Top 5 Ways to Make your Dad Happy

Published 8 years ago

Dads are simple caring but seldom show their emotions to children despite the fact that they also love their children the same way as a mother does. It is just their way of expressing things is completely different in most of the cases. Usually Dads are more attached to their daughters and they keep a distance with sons, however, some dads do like to take both kids along in the same manner to avoid any distinction.

Similarly, kids really want to express their emotions to their dad through love, attention and care or sometimes gifts. Gifts play a great role in moulding this relationship into a beautiful bond. Kids can easily convey their heartiest regards for their Dad through gifts. This Father’s day you can also do so by sending online gifts to Pakistan and make your Dad feel special. Otherwise there are various ways that you can impress your father with because just gifts won’t do it all for him.

1. Give him Time

Although you are a grown up and you have a very busy schedule with job, business or studies but you need to take out time for your Dad. A simple one hour spent with him after whole day would mean a lot to him. You can simply sit with him, tell him anything about your whole day, share a good news item with him, or just watch a sports that he enjoys. By just spending an hour each day would be very important to him and will show him that you really love and care for him.

2. Ask him for Advice

This is the desire of most fathers that their kids act according to their advice or even just take it as an opinion. So if you have any issue at hand that you cannot handle yourself or any decision pending and you need a good advisor, talk to your dad. He is always responsive and will give you sincere advice. However, for that matter you first need to develop a bond with him to understand his point of view. Taking advice from him will ensure him that you respect him and consider him important for your life’s decisions.

3. Make him feel Special

Sometimes Dads also need favors and attention because they have been busy in providing for your needs and fulfilling the house needs so they also want someone to appreciate their efforts. So, make some days special for him like invite his friends on his birthday; if you are abroad send gifts to Pakistan for Him as a surprise on Father’s day; send him on his favorite vacation or recreational activity like swimming, golf, chit chat with friends, etc.

4. Respect his Values

The best way to pay regards to a Dad is when you respect his values and you try to implement those in your life. You can continue to spend your life as freely as you want but only certain values that he really care for should be on your list. Simply showing him that you regard his values and also utilizing them to make your life better would entice him. You would earn respect in his eyes too.

5. Share his Burden

Once you are independent and earn yourself, you must try to share his burden for running the house. Whether you stay with him or you have to leave for a job to another country, you must help him in handling household affairs. You must make your contribution and assure him that you are his backbone and he should not worry for such matters. Offer him your services for any random tasks and let him take some time out of busy life. It is now your turn to return what he did for you and your family.

Use these simple and easy tips to make your Dad the most proud and happiest Dad.

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