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Graphic Design

Spanish Artist Photoshops Celebrities To Look Fat And Make People Happier About Their Bodies

Photo editors rarely add pounds to women - except when the chest area is concerned. Well, Spanish artist David Lopera added a lot of curves to celebrities, ostensibly to promote positive body image.

Mind Bending Optical Illusions By Swedish Artist Erik Johansson

Photographer and photoshopper Erik Johansson's work looks like beautiful, normal pictures at first, but once the optical illusions he draws are done with you, you'll be screaming, 'My eyes! My beautiful eyes!'

Photoshop Turns 25: A Brief Look At The History Of Our Favorite Picture Editing Software

Before Adobe's ubiquitous Photoshop program existed, people had no recourse but to look ugly, and “shopping” meant buying stuff. When it launched 25 years ago, it revolutionized the way we work with images.

CSS Puns Are The Highest Form Of Web Designer Humor

NEEERDS! What will they do next?! How about making some programming language-based puns? Seijo George, a Melbourne-based web designer, created some clever puns and illustrations based on some he had seen created with the CSS language.

How The Euro Would Look If It Was Designed By A Hungarian Student

The Euro! Love it or hate it, but many newer European Union members dream about it. Barbara Bernat made her dream come true by designing a concept for Hungarian euros!

21 Unusual Valentine’s Cards For People With An Interesting Definition Of Love

Valentine‘s day! Why not celebrate with some Internet-brand contempt for ‘squares’ and socially acceptable behavior? Here are some crazy cards for the more... interesting couples out there!

Newest Canadian Passport Features Hidden Images Only Visible Under UV Light

The latest Canadian passport design, which was released in 2013, features amazing images that glow under UV light. The images are only vaguely visible in a daylight, but once you turn on a UV light, the beautiful sparkling images on the passport glow with energy.

What NOT To Say To A Photographer

Italian graphic designer Luca Masini from Zerouno Design has created a series of images illustrating the most annoying requests, questions, and “insights” that professional photographers hear more often than they should.

Too Late To Learn? This Infographic Proves Otherwise

Illustrator Anastasia Borko and Anna Vital, the co-founder of Funders and Founders, came together to document the unusual success stories of people who were late bloomers in the things that they became famous for. They created an inspiring infographic titled “Too Late To Learn? Late Bloomers Who Succeeded Despite Their Age.”

Two Kinds Of People: Which One Are You?

Zomato, a website dedicated to foodies around the world, created a series of quite insightful infographics stressing binary differences in human behavior to promote their new app. In their “Two Kinds of People Project,” the company focuses on the radical differences in food choices, escalating with the never-ending conflict between Coca-Cola and Pepsi fans or...

Artist Draws Fun Letters That You Can Squeeze, Pull, And Bend

Berlin, Geneva and Vancouver-based artist Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE, creates amusingly interactive 3D typography. With these amusing letters, the artist makes it seem as though you could pull, bend, squeeze and otherwise interact with them in any way you wish.

24 Love Cards To Say “I Love You” In a Twisted Way

The way we say “I love you” changes as our relationships develop, but one thing is certain – humor often helps! Most of these love cards are best applicable for couples in long-term relationships, when love is felt and conveyed through little joyful every-day details.