37 The Worst Cheese Fries On Planet Earth

Image source: MrCopperYT

#38 Ordered Wings For Lunch. Banana For Scale

Image source: SOS–666

#39 This Pizza We Ordered At A Restaurant In Altoona, Pennsylvania

Image source: ImMelissaning

We were driving from Pittsburgh to Philly and stopped by at Altoona as we were hungry. We went to this one restaurant and the waiter strongly suggested that we try their specialty, the Altoona-style pizza. We assumed it’d be good and was popular for a reason since it was named after the city. Little did we know it was going to be this atrocity.

Apparently, this type of pizza was only served at the Altoona Hotel. But the hotel caught fire some years ago and had to be shut down. The other local restaurants then picked up the mantle and started making the Altoona-style pizza.

#40 Ordered Crispy Spicy Salmon At A Sushi Restaurant. Got Spicy Salmon On Pringles Chips

Image source: webernation

David: LOL! Seeing pringles served “fancy” reminds me of that movie Demolition Man where it’s in the future and everyone thinks Taco Bell is a high end restaurant.

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