“I’ll Never Be Able To Forget”: 25 Times A Cheating Partner Was Caught

Published 3 weeks ago

A study delving into the aftermath of infidelity found that among unmarried adults betrayed by their partners, roughly 45% showed signs of infidelity-related post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). They often experienced higher levels of depression, which was partly attributed to negative post-traumatic thoughts.

When Reddit user TheBaronofIbilin asked people who had discovered their significant other cheating to share their experiences, the responses revealed a mix of heartbreak and anger.

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#1 Caught her several times. The last time I decided to get it on tape. So I set up a camera. I didn’t catch her cheating with it, but I did catch her abusing the kids in our daycare. And that, friends, is how you win a house in a divorce.

Image source: Educational_Dust_932, Michael Burrows/pexels

#2 Not me but my mother – who had stage three bladder cancer at the time, had a knock on the door from a woman who told her that she was dating my dad. She said that she had heard my mum was on death’s doorstep, and that she had been taking parenting classes and watching her take her kids inside from the car to prepare for the day she could adopt them. Real class act.

Image source: Illustrious_Papaya_5, cottonbro studio/pexels

#3 I got let go from work early because we were overstaffed. She had ironically taken the day off for a “mental health day.” I pulled up into the driveway and when I walked in the door I immediately heard moaning upstairs. I’m assuming she’s m*sturbating. I go up there and open the bedroom door… And my wife is on her back. Except there’s another woman straddling her face at the head of our bed whom she’s eating out. It’s another mom of one of the kids our kid goes to school with. I had no idea my wife was even into women at all.

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#4 She said she was at a friend’s studying. I had suspicions about a guy she was working with so I drove about 30 minutes to his house and found her car there. I parked out front and called her. She picked up and I just let her bury herself as hard as I could. Asked her what she was studying, what the girls name was she was studying with, where she lived, everything I could think of to make her fumble about. Then I told her to look out front of the house she was in. When I saw her peek through a blind, I waved and told her to find a new place to live and to come get her things. I know things hadn’t been great for a while, but it was still a bummer to end like that.

Image source: earic23

#5 Mine had a fictitious job which she was claiming she started early and had accepted an unpaid hand over period and was going to get paid from January the following year.

Image source: Kooky_Weird4238, Lara Jameson by giving them a small donation/pexels

By February she still wasn’t getting paid and my best mate was strangely busy every time she was working. I waited for definite proof before breaking up with her as she had an illness which although real she exaggerated.
Lots of suspicious behaviour later I was really struggling.
In May she claimed to have been paid and I without snooping saw a letter about a bank loan on the bin.
That night was bin day I stood outside waiting for her to get home with the bin in my hand and saw his car show up down the road. They didn’t see me and I walked up to the car to see them kissing passionately.
Despite that she still denied anything was going on ?.

#6 Told me that he was at his parents’ and would probably be spending the night… I was over at his parents’ for dinner. They had seen me on my way home from work and invited me over. I was about to ask him when he would be finished work, so that he could meet me there, then I saw the message.

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#7 True story (circa 1982). My Mum marched into my Dad’s office at work one day and said “we need to talk” and he said “is this about Ramona?” and she said “who the f**k is Ramona?”. Divorced a year later….don’t think he ever found out what she wanted to talk about.

Image source: viklas76, Yan Krukau/pexels

#8 Our seven-year-old, from the back seat of the car as I was driving her to school: “Mummy and me have had a really grown-up conversation about going to live with Mummy’s friend…”

It’d be going on for six months. We worked in the same place and she’d been taking him to work functions all that time whilst I was home with my daughter. I really was the last to know.

She left work but told everyone that she only cheated because I did first. Blatant lie. I had three months of work with people treating me like s**t because I got what I deserved – and then someone confronted me and told me what they all “knew”.

From my reaction, they worked out I was actually probably innocent. Was a rough time though.

Image source: repairmanjack_51

#9 Had a suspicion he was on Grindr, downloaded it and took screenshots of his (faceless but very obviously him) profile. I held onto it for a few weeks because I was honestly in shock, but one day he made a joke about how seedy gay guys can be and I just went “oh like this?” And showed him the screenshots. It was a very satisfying feeling watching him squirm!

