25 Disastrous Weddings That Will Make You Wonder If It Ended With A “Happy Ever After”

Published 2 years ago

What occasion occurs more rarely than birthdays? Weddings! Most of us have had more birthdays than weddings, so it’s truly special. Moreover, it’s the beginning of your life together with a special someone with whom you promise to spend the rest of your life. So, a good amount of preparation must go into it.

But sometimes, things don’t go as planned. In a Reddit post by the user veryverygeneric, people went to share terrifying wedding disasters they have witnessed. Below, we compiled 25 of the most awful wedding tragedies that would make you wonder if the bride and the groom lived happily ever after.

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Image source: soft_vanillaa, Jordan Arnold

No body showed up at my wedding. Me and my husband invited over 50 people and a lot of them said they would be there. Beside the party and family only 3 friends showed up and everyone left right after the cake was cut


Image source: Altruistic_Peach_791, Vera Arsic

Our photographers were a husband and wife team and loudly fought the whole day. Super awkward.


Image source: Laughattheworld2020, Leah Kelley

Realizing I don’t love him as we danced our first dance.


Image source: Kimmbley, Kim Becker

My photographer got drunk and stoned. All our wedding photos are orange and blurry so we made our photo album curtesy with the photos from good friend who had a good camera and great skills!


Image source: jnseel, Samantha Gades

Not my wedding…but I officiated a wedding where the bride’s grandfather died in the bathroom minutes before the ceremony was supposed to start. Ended up doing chest compressions until EMS arrived and then rolled up to officiate and tell my silly little jokes while the family actively repressed their emotions – *because they did not tell the bride*.


Image source: GoHighly, Jeremy Wong

I forgot to pack my cathedral length veil (venue was destination), I forgot to carry my bouquet, there was an earthquake the morning of, my in laws watched a football game on their phones during the service, and left before the reception. The reception was cancelled because the entire staff of the restaurant we rented out had strep throat. My MOH announced her engagement at my wedding, the best man tried to sleep with a bridesmaid and when turned down, put a hammock between two trees and slept outside. Think this is all bad? Wait for the worst part of the day.

I got married.


Image source: Karma058, Davis Vidal

My husbands step mother put on a ball gown for the ceremony (that we had on the beach) and then changed into a skin tight white outfit with Diamond embellishments for the reception.


Image source: Super_sassy_cakesf12

My time has come!

My mom got black out drunk and passed out in the bathroom. My boss had to carry her out.

I mentioned it to her a few weeks later, and she had no idea that had happened.

Still hasn’t apologized for it.


Image source: dollyprincessb, Mathilde Langevin

My Mother In Law wanted to see my wedding lingerie to make sure she approved of it. It was one of my first times with her and I was trying to please her to get in her good graces.

It was all about control.


Image source: b_msw, Saeed Sarshar

I got stung by a bee on my ring finger 1 hour before the ceremony


Image source: LazerFort, Zane Persaud

A friend showed up in a white jumpsuit.

The DJ’s mics didn’t work during the ceremony, she played the wrong song for our first dance, and her reception playlist included no danceable music (there was even Blink 182).

The caterer refused to put wine bottles on the tables as agreed, but put all the stemware there so guests had to bring their glasses to the bar.

Our photographer’s ideas of “casual and candid shots of our guests having fun” was zooming in on one person’s face in a group of 5+ with everyone else’s head shown from the back and blurred out. Every photo looked like this. Only our posed wedding party shots were usable.


Image source: langgirl16, Alvin Mahmudov

My now ex husband threw me into a painting and onto the ground during our first dance. Should have known it was a sign of things to come.


Image source: insertcaffeine, Michael Jin

My son (the ring bearer) and his dad got in a wreck on the way to the venue.

NOT what I wanted to hear as I was getting 33575789 hairpins installed for my fancy updo! The stylist overheard that conversation and brought me some wine.

Kid and Dad were fine, other drivers were fine, they were only a little late, and everything else went off without a hitch.

But DAMN. “Your son got in a car wreck” completely snapped me back to reality. The wedding is just fluff; family and marriage are serious commitments that are worth making and keeping.


Image source: chill_bamba, Sonya Pix

We had a HUGE Italian style dessert bar served after the cake. I was to busy dancing, talking and having fun to make it over to the desserts. My mom asked if I wanted anything and she would make a to go box. I say yes, cheesecake. That’s all, just cheesecake (it’s my fav). Shortly after, my mom tells me it’s all gone.

My cousin comes to tell me goodbye, holding a desert box. We chat, tells me how much fun she had, how great the food and desert was. Then says “the cheesecake was amazing, you should get some!” She opens the box to show me, 4 slices of cheesecake, along with a ton of other desserts.

