20 Times Men Proved That Their Delusional Expectations Of Women Still Exist

Published 1 year ago

There’s a lot of focus on feminism and equality even as yet because while many people seem to be on a path to correcting their previously erroneous ideologies regarding gender disparity, the truth is, it still exists. Unfortunately, as women we are bound to encounter this in some way in our day to day lives.

While some bigots would have you believe that women are not going through such in this modern day and age, the truth may be totally different for the actual victim of the situation. So as the theory that men’s delusional expectations of women is a false narrative continues, let’s look at some evidence that proves otherwise.

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#1 Nice Guys Finish Last

Image source: notokwiththeworld

#2 Saw This On Twitter The Other Day And Thought It Fit—nice Guy Expects To “Netflix And Chill” After Helping Woman Get A Job He Recommended

Image source: 1_Up_Girl

#3 Am I The Nice Guy For Staring Down A Guy Talking To My Crush?

Image source: Fritemare

#4 A Woman In My Neighborhood Was Followed By A Man While She Was Jogging And Posted A Safety Warning To Let Others Know. This Guy Pops Up In The Chat

Image source: Frankly_Mai

#5 B-But, M’lady, I Thought We Were… Friends?

Image source: DontTouchYourKnob

#6 I Thought You Were A Good Person

Image source: thomkhemet2

#7 I Felt This In My Soul

Image source: ClevelandEmpire

#8 Sometimes I Read Stuff Like This And Pray Those People Are Joking

Image source: DrSprankle

#9 Now That’s Some Sadcringe

Image source: SynthMstr

#10 Guy Thinks A Girl Was Begging For Sex When She Was Nice To Him At Lunch

Image source: onehurricane

#11 Even The Wings Were Bad This Time

Image source: Downwardspiralhams

#12 Found On Twitter

Image source: Gfy_BabyYoda


Redditor Gets A Job To Try To Get Laid With Coworkers

Image source: MissNibbatoro

#14 Homie Just Kept Going

Image source: reddit.com

#15 O-O Okay Then

Image source: redthesmolkitsune

#16 Poor Guy

Image source: emperor_marx

#17 Yikes

Image source: BasedGamerDio

#18 He’s Just A Nice Guy, Megan

Image source: CuntLasso

#19 What???

Image source: Many_Fix3167

#20 Well That’s Not Creepy

Image source: IDK_yet


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