Image source: cheezgrator, Karolina Grabowska/pexels

#10 My wife announced at a holiday dinner that she was pregnant, I had a vasectomy 15 years before. Retested to make sure that no magic had reconnected. The next weekend at a large family picnic, I told everyone about my zero sperm count.

Image source: Longjumping-Skill80, Katerina Holmes/pexels

#11 I went to the dr for an IUD for birth control after our second child and while the dr was inserting the IUD in my cervix she informed me that I had an STD. I had only had sex with him for the past 10 years.

Image source: summerpeachxo, MART PRODUCTION/pexels

#12 She was having too many “girls night out”. I was skeptical. I checked her location on FindMy and saw she was at the neighbor’s house. He’s single. A betrayal like that is devastating.

Image source: platypus5309, Анастасия Быкова/pexels

#13 My ex used to run a construction business with a childhood friend.

Image source: tarabletara, Antoni Shkraba/pexels

They were very close and his friend was in our wedding. Ex started stealing money from the business and lying about jobs. I didn’t know this until his friend showed up at our home demanding we pay him back. My ex refused and told him he was going solo in the business. The friend looked me dead in the eye and told me the woman’s name. No other info but just the name. I immediately knew what he meant by the look in his eye. He then gave me the address. The house was built by my husband, four years prior.

#14 She had done some unexpected personal grooming and packed lingerie to take to work with her. When we got home at the end of day and she went off to get ready for bed (clearly not intending to sleep with me), I pulled the very used lingerie out of her bag and confronted her. She evaded initially, but ended up confessing it was some guy from her work she had only met a couple of days earlier.

Image source: cedricsexypants, Наталья Масик/pexels

That was 3 weeks ago. She’s still sleeping with the new guy while I’ve moved out and am trying to figure out how we sell the house we bought together 7 months ago. So, fun times.

#15 My then 3 yr daughter told her grandma about noises she heard from mom’s room. then her grandma told me, ended it soon after, no explanation, just packed and left.

Image source: Effective_Fish_3402, Juan Pablo Serrano/pexels

#16 I was using his laptop for my work meeting as mine was at the service center. I went to login my email and his was already logged in, first email was your flower delivery was successful. I didn’t think much of it however curiosity got the best of me.

Image source: shittytherapistofdog, Vlada Karpovich/pexels

So I opened the email, and it was for some girl, scrolled a few emails down there were flight tickets, hotel reservation, car rental. He was f*****g multiple girls in the course of if our 2 years relationship.

I packed my bags, told him I forgive him for whatever he has done and I am not going to sit and blame myself or ask myself where I was wrong, because he was always the priority and left my research programme to stay with him. Cried my eyes out when driving back home and blocked him. 1 year and still devastated but good riddance.

#17 She left her diary on the lounge room floor when she went to work. I debated reading it but eventually gave in.

Image source: Bucephalus307, Pixabay /pexels

Was then I found out about her f*****g my brother multiple times when I was working night shift.

When I confronted her about it, I was called a prick for reading her diary and for working night shift, therefore not being home when she got horny.

I tried to explain the difference in levels of the bad things we did, but she didn’t see any.

For some reason, we didn’t last after that…

#18 Found her SmartWatch which she left at home when she was heading out to New Years Eve with “The Girls.”

Image source: Alexandratta, freestocks.org/flickr

I thought it was going to be funny to “spy” on her texts as they watch was buzzing like crazy and I figured her and her friends were discussing meet up spots and the like….

Only to see kissy faces and hearts from a mutual online friend whom she was apparently meeting…

…yeah wasn’t a great new year. Luckily that was Jan 2020 so that HAD to be the worst thing that would happen to me that year. Get it all out of the way at the start, right?


#19 She was in the ICU on a ventilator and life support for 30 days. Docs had no answers and she was almost out of options. Gave her “significantly less than 50% chance” to live and told me to consider all possible explanations for her condition including hard d**g use. Decided to go through her phone in an attempt to find anything that might help. No d***s found but I did find an 18 month affair.

