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22 Times People Saw Optical Illusions That Gave Them Tiny Heart Attacks

Published 3 years ago

Have you ever felt your eyes are playing tricks on you? Like, for example, you saw a man standing outside your window only to find out it’s the shadow of a tree? Don’t worry – turns out you’re not the only one.

People have been collecting all the instances they saw optical illusions that nearly gave them heart attacks and they would scare even the bravest of us. From hair clip spiders to garbage mannequins, check out the spookiest optical illusions in the gallery below!

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#1 That Paralyzing Moment When You Forget To Breathe Because You’re So Darn Scared… I Forgot I Put My Hair Clip There

Image source: Your Singing Nurse

#2 I Thought I Saw A Woman Dressed As A Handmaid About To Jump From A Building. I Called 911

Image source: itsmeCaseyMc

#3 I Need To Find The Lady Who Hanged This Freak. Gave Me A Heart Attack…

Image source: LadyRaptor

#4 I Left My Boots At The Back Door. When I Was Walking Back Outside I Nearly Had A Heart Attack

Image source: WesleyRJ95

#5 Slept Over My Moms House Last Night And This Scared Me More Then I Would Like To Admit

Image source: NotHerebrb

#6 Walked Into My Room And Saw That My Pillows And Blanket Had Tangled Up Like This. I Almost Had A Heart Attack

Image source: ThisIsHowIShowMyLove

#7 Had A Mini Heart Attack When I Looked Up And Saw This. Trampoline Developed A Hole. She Thought It Was Hilarious

Image source: Cerebos

#8 My Wife Tossed A Comforter On A Chair To Dry, I Nearly Had A Heart Attack

Image source: schrute_beet_farms

#9 My Friend’s Way Of Drying Shoes Scared Me A Bit. I Thought She Was Hanging Out Her 11th Floor Window

Image source: amandalauren16

#10 Saw This After My SO Gasped. Scared The Hell Out Of Us. This Is Mannequin

Image source: Jimitheexploder

#11 This Was On The Side Of My Friends House, Scared The Crap Out Of Me

Image source: drivetothebeat

#12 “Head” On Beach After Sandy

Image source: harrysp

#13 When Your Lamp Gives You A Heart Attack

Image source: Nizzler

#14 Early When I Arrived Home, I Saw A Strange Figure Standing In My Window. Terrified, I Called The Police And They Did A Search Of My House. The Culprit? My Hanging Laundry

Image source: mew1994

#15 Every Time I Come Home Late My Neighbor’s Burglar-Proofing Cardboard Cutout Gives Me A Minor Heart Attack

Image source: Eldeee

#16 Hung My Hip Waders Up In The Basement. Scared The S**t Out Of My Wife When She Went To Go Down There

Image source: atodaso

#17 Came Home Late And Found This Sitting On The Edge Of My Bed. I Now Know What It’s Like To Be Too Scared To Move

Image source: pacmaneatsfruit

#18 Was Eating A Packet Of Walnuts When I Happened To Notice This… Almost Had A Heart Attack

Image source: zazzles

#19 Scared The Crap Out Of Me This Morning

Image source: Rkblack12

#20 Almost Had A Heart Attack

Image source: Recoverytime

#21 My Mom Washed My Snuggie And Hung It Up In My Room, Almost Had A Heart Attack

Image source: Snaps4

#22 The Shadow From This Tree Scared Me

Image source: Hellakittehs

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