25 Posts Exposing The Height Of Insanity That Tipping Culture Has Reached

Published 3 months ago

There’s a lot of debate on ‘tipping culture’ currently. Typically society has always tipped their waiters, valets and concierges. But lately, there seems to be an arrogant entitlement displayed by those demanding tips. Unfortunately, many in the public balk at any demands imposed forcefully as tipping is seen as a more voluntary gesture. 

Interestingly, “tipflation” is a trending term used to describe this phenomenon. More and more people are encountering infuriating tipping-related incidents while travelling, dining or dealing with deliveries. But the proof is in the pictures and you can look through them before you decide for yourself, whether to tip or not to tip. 

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#1 This Has To Stop. Now

Image source: svpino

Nathaniel (He/Him) Cis Het.: Remember your waiter doesn’t have a salary? I think that is a problem for you to fix, not me. Pay your damn staff.

#2 Now I Need To Tell My 5 Yr Old We’re Not Having Pizza

Image source: Strongest-There-Is

#3 My Airbnb Host Wanted Me To Tip Housekeeping…on Top Of The $200 Cleaning Fee

Image source: Able-Cobbler5307

#4 Tip Thieves Deserve Prison

Image source: Comfortablejack

#5 40% Suggested Tip. Absolutely Not

Image source: ElleKlee

#6 Double Service Fee?

Image source: nlogox

#7 “Nice House For A $5 Tip, F*** You”

Image source: Gamer4Lyph

#8 Delivery Driver Thinks It’s Ok To Make Their Food Cold Because They Didn’t Tip Them

Image source: theacutieee

#9 Americans Are So F**king Weird

Image source: the_good_gatsby_vn

#10 A Self-Checkout Kiosk Asking For A Tip

Image source: Individual_Pickle_26

#11 Doordash Reminding Me That Tipping Culture Is Out Of Control

Image source: l30

Daniela Lavanza (edited): Cancel the order and go elsewhere, problem solved. Don’t threaten your customers unless you want to lose your business.

#12 Tipping Scale

Image source: Ok-Writer-4494

#13 4.5% Service Charge For Using Self Checkout

Image source: intetsu

#14 Tipping Is Getting Out Of Hand

Image source: monoseanism

#15 Restaurant In Baltimore Adds 18% Tip Automatically

Image source: whatugonnadowhenthey

#16 It Finally Happened. I Was Prompted To Tip At The Airport Self-Checkout Station

Image source: _seaweed_

troufaki13: So does this mean I tip myself for the service I provided to me?

#17 Elevator Asks For Tip

Image source: jaysus94

Daniela Lavanza: Tip for who? The lift neeed to pay for a rent?

#18 Beat This: 19% Service Fee

Image source: withfries

#19 Just Booked A Hotel Room Online… Tip?

Image source: Blessedyetbroken

#20 Airbnb Owner Expects Us To Tip His Cleaning Service He Hired On Top Of The $250 Cleaning Fee

Image source: Rpark888

#21 Waffle House Charged The Tip The Same As The Total

Image source: Real_Johnodon

Nathaniel (He/Him) Cis Het.: Isn’t this just theft? And rubbing your face in it?

#22 Now I’m Suggested To Tip The Kitchen As Well?

Image source: sylhy

#23 Tipping Culture Is Getting Out Of Hand. Normal Tip Line With A Second Additional Tip Area

Image source: AndyjHops

#24 We’re Supposed To Tip Subway Workers Now? For What?

Image source: TheAdamBomb92

#25 BBQ In Jerome: Seat Yourself, Order At The Counter, Pour Your Own Drinks, Pay 12% Counter Ordering Service Fee, And Still Be Asked For A Tip

Image source: Nowaker







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