The Strangest Situations That Happen Living Next Door, As Shared By This Online Group (20 Pics)

Published 2 years ago

The ongoing pandemic had a great influence on our environment. Many had to switch to working or studying remotely from home, which wasn’t an option for many before Covid-19. Despite diminished socialization, working from home brought many perks, such as no need for transportation or finding a place nearby to grab a lunch, which significantly helped save precious time and money.

This was now also a good opportunity to get to know our neighbors and have a glimpse at what they are on about. Little did we know, that not all our neighbors are like Ned Flanders. Neighbor 1 has two crying babies, Neighbor 2 decided that 8 am was the best time to start hoovering, and Neighbor 3 has construction going on.

What would be worse than having loud neighbors? It’s having a little ‘cray-cray’ neighbors. People in a subreddit called “NextDoor” shared some of the weirdest encounters they had with their neighbors, that were too good not to share.

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#1 Literally The First Post I Saw When I Downloaded Nextdoor

Image source: Lkasso

#2 Runaway Roomba

Image source: cecilomardesign

#3 Lost Bird

Image source: MoralDiabetes

#4 My Neighbors Are Loosing It…

Image source: eventualist

#5 Alert

Image source: bestofnextdoor

#6 Here Is A Great Idea For Increasing Property Values!

Image source: Tickslady

#7 He’s Eaten All Of My Cereal

Image source: DrRockstar99

#8 Not All Boomers Are Bad

Image source: shayocean

#9 All The Best Hoods Have Great Lawn Care

Image source: _Rickety__Cricket_

#10 He’s Just Trying To Feed His Family In These Tough Times

Image source: Belatryx84

#11 Need Immediate Help

Image source: DrRockstar99

#12 This Was Posted On My Local Nextdoor Today…

Image source: VajraPurba

#13 Ice Cream Truck Uproar

Image source: hfk2udkwlalhq3

#14 Diarrhea

Image source: phargmin

#15 A Warm Welcome

Image source: yungsemite

#16 Someone Sure Is Cocky

Image source: malipupper

#17 Meanwhile

Image source: bestofnextdoor

#18 Because Nextdoor Isn’t Always Racist Or Trashy, Here Is Something On The Lighter Side

Image source: rabidstoat

#19 Oh Teenagers….

Image source: slskowron

#20 Get Paid To Stop Baby Fever

Image source:

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