20 Colorful And Interesting Data Visualizations As Shared On The Online Group “Data Is Beautiful”

Published 3 years ago

Do you like reading those boring black-and-white statistics that look so dull and complicated? The subreddit r/DataIsBeautiful has revealed that there is a way to make numbers and stats appear more interesting and make data easier to understand. This subreddit is a place where 16 million members have taken up the responsibility of creating aesthetically pleasing data. Yes, you read it right! This community’s only goal is to collect visualizations that effectively convey information.

This subreddit keeps delivering quality content all the time and we have collected a few of those interesting charts here. Keep scrolling to know some interesting info through these delightful pictures.

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#1 Comparing Emissions Sources – How To Shrink Your Carbon Footprint More Effectively

Image source: lfg10101

#2 There Are More Cows Than People In The States Colored Blue

Image source: toddrjones

#3 Digital Elevation Model Of Greece

Image source: JoeWDavies

#4 The 2020 Election If Only People Under 45 Voted

Image source: BLAZENIOSZ

#5 The Top 15 Countries (Apart From Sweden) In Which The People Who Currently Live In Sweden Were Born

Image source: desfirsit

#6 The Highest-Grossing Media Franchises Of All Time

Image source: Dremarious

#7 “What Is One Country That You Will Never Visit Again?” Answers From R/Askreddit

Image source: stkfig

#8 Google Searches For Different Emotions During Each Hour Of The Day And Night

Image source: desfirsit

#9 Each Vertical Band Contains 1% Of The Earth’s Population

Image source: alexmijowastaken

#10 Who Makes More: Teachers Or Cops?

Image source: academiaadvice

#11 Movies With The Greatest Difference Between Rotten Tomatoes Critic And Audience Ratings

Image source: lookatnum

#12 Where Are The World’s Airports? This Map Shows Locations Of The Worlds Airports And Heliports

Image source: symmy546

#13 World Leaders By Age

Image source: jkim088

#14 Capitol Insurrection Arrests Per Million People By State

Image source: reddit.com

#15 Average Yearly Sunshine Hours Of Germany

Image source: mate-g

#16 35% Of “Entry-Level” Jobs On Linkedin Require 3+ Years Of Experience

Image source: brixu

#17 Where Can You Afford To Live On The Minimum Wage In The United States?

Image source: loveandwars

#18 Maps Showing Water Shortages During May Have Become Increasingly Extreme In California

Image source: sdbernard

#19 What If You Bought $100 Worth Of X A Year Ago?

Image source: theimpossiblesalad

#20 The Massive Decrease In Worldwide Infant Mortality From 1950 To 2020 Is Perhaps One Of Humanity’s Greatest Achievements

Image source: abu_doubleu

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