‘It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty’: 30 Fashion Fails

Published 2 months ago

In 2024, the ongoing issue of excess in the capitalist landscape remains prevalent, notably exemplified by the persistence of fast fashion. Despite growing awareness and the influence of sustainable fashion advocates, the allure of platforms like SHEIN persists, overshadowing the efforts of eco-conscious bloggers on YouTube and TikTok.

You might wonder: “Why do brands such as SHEIN and AliExpress continue to thrive?” It seems their primary role is to cater to enthusiasts who revel in sharing their fashion hauls on social media. A Facebook page called “It’s Called FaSHEIN Sweaty” has emerged, dedicated to showcasing both the absurd and amusing discoveries from various fast fashion sites. The page boldly declares, “We are just here to shame clothes!” Someone needs to, considering that some of these fashion choices could definitely use a second opinion.

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#1 Please Place Your Vajooter Completely Inside The Wedgie Strap

Image source: Lisa Esparza

Mrs Irish Mom: Vajooter 🤣😂 never heard it being called that before

#2 Please Help Me Understand

Image source: Suné Fonternel

AJanissary: All of that nasty crust is making me distressed.

#3 Super Realistic Shein…

Image source: Lily Murray

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Is there something in your pocket, or did you just shart at me?

#4 That’s Horrendous, Tacky, And Awful

Image source: Mary Oglesby

ynyrhydref56: This looks like a bet. “We only have scraps left.” “Bet you I can make that an outfit.” “You’re on.”

#5 Not The Mickey Kicks

Image source: Bianca Olivas


Image source: Mayela De La Huerta

#7 755 Dollars For A Zip Tie?

Image source: Alexandra Paraschiv

Shark Lady: I have some in my toolkit, now I know what to wear next time I go out for dinner. Easier to put on than normal bracelets as well.

#8 What Is This?

Image source: JJ Carroll

Praurima: It has pockets 🤣

#9 I Kinda Want It Lol

Image source: Nancy Rene Cusumano

#10 These Shein Creators Are Becoming Unhinged

Image source: Donna Jane

#11 Apologies If These Have Been Posted Already, But I Joined This Group With The Sole Purpose Of Making Others See These Hideous Pants Just As I Had To

Image source: Courtney Lamb

#12 Not Photoshoped At All

Image source: Narys anonimas

#13 For Those Who Are Dedicated To The All-Denim Life And Already Have The Canadian Tuxedo, The Joots, And So Much More, I Present:

Image source: MichaelWarbur17

GenuineJen: Ok hear me out… nap pocket. Oh yes. No making the bed after a cozy afternoon nap, just crawl out and you’re good to go.

#14 Why…

Image source: Lily Lenker

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My!: Nothing screams elegance more than plastic gems super glued to pants.

#15 I Refuse To Accept That This Styling Choice Is Anything But A Commentary On How Deep The Pockets On Women’s Jeans Could Be And How Small And Useless They Insist On Making Them Instead

Image source: Alexandria Wein

Corinne Wheeler: Don’t get dressed in the dark.

#16 Please Help Me Understand

Image source: Suné Fonternel

Mrs Irish Mom: Please help me unsee 🤢


Image source: Miranda Chalmers

Candace: What photoshop?

#18 Love Me A Jellyfish Cosplay

Image source: Rieta Matsumoto

green penguin / Isabelle: it’s giving a period leak

#19 When You Want That Extra Belly Button?

Image source: Max Donnz

Kylie: The whole outfit’s ridiculous.

potato: I mean I would wear the pants… those look decent

#20 A Completly Natural Unedited Female Figure

Image source: Ashley Given

Corinne Wheeler: Is that figure even possible?

#21 Um… Where Are We Wearing This?

Image source: Alyssa Dickson

rullymanThere are clothes we wear only at home, you know 👀

#22 Do I Even Need To Say Anything Here?

Image source: Erica E Midcap

Sandy D: This is kinda funny – I wouldn’t be likely to wear it, being 58 years old & fat…. actually, I probably would wear I to be ridiculous and t offend prudes

#23 “Do You Want To Wear Pants But Still Want To Get Chub Rub? Well, Have We Got The Pants For You!”

Image source: Sara Nielsen

#24 I Usually Love Everything Betsey Johnson Does… But Really?

Image source: Caitlin McAuley

Cyber Returns: Wear it backwards and confuse everyone with your punerp necklace

#25 Why…

Image source: Lily Lenker

Corinne Wheeler: Now these I like, I could paint the toenails.

#26 AliExpress Really Has Some Of The Best Items

Image source: Gini Ra

#27 Huh?

Image source: Narys anonimas

#28 Wtf

Image source: Ashley Malone

EP: Award Ceremony dress under $5.

#29 Her Hair Is Goals Also

Image source: Aiko Castonguay

#30 Why…


Image source: Lily Lenker

Tamra: When you transform your monstera plant into “fashion”.







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