I asked her if I could please have just 1 slice. She said “no, it’s mine, should have gotten to it quicker!” I begged her and explained its my favorite desert. She still said no and promptly left.


Image source: CuppCake529, Amr Taha™

My sister took my wedding cabin because she refused to stay at my house with the other guests, and then announced her pregnancy at my wedding…. 12 years later and my husband is still bitter about it.


Image source: natnat111, Marcel Strauß

My husband’s mistress was there (I obviously had no idea about this until after we were married).


Haha ohhh wheee! The best man gave a speech where he called my sister(MOH) a hoe….she was in a long term relationship for 6 years, called my other sister (bridesmaid) a “weekend lesbian” she’s out and proud. Went on about how my best friend (bridesmaid) was terrible with money. Alluded I was a gold digger while running around shooting $1 bills out of a money gun saying it was an interpretive dance of my life….this was all supposed to be a funny roast I guess but he only “roasted” the ladies. He made a joke about bill Cosby and another joke about how the previous DJ I’d secured died….?

Source: DesperateFunction179


Mine’s actually funny! I would say it was the “worst” thing that happened but it really wasn’t that bad. We got married in a big open field under an apple tree. My uncle walked me down the aisle and we started from pretty far away, so there was a lot of open field before coming to the aisle and where the seats were. We start walking and I suddenly realize that there are crickets. EVERYWHERE in the grass. And the motion of my skirt on the grass is making them jump right onto/into it. I had several layers of English net and so I had some in between the layers crawling up toward my bodice. Thankfully I had a waist seam so they couldn’t get past that point. I had probably close to twenty in my train and ended up with one in my hair as well. My uncle and I were trying not to crack up. He just kept saying “just keep waking, it’s FINE” as I was shaking my skirt trying to walk at the same time. My bridesmaids spent a few minutes getting the crickets out of my skirt once we got down the aisle and everyone was laughing including me and my husband. They say crickets are good luck, so that’s a plus! Married two years this August.

Source: owls_and_eclipses


My mom picked a fight with me at the reception because I didn’t invite her extended family but I did invite my stepmom. Family that she had only recently reconciled with and who I didn’t know. Meanwhile stepmom is a decent person who was married to the man who raised me so she’s an automatic invite. Besides I was having only 24 guests in total. My mom looked like she had a lemon in her mouth during the wedding until she started arguing at the reception. We had actually fought about this a lot during the engagement so I think she came just to make a scene. Anyways, I asked her to leave and proceeded to have a blast. I have not voluntarily spoken to my mother in thirteen years.

Source: Dr_Julian_Helisent


My bridesmaids black boyfriend showed up and someone told him “you don’t belong here”

Source: shesagoodfella


It was a very hot day and we had an outdoor reception. One person basically hydrated with wine and got very drunk and pretty obnoxious.

It was me.

Source: Different_Knee6201


First. Caterer tried to poison my flower girl and ring bearer with almonds on the hors d’oeuvre platters (I said no tree nuts anywhere due to their allergies, she didn’t care). Thankfully their mother was smart enough to keep them away. Then, same caterer put raspberries in my wedding cake (I’m allergic to raspberries, cake was supposed to be blueberry and lemon, she took it upon herself to add raspberries to the berry compote), SO I went into anaphylactic shock at my reception. Thankfully I had relatives there who are doctors and were able to administer epinephrine and make sure I could still breathe. Nevertheless, that caterer still ruined my wedding reception. I was out of commission for 5 hours that night, missed everything. Pictures ruined. It took 3 days for the swelling to go down on my face and throat. Only reason I’m still alive to tell the tale is because I had relatives present who are doctors and were able to save me. (The reception was held in a remote location in Vermont, too far away from a hospital so if it hadn’t been for my family and their kids’ epi pens (which they almost needed because of that same caterer’s carelessness with the appetizers), I wouldn’t have survived my own wedding reception).

Source: beatriz_esq


Two months before my wedding I wound up in the burn ICU for a month. We had to cancel my shower and my bachelorette was cut short because I had a panic attack thanks to the resulting PTSD. I was on so many painkillers I don’t remember much of the day itself, and I could only bring myself to look at the pictures once. Sometimes I feel like I got cheated out of a happy wedding. But a wedding is just a party, it’s the marriage that is important.

Source: Element_Girl


My mom fell down the stairs while trying to hand out boutonnières before the ceremony and ended up breaking her foot. She toughed it out and pretended that she was fine because she was afraid it would ruin the day. It broke my heart when I eventually found out, but damn do I love my mama.

Source: cheecheebun


Found out he cheated on me a week before, got married because it was too late. Had a panic attack at wedding.

Divorced/ traumatized 2 years later because he cheated again.

Should have just not have gotten married. Would have saved me bucks in therapy.

Source: Lipstick-supernova24

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