30 Of The Worst Movie Mistakes That Slipped Into The Final Cut

Published 1 month ago

Movies and TV shows go through many eyes before landing on our screens, but human error is inevitable, leading to occasional mistakes or illogical elements making it to the final cut. Interestingly, some movie enthusiasts have turned spotting these inaccuracies into a fun hobby. 

A Reddit community with over a million members serves as a platform for sharing accidental discoveries and humorous observations about filmmaking blunders. Scroll down to uncover some of the most amusing mistakes that slipped past the meticulous eyes of moviemakers, and keep in mind that the subreddit’s members often engage in playful irony and sarcasm.

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#1 In Iron Man 2, Tony Stark Talks To Elon Musk Once But Never Appears With Him Again For The Rest Of The Mcu – Because Tony Stark Learns From His Mistakes

Image source: BrickBuster2552

#2 In Avengers Endgame, People Are Shown To Still Be Grieving 5 Years After The Snap. This Is Unrealistic, Because History Shows That In The Years After A Traumatic Event That Kills Millions Of Innocent People, The Survivors Instead Just Bitch About Inflation.

Image source: Dankanator6

#3 Cast Away(2000)chuck Is Welcomed Home With A Seafood Platter,because His Friends Are Assholes

Image source: JohnnyUtah-91

#4 In Despicable Me 4 (2024) How Tf Does This Kid Have A Normal Size Nose? Both His Parents Are Rocking Nuclear Warheads For Sniffers And This Kid Just Has A Stub. Completely Unwatchable

Image source: denever23

#5 In The Fast And Furious: Tokyo Drift (2006), This Is A 17-Year-Old

Image source: fuzzy_dice_99

#6 The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Was Released In Theaters On The 25th Of December, 2013 To A Mixed Critical Reception. This Is A Reference To The Fact That It’s Been 10 Fucking Years, And This Movie Still Hasn’t Got The Maimstream Adoration It Deserves.

Image source: HelloKolla

#7 A Little-Known Fact About Avengers: Endgame (2019) Is That None Of The Actors Portraying The Franchise’s Superheroes Have Actual Real-Life Superpowers — Except Of Course Jeremy Renner, Who Is F**king Immortal

Image source: ajcpullcom

#8 To Make Sure Their Accents Were Accurate, The Child Actors In The Harry Potter Movies Were Forced To Grow Up In England

Image source: fuzzy_dice_99

#9 In The Handmaid’s Tale (2017) June Osborn Plays A Woman Living In An Oppressive Totalitarian Society That Tramples On Human Rights And Controls Its Citizens Through Indoctrination, Intimidation And Violence… Oh Wait, That’s Actually Elisabeth Moss Because She’s A Practicing Scientologist

Image source: PrestigiousCoffee

#10 In Breaking Dawn (2012) Jacob Imprints On Renesmee When She’s A Baby, Meaning That He Will Look After Her Until She’s A Legal Adult So That She Can Then Be His Romantic Partner. There Is No Joke, This Actually Happens And People Are Just Okay With It Apparently

Image source: Subject_Tutor

#11 At The End Of The Menu (2022), When Anya Taylor-Joy Said, “I Think My Eyes Were Bigger Than My Stomach,” She Was Probably Literally Correct

Image source: ajcpullcom

#12 Gaslight (2021) Didn’t Actually Exist. You Didn’t Watch It On Youtube. It Never Had A Kickstarter. And You Haven’t Seen This Post Before.

Image source: JellyBOB7190

#13 In Titanic, On Her Deathbed, Instead Of Thinking About Her Children And Husband With Whom She’s Been Living For 70 Years, Rose Remembers Some Homeless Dude Who F***ed Her On A Boat

Image source: Significant_Cold9696

#14 Be Sure To Watch “Hamilton” (2020) With A Critical Eye. There Are Some Major Historical Inaccuracies. Many Of These Large Musical Numbers Never Happened.

Image source: Penguin-Monk

#15 Monty Python Wanted Viewers To Experience The Most Random Movie Ending Ever. So They Called The Police Force To Ruin The Ending

Image source: Embarrassed-Mouse-49

#16 In Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 1 (2010), Fleur Tells Bill… Wait… How The Hell Did This Shot Get Past Jk Rowling???

Image source: MPVanJ

#17 In “Captain America: The Winter Solder,” Natasha Shows Steve Her Bullet Wound And Says “Bye Bye Bikinis.” However, Bikinis Weren’t Invented Until 1946, A Year After Steve Was Frozen In Ice. This Is A Reference To Me Forgetting The Point Of This Post And Googling Bikini Pictures Of Scarlett Johansson

Image source: grichardson526

#18 Most People Will Tell You The Truman Show Has Aged Brilliantly, Due To How Social Media Increasingly Documents Every Moment Of Our Lives. I However, Think It Aged Terribly Because Nobody Nowadays Would Have The Attention Span For This Boring-Ass Show.

Image source: Theweedhacker_420

#19 Oppenheimer (2023) And Barbie (2023) Open The Same Day. One Is About The Invention Of The Atomic Bomb. The Other Is About A Plastic Doll. Guess Which One Stoked The Most Political Outrage. Go On, Take A Wild Fuckin’ Guess

Image source: Jack_Q_Frost_Jr

#20 In Barbie, The Main Character Is A Single Young Woman Who Is Able To Afford Her Own House In 2023. That Is Because It Is A Fantasy.

Image source: Reddituser0346

#21 In The Last Jedi(2017), Finn And Rose Save Horses From Captivity While Not Saving The Child Slaves. The Movie Was Then Awarded An Oscar From Peta.

Image source: Biorobs

#22 In An Impressive Display Of Acting Range, Joe Pesci Plays Both The Cop At The Beginning Of Home Alone (1991) And One Of The Burglars Later In The Film

Image source: BirthdayBoyStabMan

#23 Top Gun (1986) Has Faced Criticism For Inaccurate Depictions Of Navy Servicemen Calling Them “Too Straight”

Image source: Hendrick_Davies64

#24 For Oppenheimer (2023), Nolan Failed To Show The Trinity Bomb Test Properly, Opting Instead For A Pretty Basic-Looking Explosion That Could Be Anything Blowing Up. This Is Because He Was Not Allowed To Drop A Real Nuke For The Scene. It’s A Shame Cgi Doesn’t Exist, Or This Could’ve Been Avoided

Image source: River_Odessa

#25 In Meg 2: The Trench (2023), We Learn That Jason Statham’s Legs Are Strong Enough To Push Back Against A Megalodon. Don’t Skip Leg Day, People

Image source: lessonsfromgmork

#26 In Wonka (2023)… Oh For Fuck’s Sake, Did We Really Need A Willy Wonka Prequel?

Image source: fuzzy_dice_99

#27 In Memento (2000) The Protagonist Has Severe Short-Term Memory Issues. This Is A Reference To Memento (2000) Where The Protagonist Also Has Severe Short-Term Memory Issues

Image source: Stacy_Ann_

#28 Disney’s Turning Red Takes Place In The Year 2002 And References Multiple Items Of Pop Culture Relevance For The Time. Turning Red Is A Period Piece

Image source: Nezzieplump

#29 Daniel Day Lewis On The Set Of Wonka (2023) 2 Weeks Before He Was Fired And Recasted In Favor Of Timothée Chalamet.

Image source: LosChivos

#30 I Am Legend’s (2007) Original Ending Was Changed After Negative Responses From Test Screenings. Given How Almost Everyone Unanimously Agrees That The Original Ending Was Better, The Studio Must Have Chosen The Dumbest People Alive For The Test Screenings.

Image source: Likestuff12

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