30 Amusing Screenshots That Prove That Scottish People Know How To Have A Good Laugh

Published 1 year ago

From Haggis to the Loch Ness monster, one has to admit there is something quite mysterious about Scotland. Even the Scottish people and their ‘wee bairns’ have always garnered a certain fascination from their somewhat guttural accents to their penchant for screechy bagpipe music to the short kilted skirts they were famously prone to wearing even in icy weather. 

Despite the frigidness of their temperatures, however, the temperament of the people themselves appears in fact to be warm and funny as proven by a series of screenshots shared on the subreddit  Scottish People Twitter. We’ve shared some of our favourite finds showing the humorous nature of the Scottish people from the thread below and we hope you enjoy reading them. Don’t forget to do your best version of a Scottish accent to add that extra sizzle of sass and fun.

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#1 What Is That?

Image source: lumsgame

#2 Yee Haa

Image source: BigWillySmith12

#3 Technically Correct

Image source: strategery_43

#4 Can’t Beat A Fathers Jokes

Image source: HomerMndoza

#5 Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?

Image source: NimrodPing, twitter.com

#6 Technically The Truth

Image source: NoRIleYe, twitter.com

#7 He Isnae A Dug, Moira

Image source: TrolleybusGus, twitter.com

#8 The Longest Running Prank Ever

Image source: Scaulbylausis

#9 Invisibility Cloak!

Image source: AutoCrosspostBot

#10 Wee Moon

Image source: moses_marvin

#11 May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favour

Image source: clearly_quite_absurd

#12 Train Rides

Image source: BigWillySmith12, twitter.com

#13 He Was Running Out Of Patience

Image source: clearly_quite_absurd

#14 Wooo!

Image source: jai-phi

#15 I Want This To Be Real

Image source: jai-phi, twitter.com

#16 Breaking News

Image source: TheAlmightySquirrel

#17 Smoking A Malboro Red While Wearing A Knights Helmet? Nae Bor Mate

Image source: Qinnes

#18 Very, Very Sorry

Image source: lumsgame

#19 Mosh Pit

Image source: BigWillySmith12, twitter.com

#20 That’s The Story

Image source: Kebab-Destroyer

#21 Bruce Mate Come On

Image source: BigWillySmith12

#22 A Conversation With My Scottish Friend

Image source: Faithsy93

#23 Bacchialdi’s

Image source: deckchair1992

#24 Anyone Lost A Hat?

Image source: orkichrist

#25 Natural Order Restored In Glasgow

Image source: meenmachimanja

#26 Just To Help Yous Oot A Wee Bit

Image source: rfoleyfhd

#27 Scottish People Gpt

Image source: Sawell

#28 As A Glaswegian, Even I Was Surprised By The Scale Of Braehead Shopping Centre

Image source: physiczard, twitter.com

#29 L For Effort!

Image source: DJBossRoss

#30 Mulhern Not Having A Good Time Of It In The Comments

Image source: JohnTheWegie

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