10+ World Leaders Photographed While Still Young And Unaware Of Their Future Role

Published 7 years ago

We’ve covered the young presidents of USA already, but let’s broaden the scope now and take a rare glimpse at the leaders from around the world before they became the almighty God-like figures.

It’s utterly strange to see these people, who shaped the world we live in now, as simple teenagers with all the innocence in the world and, in most cases, cluelessness about what the future is holding for them.

(h/t: vintage.es)

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#1 Eighteen-year-old Princess Elizabeth of England during her time in the Auxiliary Territorial Service during WWII where she drove and repaired heavy vehicles, 1945

#2 Young 14th Dalai Lama

#3 Vladimir Putin as a young teenager, 1966

#4 Kim Jong-il with his father, Kim Il-sung, and his mother, Kim Jong-suk in 1945

#5 Young Nelson Mandela in 1961

#6 A young Shinzo Abe, Japan’s Prime Minister (bottom left) pictured with his family in 1956

#7 Young Adolf Hitler

#8 Karol Wojtyla, before he was Pope John Paul II

#9 Joseph Stalin as a young man, 1902

#10 John F. Kennedy at age 10, hair slicked back, 1927


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