Use Basmati Rice To Impress Guests With Your Cooking

Published 8 years ago

In a country where the majority of people are rice eaters, obviously, the rice, which is chosen, will be of excellent quality and there is no doubt about it. The rice eaters love one thing about the rice and that is the aroma and the taste of the rice.

If you are planning to make Pulao or Biryani, everything else can wait until you get the enough quantity of Basmati rice. Your plate of Pulao or Biryani will not be perfect unless you have the special rice with superior taste and amazing aroma.

Basmati- About

The rice with richer essence premium basmati rice belongs to the highly climatic conditions of the Himalayas with its superficial green soil. The rice with unusual taste needs consistent attention and dedicated service while cultivating it in the odd conditions. It needs to be taken care of at every stage and protected against the changing weather using the advanced techniques. When the rice is cooked, one can enjoy its rich look and its enticing fragrance. Each of its grain gets three times bigger than its original size when cooked and each one remains separate when served in the plate looking majestic.

The basmati rice gets ripe with its age. It becomes tastier when it gets older. The taste of two-year-old basmati rice enhances the atmosphere with its fragrance and intensifies the taste by making the dinner memorable.

Connection of Basmati rice and India

India being an agricultural land, there are varieties of rice available all across the country. The rice can be of circular grain or short or long grain, rice can be white, brown or steamed and having many more varieties.

Basmati rice is the only category of rice, which stands apart not only for its look and smell but for being healthy and organic also. Basmati rice is also available in different forms such as basmati premium brown rice, which is hand-pounded and polished. Another type of popular rice is basmati premium polished rice, which is healthy and of high quality.

Hence, if you want people to come grabbing with the smell of your kitchen only; include it in the menu.

Let us see, how to make basmati rice by keeping its taste and aroma intact while cooking for the guests:

Recipe for basmati rice:

Before we start preparing the rice, rinse one cup of basmati rice well with water.

Then soak the rice for about 30 minutes in the water.

Add 2.5 cups of water to one cup of basmati rice.

Cook the rice for about 20 minutes on low flame.

Once cooked, keep it in the bowl for 5-10 minutes before start serving.

Tip: In case, if the cooked rice remains harder, then add more water while cooking the rice else if the rice feels soft, add less water to the rice while cooking.

When you want to impress the guests with your cooking skills, never forget to make use of basmati rice, which makes them believe that you are a great cook!

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Basmati Rice
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