30 Times People Encountered The Worst Drivers And Just Had To Share Pics

Published 3 years ago

Every day we share the road with thousands of other drivers, and we can’t help but hope that they value our lives just as much as they do theirs. After all, sometimes it’s easy to forget that the car you’re driving is actually a machine that weighs thousands of pounds, and one false move is enough to put people’s lives in danger. And even though people go through rigorous testing before being issued a license, owning one doesn’t instantly make them a good driver – and some people learned this the hard way.

Tired of sharing the road with selfish and incompetent drivers, people have taken it upon themselves to publicly shame the culprits online. Check out some of the worst drivers in action in the gallery below! And if you want more similar content, make sure to read our earlier article about car owners who had the worst day here!

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#1 Someone Hit My Mail Box And Drove Off

Image source: Quint89

#2 Pick Your “Poison”

Image source: tnfoto

#3 Idiot In Hummer Filled 5 Gas Cans Expecting Shortages. Put Them In His Car And Lit Up A Cigarette. Hummer Destroyed

Image source: meister2a

#4 Literally, The Only 2 Cars In Belgrade Managed To Hit Each Other

Image source: Porodicnostablo

#5 Let’s Report Someone Suspected Of Drunk Driving After Hitting Their Car

Image source: DerbyshireRPU

#6 When The Traffic Jam Is Actually A Parked Car

Image source: yudoit

#7 Dude Drove Through Barriers And Onto A Bridge Under Construction On I-70 Bridge In KC. Shear Studs Ripped His Undercarriage To Shreds

Image source: Baby_Steve_CU

#8 Two Idiots Take Their 4x4s Sunbathing On The Beach

Image source: Vegetable_Employee

#9 They Couldn’t Do It

Image source: NinjaCatPurr

#10 I Have Many, Many Questions

Image source: madethisjustforpewds

#11 My Oblivious Neighbor

Image source: bothanspy7

#12 Saw This Guy At The Light

Image source: usarK9matt

#13 Some Idiot Hits A Completely Stopped Bus. It’s Me, I’m The Idiot

Image source: lololorennnnn

#14 That’s Why They Have Doors Like That

Image source: funnybabaji

#15 Street Racing Is Not A Crime

Image source: mudmonkey13

#16 I Survived Being In This Car. The Idiot Fell Asleep Behind The Wheel And Drifted Into My Lane. Combined Total Of 120mph. That Used To Be A 2007 Audi A4

Image source: 19samers

#17 Car Decided Wet Cement Is A Good Place To Drive

Image source: Zanzibear

#18 Does This Count?

Image source: Hornsen

#19 That’s A Lot Of Damage

Image source: Spinuxx

#20 The Road Is Lava

Image source: megalomaniac71

#21 I’m In Lions Gate. Broken Clavicle, Scapula, And Eight Ribs, Punctured Lung, But Happy To Be Alive. This Hit Me From Behind Going 80 Km/H

Image source: toddnickel

#22 This Counts Right?

Image source: Cognitive_Shadow

#23 Stupid People Are Not Born Stupid, They Simply Exist

Image source: _martinsy

#24 Does This Count

Image source: literally_anything8

#25 My Friend’s Dumb Girlfriend

Image source: Prizz419

#26 This Idiot Hit Me While He Was Pulling Out Of A Gas Station, He Said He Didn’t See Me

Image source: NotSoAverageStoner

#27 Moving Trucks Are For Amateurs

#28 Some People Are A Unique Kind Of Idiot

Image source: EkaL25

#29 Yeah, I’d Like To Have A Double Smashed Windshield Pls, Thanks

Image source: yusufmkI

#30 Horrible Driver Shames Other Driver For Not Accommodating Her Awful Parking Job

Image source: guyfromatl

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