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Graphic Design

Clever Campaign Will Change The Way You See Women’s Bathroom Signs Forever

You probably don't think too much about bathroom doors, but Tania Katan, of Axosoft, aims to change the way you look at the ladies’ room sign.

50 Inspiring Quotes From Your Favorite Cartoon Characters

Cartoons aren't just for kids anymore; I think we've already established that. So it's no surprise that these (mostly) cartoon character quotes apply to you no matter how old you are.

Never Stop Riding: Clever Ads For Bike Sharing System In Buenos Aires

Traffic problems are one of the favorite complaints of city dwellers. Well, people of Buenos Aires can now avoid this is issue by using public bicycles.

24 Brilliant New Words That Must Be Added To A Dictionary

The beautiful thing about language is that it changes to reflect the times. Sometimes we even have to coin our own words and phrases for new things!

College Student Designs PMS Ice Cream Flavors To Show How Women Feel

Parker Jones drew on her own experience with the unenviable purgatory that is PMS by designing cheeky ice cream covers for ‘PMS Ice Cream’.

Adorable Pun Illustrations To Brighten Your Day

Monday is the day when everyone needs a little pick-me-up. So how about some cheerful illustrations by Lim Heng Swee aka ilovedoodle?

Spanish Artist Photoshops Celebrities To Look Fat And Make People Happier About Their Bodies

Photo editors rarely add pounds to women - except when the chest area is concerned. Well, Spanish artist David Lopera added a lot of curves to celebrities, ostensibly to promote positive body image.

Mind Bending Optical Illusions By Swedish Artist Erik Johansson

Photographer and photoshopper Erik Johansson's work looks like beautiful, normal pictures at first, but once the optical illusions he draws are done with you, you'll be screaming, 'My eyes! My beautiful eyes!'

Photoshop Turns 25: A Brief Look At The History Of Our Favorite Picture Editing Software

Before Adobe's ubiquitous Photoshop program existed, people had no recourse but to look ugly, and “shopping” meant buying stuff. When it launched 25 years ago, it revolutionized the way we work with images.

CSS Puns Are The Highest Form Of Web Designer Humor

NEEERDS! What will they do next?! How about making some programming language-based puns? Seijo George, a Melbourne-based web designer, created some clever puns and illustrations based on some he had seen created with the CSS language.

How The Euro Would Look If It Was Designed By A Hungarian Student

The Euro! Love it or hate it, but many newer European Union members dream about it. Barbara Bernat made her dream come true by designing a concept for Hungarian euros!

21 Unusual Valentine’s Cards For People With An Interesting Definition Of Love

Valentine‘s day! Why not celebrate with some Internet-brand contempt for ‘squares’ and socially acceptable behavior? Here are some crazy cards for the more... interesting couples out there!