25 Things That Are Now So Expensive It Shocks People Every Time They Purchase It

Published 3 months ago

All across the world, the cost of living is growing exponentially. We recently headed over for a burger and fries only to realise that the cost has increased 3 fold whereas the product has reduced in size threefold. The meat patty is somehow just a sliver of what it used to be and the drop in quality is in significant disparity to the price. 

These maddening realizations are happening everywhere as folks are observing more and more items that have taken a significant price hike with current inflation rates globally. Scroll below as folks took to the online platform Reddit to vent their frustrations on the subject and commiserate on the things we once used to love and enjoy frequently, but just can’t afford to buy anymore. 

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#1 Fast food in general. Five guys and McDonalds specifically. How is the price of a burger, fries and a coke the same as a full service sit-down restaurant?

Image source: InevitableStruggle, Kristina Paukshtite / Pexels

#2 I usually don’t brag about owning expensive things, but I just left the grocery store.

Image source: Actuaryba, Greta Hoffman / Pexels


Just groceries. We used to be able to fill a cart to the brim with 200-250 euros. Now it’s *cheap* if we can fill half a cart for that price.

#3 Sanitary pads.

Image source: aasbsinthe, Natracare / Unsplash


It costs me $16 and my sanity to get my period every month.

#4 Bras are freaking insane. And they’re not something you can cheap out on. I lost weight recently and had to replace my bras. I wanted to cry.

Image source: Pretend_Star_8193, Antonius Ferret / Pexels



Used cars






Hygiene products

Games on Steam

Tips – when did 10 to 15% become not good enough?

Image source: EazyBeekeeper

#6 Rent.

Image source: someuname, Aaron Sousa / Unsplash


It’s insane how quickly it’s gone up. When I started renting 5 years ago, my apartment was just over $1,000 a month.

Now it’s just under 2k.

5 years and nearly doubled. Insane.

#7 Fruit. How the f**k is a cantaloupe $8.00???

Image source: X_PRSN, k7388-11


I accidentally bought a $15 bag of grapes and a $15 bag of cotton candy grapes. Panicked when I got home but even worse the next day they were moldy! I actually returned them to the store. I’m not cheap but $30 is $30.

#8 Socks/Underwear.


Bras are freaking insane. And they’re not something you can cheap out on. I lost weight recently and had to replace my bras. I wanted to cry.

Image source: Hot_Gay_Cowboys

#9 Old subway commercial was 5$ footlong, 15$ dollar foot long doesn’t quite have the same jingle to it.

Image source: hermit22, Famartin / Wikipedia

#10 Toilet paper.

Image source: MOKGCBAL, Vlada Karpovich / Pexels


Every time I see it’s like 25-30$ for a big pack of tp I question why I’m paying to wipe my own a**.

#11 Canned Tuna. (The cheaper stuff tastes like c**p and why do they put a picture of a cat on it?)

Image source: Fit-Let8175, needpix

#12 Potato chips. I’ve lost ten pounds. My doctor says that inflation is the best thing that could have happened to me. No joke.

Image source: ChangeForAParadigm, MART PRODUCTION / Pexels

#13 Auto insurance.

Image source: notyourregularninja, Vlad Deep / Pexels


I literally pay almost 300 for just liability on a car that is paid off and I’ve been in no accidents and my car is 11 years old !! That’s how much I was paying for full coverage when I was leasing my car. Their reason is just the cost of living. Okayy glad yall can jack that price up while I haven’t gotten a raise and I ask for a raise and I get laughed at (literally by the boss) DISGUSTING.

#14 Diapers being $48 a box is wild.

Image source: lilfati, RDNE Stock project / Pexels


My child is finally clicking with using the toilet and I’m so relieved (no pun intended).

#15 Deodorant! It’s over $8.

Image source: hockeyhon

#16 I’m old enough to remember when ramen was 10/$1.

Image source: Chicken65, Mobius6 / Wikipedia

#17 I don’t drink pop, I don’t eat meat, I don’t eat chips, but I used to years ago and the prices are shocking now. I just bought some protein bars and when I was putting them away I came across a long forgotten one from the same company that somehow got lost in the pantry. I swear it was 1/3 bigger than the new ones for the same price.

Image source: gimpy1511

#18 Prescription medicine.

Image source: Nena902, JESHOOTS.com / Pexels


My migraine medication, without insurance, is 2400$ a month for SIXTEEN pills (two 8pks). And there isn’t a cheaper generic version. You also can’t split up the amount to pay less in an emergency. It comes in an 8pk for 1200$. All of it or none of it.

It’s criminal. I’m in debilitating pain. It’s not like I want it for funsies.

Edit to add: my insurance does cover it so I only pay 11$ but every month insurance screws around for 10 days wanting to deny it so it’s an agonizing waiting game where I can’t get emergency doses :(

#19 Looked at a magazine while standing in the grocery store check out. Magazine was $15!

Image source: smh-at_you2, Faruk Canpolat / Pexels

#20 Electricity.

Image source: Some-Background6188

#21 Concert tickets. I mean I don’t buy them anymore, but when I go to buy them… I don’t.

Image source: TimeForALobotomy, Wendy Wei / Pexels

#22 A house. I recognize this is different than “every time you buy it”, but whenever I casually browse houses for sale in my area, I think to myself, “How does anyone these days ever save up enough to even pay a 10% down payment? Let alone pay the mortgage with interest rates these days.”

Image source: OkToday1023, Luis Yanez

#23 Baby Formula.

Image source: keepingitfr3sh, Lucy Wolski / Unsplash


Horribly expensive. Apparently, it’s the most commonly shoplifted item. So sad.


A small can of hypoallergenic formula is $37.00. My 7-month-old goes through multiple cans per week. I pay more for my baby’s formula per week than I do groceries for me and my husband.


As a truck driver, I no longer eat any meal out of a truck stop restaurant anymore. A T-bone steak dinner at the Petro cost almost $40 out the door after taxes and a tip. I was able to justify investing in a vacuum sealer, a dometic 12 volt fridge/freezer and a gas one camping stove. All in all my total initial cost to start saving more money has been almost $1k to prep my own food and I’m going to make all of it back after 3 or 4 months if I just cut the restaurants out of my budget entirely. I’ve also found that brewing your own tea or coffee,and using drink mixes cuts back on costs significantly seeing as a bottle of Gatorade cost like $3.45.

Image source: TheLimpinator

#25 Razor blades. What the hell? You would think these are individually forged by hand by master craftsmen.

Image source: Maverick_1882, SteveBuissinne / Freerangestock

Edit: the only cartridge blades I now buy are for my wife. I’ve grown a beard and use Wahl clippers for both my noggin’ and face. For the most part I use a Braun electric to trim and tidy (Mr. Neck Beard is not attractive to Mrs. Maverick).

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