25 Simple Hotel Rituals These People Normally Don’t Get To Do At Home

Published 5 months ago

The world of Reddit is known for its vibrant communities and diverse discussions, ranging from the serious to the downright quirky. Recently, a single question sparked a cascade of entertaining responses, revealing the peculiar habits of Redditors when it comes to hotel stays.

The question, posed by an inquisitive Redditor, was simple yet intriguing: “What is something you do in a hotel room that you never do at home?” The ensuing thread unveiled a trove of amusing, surprising, and downright relatable activities that take place behind closed hotel doors. Scroll below to read some of the answers.

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Image source: octopodoidea, Majestic Lukas

Spend an hour + in the shower. That endless hot water is magic.


Image source: stephenBB81, Swann Mongenot

Call Room service.

At home my wife would not be impressed if I called her phone and asked her to bring me a burger in bed.


Image source: SuvenPan, Valerie B.

Inspect the sheets for bugs before using them.


Image source: kalih713, cottonbro studio

Clean up for the maid….since I don’t have one at home. Make sure there’s no trash left out on the desk/night stands, bathroom floor. I gather all the used rags, towels, bath mat into one pile by the door. I’m adamant about making sure I do not leave any room I stay in trashed out. It’s the maid’s job to do her job, not to clean up after grown a*s mfers who deliberately left a disrespectful a*s mess.


Image source: pinkynarftroz, Vojtech Bruzek

Yank all the sheets out from being tucked under the bed.


Image source: Chris_the_Otter, Yan Krukau

Look for hidden cameras


Image source: Playful_Sprinkles779, cottonbro studio

Put a Do Not Disturb sign on the door. Although, maybe I should do that at home too.


Image source: DirtyHoosier, Matilda Wormwood

Bring a pop up pack of Clorox wipes and wipe down every surface I might touch.



Wear flip flops if I take my shoes off


Image source: Alaska-Now-PNW, micheile.com || visual stories

Take soaps


Image source: Ok_Acanthisitta5022, UTSAV SHARMA

Stand naked in the window and look down at whatever city I’m in lol


Image source: nudespmfornudespm, Anete Lūsiņa

Living out of a suitcase


Image source: CrazedKilr, Vije Vijendranath

I never wear a robe normally. When I stay in hotels, I’m not sure what it is, but I love to clean myself up and wear one of those robes provided.

Just makes me feel extra relaxed for some reason.


Image source: Automatic-Tax-6703, Buchkiste

check bibles for money


Image source: jessdweld, JESHOOTS.com

Watch border security


Image source: Dozerdog43, Max Rahubovskiy

Blackout showers

If the bathroom setup allows (no light sources) I put a towel at the bottom of the door (to block any light creeping in) Familiarize yourself where everything is (towel, lights when you need it) and take a shower in complete blackout conditions.

It’s almost like a sensory deprivation tank


Image source: Arms_Akimbo, Dan LeFebvre

Set the thermostat to either frosty or balmy.


Image source: JustPeachyox, Toa Heftiba

Eat in bed aha


Image source: Solid_Internal_9079, Karolina Grabowska

Toss wet towels in the corner of the bathroom.


Image source: Great_Tumbleweed_428, Milada Vigerova

Complain when the sheets are dirty


Image source: ChasingKayla, Erik Mclean

I travel a lot for work. Whenever I do I always check in as early as possible, hang the DND tag on the door, set the thermostat (in summer 68°, in winter 78°), then head to the office. At the end of the day I’ll grab a bottle of wine on my way back, strip as soon as I get to my room, and lay around naked all night playing video games and drinking my wine. I also have a tendency to stay up ridiculously late sometimes and end up running on an hour or two of sleep the next day.


Image source: i_steal_napkins, Waldemar

Late night.

In my jams and best socks.

Check if the hallway is clear and there’s nobody around or could be around.

Calmly walk to the end of said hallway…then I BOOK IT DOWN THAT B***H as fast as I can! I’m talm bout FLYING!

You can’t bottle that type of joy.


Image source: jrevzan, Alex Green

The first thing I do when I walk into a hotel room is jump and belly flop onto the bed. I’d never do that on my own bed


Image source: i-need-blinker-fluid, Luis Alfredo Alvarado Guayllas

Watch cable TV.

I don’t care to pay for it at home so it’s new and exciting to me.


Image source: Jewboy-Deluxe, oning

Pay $15 for a beer.

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