25 Things That Only Bad Parents Do, According To This Thread

Published 8 months ago

Parenting is not an easy task and those that do it well deserve to be acknowledged. It’s an accepted fact that parents have a large role to play in a child’s development and psyche. In fact, if these primary caregivers mess up in any way it can have a lasting impact on those young impressionable minds. 

Unfortunately, that seems to happen more often than not. In fact, there are certain signs and red flags people have learned to take note of that indicate such mistakes on the part of parents. Today we explore these concerns which folks expressed on a Reddit thread, listing all the things parents need to take more seriously or be more aware of when taking on the responsibility of child-rearing. 

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Image source: Helmane09, August de Richelieu

Taking the Emotions of your child (first crushes, embarrassing moments that they talked with you about, are unsure about, worries they have, etc.) and using it at a family gathering to get a laugh out of everybody. Your child will be so embarrassed because of you and will not talk to you in the future

I‘m 30 and my mother still does this to me sometimes. The difference today is, i will talk back in front of the whole family and suddenly she is embarrassed


Image source: kurnimasu, Josh Withers

When I was younger I saw a Mother and a little daughter on a train. The Mother was scrolling her Phone and the daughter was bored and started a song. It was very quiet singing and she had a good voice. No problem.
But the mom started to hush her daughter. To stop singing.
Then the daughter asked does her mother love her? Can she get a hug. Something?
Mother just told her to be quiet and kept scrolling.

It hurt me. I wish I could just have stood up and hug that little kid. Show her that she is not alone. That she is loved no matter what.

But 20 something dude hugging little girl in a train seemed to be wrong to me at that time. So I just cried a bit. Silently. And I think about that little girl and how her life is even years later.

I sometimes really hate some parents. Because they seem to be kids themselves. Without any clue about pretty much anything.

#3 Zero interest in the kid. Doesn’t care what they do or what happens to them as long as they don’t inconvenience them.


Image source: ploteapuck, Vlada Karpovich

#4 The kid is morbidly obese and the parent feeds them nothing but fast food and soft drinks and says “he won’t eat anything else”.

Image source: Gullex, Karolina Kołodziejczak

#5 Not caring about their feelings . Like hello they are humans too .

Image source: Bubbly_Ad_165, Gustavo Fring

#6 parents who believe that their children “owe” them for providing basic care (food, shelter, clothes, etc…)

Image source: y2k420juicycouture, cottonbro studio

#7 Hearing them say “I’ll give you something to cry about” to their crying kid.

Image source: TheRadiumGirl, Jep Gambardella

#8 Someone who treats the child from their old marriage like s**t because they’re no longer with that child’s parent.

Image source: Mr_MojoJojo_Risin, cottonbro studio cottonbro studio

#9 Do not seek for psychological help when your children obviously need it because you personally don’t believe in “all that stuff”.

Image source: Hellodie_W, Gustavo Fring

#10 Kids were never told “I love you”

Image source: catgirl1230, Josh Willink

#11 Parents who can’t apologize to a child. It’s ok to have human emotions and moment to be triggered or struggling and lash out or be wrong but for the love of all things good APOLOGIZE AND CHANGE.

Image source: facekche, Keira Burton

#12 Mothers who sees their daughter as competition

Image source: skunk_weed, Barbara Olsen

#13 Yelling at the kid for every trivial thing.

Image source: lagrossetruie, peoplecreations

#14 Talking trash about your kids in front of others

Image source: JureIsStupid123, Brett Sayles

#15 Putting soda in a baby bottle

Image source: yeti_beard, PhotoMIX Company

#16 Your adult children don’t talk to you and you “don’t know” why.

Image source: RushBJ, krakenimages

#17 Badmouthing their ex after a divorce to them and turning them against the other parent. Using kids as leverage in general.

Image source: faousa, freepik

#18 Having a partner who dislikes or mistreats their children.

Image source: PaleHorseBlackDog, William Fortunato

#19 Punishing kids with haircuts, less food, less attention, or taking their door. Especially for things like asking too many questions or “talking back” just because they didn’t understand something and wanted a real reason or explanation on why they had to do/could not do something

Image source: Maxx_1000000, Linda Jones

#20 Toddlers running around in super, super full diapers- to the point where they are almost falling off the kid, while the parents obliviously drink beer….

Image source: toomuchswiping, William Fortunato

#21 Pulling the “I guess I’m I’m the worst parent in the world” when approached by their child with a question. Actively making the child feel guilty for expressing their own opinions in an effort to make themselves feel better.

Image source: Rare-Criticism1059, Kindel Media

#22 Refusing to believe their kid can do wrong

Image source: FlashyWay420, Jep Gambardella

#23 Women that put a man before their kids

Image source: DifferentBand1121, Candice Picard

#24 Ironically, never thinking you’re a bad parent.

Image source: AdhesiveCum_, Andrea Piacquadio

#25 Prioritising your phone over your kid.

Image source: CrabbiestAsp, Andrea Piacquadio

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