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Sunsets Viewed Through A Shattered Mirror In Gorgeous Photography By Bing Wright

New York-based photographer Bing Wright has exhibited genius in simplicity with his extraordinary “Broken Mirror/Evening Sky“ photo series. In this series, he uses shattered mirrors to catch the reflections of the setting Sun and its luminous colours.

Real Animals Pose With Humans In Mystical Photographs By Katerina Plotnikova

Katerina Plotnikova is a young Moscow-based fine art photographer who brings animals and humans together in her spiritual and magical photography. Her fairy-tale-inspired works recreate the long-lost or long-forgotten bond between animals and humans.

17 Of The Most Dreamlike Houses On Earth

This compilation of the most dreamlike, magical and surreal houses around the world shows just how far our imagination can take us when we want to make our dreams a reality.

Breathtaking Photos of Asian Landscapes And People By Weerapong Chaipuck

Asia is a land of fascinating nature, history and traditions, and this is exactly what photographer Weerapong Chaipuck captures on camera and shares with us in his stunning images.

Romantic Pictures Of Gay Couples Around The Globe Challenge Public Representation Of LGBT Community

New York-based photographer and visual artist Braden Summers travelled around the globe to create a beautiful photo series representing romantic scenes exclusively with gay couples. The photographs in the Kickstarter-funded “All Love Is Equal” project show a non-stereotypical representation of gay couples in iconic romantic scenes that were shot...

2014 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist Has Been Announced

The shortlist for the Sony World Photography Awards 2014 has just been announced by the World Photography Organization. This year, the contest received nearly 140,000 photos from 166 countries, breaking its seven-year history record.

Stunning Macro Photos Of Jumping Spiders by Thomas Shahan

Macro photography is and extraordinary form of visual art that helps us capture the beauty of the miniature world lurking right under our noses. One inhabitant of this mystical world, unseen by the naked eye, is the jumping spider, captured in all its cuteness by photographer Thomas Shahan.

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  • greypixel

    #19 drove me crazy!! it took 5 minutes to figure it out! Oh, I’m so releaved now! Phew!

  • Bernard

    so, why on earth didn’t you tell what was wrong with it? Now it’s driving me nuts too :(

  • Bob

    How could companies do not notice such things in their logos? :D

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  • Jin

    LOL, this was funny! Especially the first one, haha ^^

  • monica

    I’ve also seen a truck of a furniture company with a chair in their logo that looks 100% like a penis :) Unfortunately, it was already gone when I got my camera out of the pocket :(

  • Matt Rhys-Davies

    These are brilliant! I’ve often paraded the OGC one around as being the greatest example of poor design/thought, though now have a whole host of others!


  • Art

    #4? Make a better argument than that please.

  • Tuvipunnu

    19. was a pretty smart sh*t, I mean if you watch them individually you can’t catch it but if you see the BIG PIC then lmao T*TTIES t*tties let me have them, let me plunge in, damn I’m nasty

  • Rick

    if you can find it add the bestway logo to this list. it mixs the “b” and “w” together but just spells “bj” in nice glossy letters

  • Johan

    I ONLY saw the female, not the dancers, until I really looked. What does that say about me?

  • Jannie Kirsten

    …is the London Olympic one supposed to have some hidden picture, or is it just fugly?

  • Sascha Leib

    I must say, the Art Directors Club of Los Angeles has a pretty good sense of humor.

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  • weedman


  • Von

    Erm, yeah. And they did a shitty job.

  • ryan

    The point still stands. 800,000 is an atrocious cost for a product so shitty.

  • texas_longhorns

    hoke em up longhorns

  • Unfunny

    actually, that is supposed to be Lisa Simpson…

  • glenn

    I don’t get #6

  • neosoul

    The illustrated shirt is much smaller hence Pepsi Max.

  • guest

    frontal male masturbation

  • DERP

    Who cares? 800k for an abortion.

  • glenn

    tks, I sure missed that one

  • psi_kus

    Thanks!! I was looking and loooking and nothing… And then I looked with your answer and… there they were :)