Sexist Twitter User Tries To Troll Sarah Silverman, But Her Unexpected Response Changes The Man’s Life

Published 6 years ago

When you voice your bold opinion about a controversial topic, you’re bound to come across some people that will disagree with you. However, when you do that on the internet, you’re more likely to start an avalanche of rude comments rather than an interesting debate. Sadly, that is exactly what happened to Sarah Silverman, a comedian who is now promoting her new political stand-up show.  Still, after being called the C-word on Twitter, Silverman reacted with kindness and care that surprised everyone, even the angry troll that started it all.

Instead of taking it personally, Silverman tried to look at the root of the problem and figure out what causes the anger that the commenter Jeremy Jamrozy chose to unleash onto her. Her response invited him to open up about his pain and started a conversation that no one expected. Scroll down to see the exchange that is hopefully going to change Jamrozy’s life for the better, and remember that the only way to fight negativity is with grace and a generous heart.

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Sarah Silverman is known for her dark comedy, but that doesn’t mean she has a dark soul

So when one Twitter user replied rudely to Silverman’s tweets

Instead of fighting fire with fire, Sarah had a different idea

Things escalated quickly after her response

Everything is heading towards a happy ending

And the internet applauded Silverman’s kindness

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