30 Feminine Habits That Men Were Clueless Of Until Dating/ Marriage

Published 2 months ago

Though men and women share many similarities, it’s no secret that we also have our fair share of differences. It’s often in the way we approach our daily routines that these distinctions become most apparent. Understanding the habits of the opposite gender typically requires close proximity to someone who embodies them.

Sharing insights into these differences can be both enlightening and entertaining. That’s why when someone online prompted users to reveal the habits of girls they only learned about after having a girlfriend or wife, the response was enthusiastic. Below, we’ve gathered some of the most intriguing responses to give you a glimpse into the discussion. Take a look to see what they had to say!

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#1 Women have a million black hair ties and also none.

Image source: HoboBaggins008, Patricia H.

#2 They dont use a 4 in 1 shampoo, body wash, tooth paste and dog shampoo blend.

Image source: No_Monk_9263, Sarah Chai

#3 My wife pulls on the toilet paper like she’s trying to start a lawn mower.

Image source: deadbass72, Magda Ehlers

#4 How much time and effort they spend curating style. The reason they call “shopping” a whole hobby is bc half the time they aren’t even buying anything. They’re spending hours just browsing (online or at a store) just concocting aesthetics in their heads and brainstorming new looks or ideas. Meanwhile I’ve been wearing the same 8 shirts and 8 pairs of pants for the last ten years.

Image source: INtoCT2015, Sam Lion

#5 Having panties specific for periods.

Image source: marrewerre, ?chuanyu2015

#6 When they tell you about a problem, they don’t want a logical solution, they want emotional support.

Image source: samgag94, Andrea Piacquadio

#7 When you first start dating a woman and you are living in separate spaces: Taking off her bra means sexy time. When you live with said woman: she just never wears a bra at home.

Image source: Usual_Ad_730, Isaac Ramirez

#8 Blankets. Blankets. and MOAR BLANKETS.

Image source: wetshowerrug, Kelly Sikkema

#9 They put their hair that comes out on their hands when in the shower on the wall and sometimes forget to throw it away afterwards.

Image source: Positive_Bug_5744, viviandnguyen_


Image source: YinzerBiker, Pixabay

#11 She takes her bra off at the end of the day the same way I take my belt off my jeans when I get home. With the force of a thousand suns and a sigh of relief.

Image source: EngineeringVirgin, Kristen Plastique

#12 Common areas which can be seen by guests: SPOTLESS. Their personal space that closes that cannot be seen by guests: F*****G DISASTER.

Image source: bigkutta, Andrea Piacquadio

#13 They shed hair like cats.

Image source: tintedhokage, Yoann Boyer

#14 Anything that comes in a mini size is called cute.

Image source: Thementalistt, Sora Shimazaki

Mini bullet = cute

Mini Machete = cute

Doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s mini.

#15 How much work going to bed is, and how sometimes staying up later to avoid it is a reasonable alternative.

Image source: Shabang, cottonbro studio

#16 How tricky it is to find a well-fitting bra, and how darn expensive they are.

Image source: LaoBa, Pablo Heimplatz

#17 They need so much stuff just to sleep. That special pillow, a fan, sub arctic temperatures, and a huge blanket. I just need to stop moving for about 5 minutes.

Image source: woohhaa, Somnox Sleep

#18 First time I moved in with a partner I certainly wasn’t ready for the transformation my bathroom counter was about to go through.

Image source: borb86, lindyi

#19 They can be fascinated by a piece of cheese.

Image source: truman_chu, NastyaSensei

#20 Make up, as a little bloke never really saw my Mum putting it on, she’d be up and ready to go to work before I got up. Sure I’d see her do touch ups etc. First SO I lived with, watching her put it on fascinated me. When she went full in for an event though I lost track of time!

Image source: Chewiesbro, