20 Of The Funniest Fashion Fails Ever, As Shared Online

Published 2 years ago

Sometimes it can be hard to keep up with the latest fashion and there are times when things go out of style before you can actually afford them. But even though styles may come and go, some things are here to stay – and I’m talking about fashion fails.

The Facebook group ‘You can’t just slap some fabric together and call it a dress’ shares the funniest and most unfortunate fashion fails they’ve spotted in the wild and they’re impossible not to laugh at. From weirdly cut-out dresses to bizarrely padded dresses, check out a collection of the most hilarious fashion fails in the gallery below! And if you want more, see our previous posts here, here, and here!

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#1 Thoughts Ian? An H3 Reference, What’re Your Thoughts Though?

Image source: Ellie Ingle

#2 Someone Unraveled The Yarn A Little Too Much

Image source: Maddie Martin

#3 One Of My Fb Friends Shared This And Said She Looks Like A Tamale

Image source: Shannon Sadecki

#4 Ummm….

Image source: Christina Ward

#5 Oh Boy

Image source: Kyeley Finley

#6 Not Covering Her Face Cause She’s Famous Here In Brazil….but Why?

Image source: Lara Falkievicz Niehues

#7 Ahahhahahahahahha

Image source: Rachel McHale

#8 That Awful Dress My Goodness

Image source: Areli Aguirre

#9 Saw This In The Comments Of Another Group Of Mine

Image source: Raylin Alarcon

#10 This Is A Down Comforter And A Bath Mat

Image source: Steph Lannutti

#11 I Finally Have A Submission. Behold

Image source: Devaney Ann Shoemaker

#12 I Have No Words

Image source: Jenna Burke

#13 Thom Browne’s Fall 2022 Collection

Image source: Paty Cervantes

#14 I Hate This And It’s Not Even Close To The Theme

Image source: Cassidy Karlak

#15 I’m Not Sure If I Hate This Or Love This. For Some Reason I Think It Would Look Good On A Flatter Chest

Image source: Carolina Montano

#16 That Dress Looks Like She Peed Herself. What Even Are Those Lines??

Image source: Sami Borland

#17 Ms. Girl Is Famous, Thought It Looked Like Post-It’s Lmaoo

Image source: Sarah Vess

#18 I Know This One Belongs Here

Image source: Kayla Ninchritz

#19 Its A “Skirt”

Image source: Emma Lohnes

#20 Finally Found Something Worthy To Be Shared Here. This Reminds Me Of When I Tried To DIY A Purse Of Out Of Pair Of Jeans And My Sister Threw It Away Thinking Its Scrap (Because It Was Trash)

Image source: Sabarni Sengupta

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