25 People Shared Their Most Obscure Talents That They Can Best Others At

Published 4 weeks ago

We all have our strengths, whether they’re everyday skills or more specialized talents. But have you ever considered what you might excel at compared to others?

That’s the question that sparked a fascinating discussion on the r/AskReddit forum: “You get paired with 100 random humans, if you’re better than all of them at something, you get 1 billion dollars. What are you choosing?” The responses were diverse and thought-provoking. Scroll to check out some of the most intriguing answers and while you explore don’t forget to contemplate what your own unique skill might be.

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Image source: Material-Reveal3501, Level 23 Media

Backing a semi truck into really tight spaces from the blindside. Very hard maneuver even for veterans but where I worked while back I did it daily. Odds are only a couple even have a cdl like me, and then I guarantee I can beat them at backing blindside.

Edit: thanks for all the upvotes I’m glad to see trucking being appreciated you guys rock ✌️.

#2 Navigation with only a compass and a terrain map.

Image source: GreybeardtheRooster, MART PRODUCTION

#3 Time for my Tetris 99 skills to shine ?.

Image source: PhysicalReindeer6577, cottonbro studio

#4 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi taxonomy.

Image source: Osrs_Salame

#5 Ultra running a 100k or 100 miler.

Image source: somedude-83, Chander R

#6 Disappointing my parents.

Image source: AutumnRain_98, Pavel Danilyuk

#7 Touching the highest possible point on a wall without jumping. I’m 6’8” so pretty good odds I’m gonna come out on top.

Image source: Thrilling1031, Roma Durkin

#8 Chess. Even among chess players on lichess and [chess.com](http://chess.com) I am in the top 2-3%, so the odds that any of the 100 are better than me is fairly small. My luck, I’d get paired against Magnus…

Image source: EricTheNerd2, Pixabay

#9 Putting a iv line in or restraining an aggressive dog.

Image source: Shemoose, Павел Гавриков

#10 Counting in binary really fast with my fingers. I discovered I could do this 3 years ago. It’s like an involuntary tic now. It’s so entertaining.

Image source: foetidum_cacas, cottonbro studio

#11 Knowledge on Wisconsin license plate history. I’m autistic and Wisconsin license plates are my special interest, and there’s so few people involved in the research of these plates that I *highly* doubt I’ll not beat everyone in the group.

Image source: GDog507, Pixabay

#12 Filleting salmonids. It’s literally my job, and I’ve been doing it for twenty years. I don’t mean to toot my own horn, but I’m pretty good at it, and like any craftsman, my skill has been honed through dint of sheer repetition. I have absolutely filleted hundreds of thousands of fish in my life, and even if you’re pretty good, I’m willing to bet I’m better using metrics of speed, appearance, and % of wastage.

Image source: jlisle, Huy Phan

#13 Procrastination.

Image source: Defy_Laws_Tradition, Magnet.me

#14 Properly operating a nuclear reactor.

Image source: athomasflynn

#15 I’d be confident that I’m better than them all at maintaining a consistent TTRPGs group for longer than all of them. I’ve been a DM for 24 years, I had one group for 13 years, and this group for 11. It’s not always the same game/campaign, but we always meet up to play.

Image source: KhaosElement, Karthik Balakrishnan

#16 Not bragging or anything, but I spent YEARS training to spit tooth paste directly into the sink hole with no splash back or paste getting on the rest of the sink bowl. Bullseye every time.

Image source: obviouslyfakecozduh, George Becker

#17 Guess what brake pad belongs to a car, so many years working at a car repair shop have benefits.

Image source: Ykored01, cottonbro studio

#18 My mother and her friends invented a pig latin style coded language. Probably less than a dozen people have ever learned it, and most of them are in their 70s now, probably haven’t thought of it in decades. I like my odds at a Ybangie (I didn’t name it! Lol) competition.

Image source: JayMaros, Christopher Carson

#19 Acre history. Acre is a Brazilian state, the one which I was born and live on. The population is only 830 thousand people.

Image source: rafael-a, Lara Jameson

Hence there is only a very small chance of the random people to be from Acre and an even smaller one of them to know anything at all about it.

Of course I could end up being paired with some college professor which Acre is their specialty, and I would be f****d, but since it is random that would be very unlikely.

#20 Knowledge of ww1! I’m a tour guide in the area.

Image source: stanksnax

#21 Self-deprication. Although, I’d probably suck at that too.

Image source: JustAnotherScottTot, Pixabay

#22 Emo song lyrics from 2003-2007. If anyone beats me, I’ll marry them.

Image source: carawwwwrrrr, Pixabay

#23 Ice hockey. Most people don’t know how to skate let alone play the sport well.

Image source: No-Ad7899, Andy Hall

#24 Skeet shooting.

Image source: ShriekingMuppet, JBLM MWR

#25 Knowledge about jellyfish, specifically of the class Cnidaria.

Image source: Different-Call-5653


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