40 Adorable Newborns Who Look Like They’ve Already Lived a Lifetime

Published 5 months ago

Sometimes you meet kids who seem wiser than their years based on what they say. But have you seen kids and babies that LOOK wiser than their years?  

Today’s list is a collection of adorable baby faces that look a lot smarter than they should. These little tykes may look like our grandmas and grandpas with their wrinkly faces, but they still manage to make it look absolutely adorable. 

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#1 I Thought For Sure My Kid’s First Word Would Be “Inconceivable”

Image source: ContractThese9858

#2 This Baby Looks Like He Has A Mortgage

Image source: NationalFish4181

#3 My Nephew Joseph Is Concocting His Diabolical Plan

Image source: itschellelol

#4 Me At 5 Months Old Looking Like A Sailor

Image source: JermytheWormy

#5 My Second-Born Looking Like She Forgot To Put In Her Teeth

Image source: whateverislovely

#6 Simon Pegg’s Range As An Actor Is Seriously Underrated

Image source: FatHead403

#7 My Daughter Looks Like Clemenza From The Godfather

Image source: BoutToGiveYouHell

#8 Little Girl Swears Vengeance On All That Have Wronged Her. Complete With Godfather-Style Pet

Image source: Soma2710

#9 My Son Is Only 5 Days Old And Already Tired Of Everything

Image source: iLikeTellingDirtyJokes

#10 This Baby Girl Looks So Old

Image source: shmalia

#11 I Came Across Some Old Photos Of A Weird Looking Baby Today At My Parent’s House. Found Out It’s Me At 4 Months. Thank God They Captured My Beauty Before I Grew Out Of It

Image source: ook_ook_the_gorilla

#12 My Bestie Back When She Was A Tiny Granddaddy

Image source: CatchHot6492

#13 My Favorite Old Baby Turned 365 Days Today

Image source: DaddyOhhhh

#14 My Best Friend’s Son Always Looks Like He’s Wondering If Retirement Can Come Any Faster

Image source: Crunchieee

#15 “When I Was Your Age, I Had To Walk Through Miles Of Knee-Deep Snow In Order To Be Born”

Image source: ZakieChan

#16 Was Issued An AARP Card With His Birth Certificate

Image source: stewartmcgonigle

#17 My Grandma Has Been A Grandma Since Birth

Image source: I_LIVE_ON_THE_SUN

#18 This Is The Only Baby Picture I Have

Image source: OhCaptainDem

#19 He’s Fed Up With All The Dad Jokes

Image source: Beffun

#20 When I Was Born, I Looked Like An 87-Year-Old Man

Image source: shaymitchell

#21 My Baby

Image source: InfernoRed00

#22 Get Off My Lawn

Image source: HappyAvocado4

#23 My Child Looks Like He’s 600 Months Old

Image source: lahermanitaluna

#24 I Do Not Approve Of This, Lady

Image source: fortheloveofLu

#25 My Brother’s Baby Picture Looks Like Kevin From The Office

Image source: aluminumbottle69

#26 My Wife Gave Birth To Steve Buscemi

Image source: ryanpt670

#27 Everyone Knows Not To Bother Her During Tax Season

Image source: seitanictemple

#28 My One-Month-Old Baby On His Way To The Nursing Home

Image source: FractalEffect

#29 My Son Is Welcoming You To The Company

Image source: riderofrohanne

#30 Are You Talking To Me?

Image source: domina_flamma

#31 Here’s Me 32 Years Ago Looking Like A Cantankerous Octogenarian

Image source: NicePickles

#32 Grumpy Old Man

Image source: bulletproofreader

#33 This Is My Fiancé’s Friend’s Son

Image source: reddit.com

#34 My Baby Looks So Old

Image source: krazievue

#35 The Forehead And Hairline Of A Century Old Man

Image source: shootforthunder

#36 Old Baby Drinking A Negroni

Image source: FrivolousBomber

#37 When Someone Says You Look Like A 60-Year-Old Baby

Image source: magnus_ubergasm

#38 He Needs Help Getting Over To Yell At The Kids On His Lawn

Image source: 8horcrux

#39 My 1-Month-Old Son Looks Like A 45-Year-Old Uncle Dave After A Few Beers

Image source: fancyursa

#40 This Baby Looks Like Miggy Almiron In About 40 Years. Oldest Looking Newborn I’ve Seen In My Life

Image source: mynameistuvv

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