Image source: Katniss_is_a_bitch, Tony Schnagl/pexels

#20 My friend rang me up. Turns out she had been sleeping with guys at work. One of her coworkers didn’t like her and told my friend who promptly passed it onto me. I sent her a text saying we were done and then ghosted her. It’s the reason I don’t have any social media except reddit. From her perspective I essentially disappeared overnight. Hearing her freaking out for months from friends was satisfying. Haven’t seen her in over 10 years now.

If anyone is cheated on don’t do anything stupid. Just remove yourself from them completely. It’s the best revenge you can get.

Image source: ashbash272

#21 Not me but a coworker.

Image source: PanzerBiscuit, MART PRODUCTION/pexels

Went on a Contiki tour with his missus for his 21st birthday. Booked a 45 day tour, seeing like 15 different countries. A week or two into the trip she gets caught getting finger blasted by some random Spanish dude in a club in Barcelona. He is obviously devastated, and now he has to face the prospects of potentially travelling for another month with the girl who just stomped on his heart.

He contemplated just calling it and flying home, but other members of the tour convinced him to stay, have a good time and to get on with his life and enjoy the holiday he paid for. He organized with Contiki and the tour guides to re work the accommodation so he was no longer in a room with her.

He told me he had a marvelous time, made some great new friends and got to experience new things. She was miserable the whole time as basically the entire group shunned her for being a massive PoS, ignored her on nights out, and she was desperately hoping to get back with her (ex) bf who wanted nothing to do with her.

He changed his flights on the way home to fly home later than she was, and extended his European holiday in order to keep the party going with some of the new friends he had made.

#22 Ex-wife (married 10 years) needed an emergency shot of Imetrex for a migraine. Fumbling though her purse looking for it and found a tear in the fabric. Lo and behold she had condoms stashed in there along with some m*th. It was rough but I did end up with full custody of my two boys. Happily married to a wonderful woman now and everyone is ok. Even the ex, she eventually kicked her habit.

Image source: jugglerdude

#23 Was driving our son around to get him to go to sleep. Ended up in the neighborhood of her office. Knowing she’d been working late a lot recently, I drove over there to see if she wanted me to bring her dinner. Ended up catching her with a redneck co-worker in the parking lot in his 70’s hippy van. Went home and changed the locks.

Image source: Wuddntme, nappy/pexels

#24 The, at the time, 22F AP sent me an email to clarify if my ex (39M then) and I (35F then) were truly divorced (we didn’t). She and I immediately met that day and I found out that my ex was actively cheating on me for the past 2 years of my marriage, and that he was with her when he left me with no words for one entire month, among many other lies he had been feeding me and the AP from the get go. Needless to say I immediately processed the divorce -should’ve done that sooner when I noticed all the red flags, but it was easier to live in constant denial.

Fun fact: he called me out of the blue 4 years after the divorce to see how I was faring. I suppose he wanted to see me being miserable, but I was truly living my best life -still am :).

Image source: theorgasmorator

#25 Not my spouse (girlfriend), but I literally had a prophetic dream about it. I dreamed that she had taken me to a Mexican restaurant and told me that she cheated on me with one of our mutual friends a week prior to me actually finding out, and I wrote it in my dream journal because it had me really shaken up, (you know, those super hyperrealistic nightmare type dreams) but I dismissed it as paranoia.

Image source: Acrobatic_Top7174, Lucas Andrade/pexels

Exactly a week later we went to go eat at a Mexican restaurant and she was acting a little bit strange… and my heart just dropped to my a*s and I felt my whole body start shaking. I knew I was right. And she looked at me and said “I have something to tell you” and I didn’t even let her finish, I just said “was it *****?” And her face went white as a f*****g ghost and I stormed out of the restaurant. She followed and I said some very mean things to her and dumped my leftovers in the back of her car… not my finest moment but hey, I’d never been cheated on before and it was a moment of extreme anger. If I could go back in time I would have held my head higher- I think that would have hurt her worse.

Listen to your gut, people!! The subconscious has a way of telling you what you need to know!!

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