20 Professions That Make A Lot Of Money Despite Their Uselessness

Published 4 months ago

In the ever-evolving landscape of career choices, the pursuit of financial success often aligns with seemingly practical and essential professions. However, a recent query on Reddit flipped the script, inviting users to share their insights on the most useless professions that surprisingly still manage to rake in over $100,000.

The responses unveiled a fascinating array of jobs that challenge conventional wisdom and redefine the boundaries of professional success. Scroll below to read some of the answers.

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Mine. IT strategist. I explain to executives that many of their current problems are the result of not listening to my previous advice. Then I give them fresh new advice that they will ignore. Rinse and repeat.


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Senators. They get paid to sit around and vote yes or no and argue about s**t. And when they can’t agree on s**t the whole government shuts down.


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Well, there was that conceptual artist who got paid $120,000 for duct taping a banana to a wall…twice.

Perhaps that actually *was* useful and even important. Maybe it was some kind of galactic code to tell the alien scouts not to destroy our planet. But I doubt it.


Image source: AulMoanBag, cottonbro studio

Scrum masters get 6 figures to ask people their status.


Image source: bbbbbthatsfivebees, Jonathan Borba

Middle managers. At every single previous job I could not tell you a single thing that any of the middle managers actually did other than talk to their managers and my managers. They exist solely to send 3 emails per day, sit in 4 meetings, and collect a paycheck.


Image source: ilikepoggers, Yasuyuki Hirata

Just occurred to me because I heard about a guy whose entire job is reselling magic the gathering cards and apparently he makes a lot.


Image source: Adventurous_Coast947, RDNE Stock project

Real Estate Agent.


Image source: bdyrck

Wall Street hedgefund manager.


Image source: Illustrious_Hotel527, Denner Nunes

Professional poker player.


Image source: LongjumpingWallaby8, JOHN K THORNE

Fly to Australia and become a traffic guard on a building site.


Image source: Vast_Bobcat_4218, Pixabay

A lot of “middle men” jobs. Especially car dealers. They are glorified cashiers/customer service reps. They barely serve a purpose today with smartphones/internet at your fingertips. For example, you just Google: ” I’m looking for a minivan that is reliable and comes with a hybrid option.” You can go from there with further questions and even consumer reviews. Amazing. Need financing? Call a credit union or bank.


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Self-help gurus.


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Super s****y doctors that can’t get a job in clinical medicine, often due to repeated board complaints or loss of medical license (for incompetence/unethical behavior, etc), can go and work for insurance companies reviewing/denying insurance claims.


Image source: Legendary_Lamb2020, Christina Morillo

Google pays my sister 250k/year to basically sign in once a day and check emails. She can’t even explain what her job is. She doesn’t even code.

Edit: She didn’t get hired right in to this position. She started at the temp level 7 years ago, and has continued to apply for promotions over the years. Ended up on a team put together for some project, and Google pulled the plug on it. Ever since they basically pay those people just to keep them.


Image source: A12_Archangel, The Coach Space

Consultant (e.g. KPMG, Deloitte etc.)

Like straight out of university who/what tf are you consulting??? And as a 23 y/o how do you have the experience to consult someone who’s been doing their job for decades???.


Image source: Flicka_88, RDNE Stock project

HR anywhere.


Image source: BeardedMeech, Kindel Media

A lot of sales jobs.

I’m a tractor/machinery salesman, pays very well but wild to me what little impact I have in society. Most of the people that buy were going to buy anyway- and if I was BRUTAL at my job they’d still buy the machinery it’d just be a different color.

I’m not depressed about it- just wild to think about because some of the most impactful jobs in society pay the least. I’d imagine the local school teacher has a vastly larger impact on the community.


Image source: S**tBagTomatoNose, Airwolfhound

Boeing 737 MAX quality inspector.

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