Common Practices Followed by Best Tattoo Artists

Published 8 years ago

Traditionally seen as something only hoodlums and sailors would sport, tattoos in the modern world are equalled with fine art. They have become a means to express your views and thoughts, and as such, have become a sort of a cultural symbol. Given the popularity of tattoos in mainstream consciousness, it comes as no surprise then that tattoo artists have mushroomed across the world.

In fact, there are dedicated schools today that churn out tattoos artists by the dozen. Getting a tattoo is a serious business though. You are getting your skin pierced, which means you are potentially exposing it to all sorts of bacteria and infections. It is important thus to hire only the best tattoo artist for the job.

How to tell if a tattoo artist can be trusted? Here are some practices you would find in common among the best tattoo artists in the world.

1. The use of autoclave

It is a thorough sterilization tool that is frequently used in hospitals. It is expensive, which is why a lot of artists that practice from their basement cannot afford it. Autoclave is used to sterilize all tattoo materials that are reused between clients, such as tubes. And no, placing these items under UV light or boiling it won’t do as thorough a job as an autoclave.

2. The use of protective gear

Walk into studios of best tattoo artists around the world and you will always find them working with protective gear on. This includes gloves and marks, which protects them as well as their clients from potential bacteria and infections.

3. Using inks in disposable caps

The piercing needle of a tattoo artist needs to be dipped continually in ink as the piercing is done. It is much like your old fountain pen that needed to be dipped in ink time and again for writing. Since there is redipping involved, an artist cannot use his vial of inks, since he runs the risk of infecting clients. Thus, you will always see small white disposal caps being used by artists for inks. That way, they don’t have to dip in the vial itself.

4. Use of new needles

Whenever you sit down to get a tattoo done, make sure the artist opens a new sterile needle from a sealed container. Needles can be exposed to bodily fluids when the piercing is being done. If the same needle is used on someone else, he/she runs a serious risk of catching an infection, such as Hepatitis B.

Stylish ideas to share with your best tattoo artist

Now that you have a fair idea of how to select a tattoo artist, here are some cool ideas for your next tattoo design.

a. Flowers and skulls: Skulls denote the circle of life and death, and flowers, well- use colorful ones to make your tattoo a little trippy. You can get a big skull tattoo that covers your whole back, or a size that fits your biceps.

b. A crouching tiger: If you are going for a full back tattoo, a tattoo of a crouching tiger would be a super cool idea. Make sure you get it in color though, since it won’t have the same impact in black and white.

c. A fish tattoo: Accentuate your curves with a trendy fish tattoo that runs along one side of your body. You could derive inspiration from Koi tattoos that are commonly used in Japanese culture.

If you want to play it safe though, ask your best tattoo artist to give a nice spin to traditional tattoos of Phoenix or doves.

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