25+ Photos That Are So Uncomfortable You Won’t Make It To The Bottom Of This List

Published 6 years ago

Do you know that feeling when you’re cutting wrapping paper and your scissors start gliding through it? Feels good, doesn’t it? Sadly, today we’re going to show you some images that will make you feel completely opposite.

The guys at Bored Panda created a list, that features everything that will make you feel uncomfortable. From misaligned tiles to frustrating design – these pictures will definitely make your eye twitch.

Check out the list in the gallery below but be careful – OCD triggers ahead!


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#1 This Sunflower Doesn’t Want To Face East

Image source: imgur.com

#2 The Way My Wife Opens Things

Image source: theDaninDanger

#3 Worst Flight Ever

Image source: morefunthanb4

#4 Spent Hours Completing This Mildly Infuriating Puzzle And Now I Can’t

Image source: deemen

#5 I Lost A Loved One Today. I’m Not Sure Which One Yet, But Whoever Cuts Cheese Cake Like This Is Dead To Me

Image source: MrSquigles

#6 Someone At Work Asked If They Could Have One Of My Sudafed

Image source: WEIGHED

#7 Why?

Image source: itsmekimithy

#8 This Shitf Key

Image source: dennishermans

#9 Toughest Decision Of My Life

Image source: mustang22490

#10 This Guy’s Tattoo

Image source: expired_in_goreville

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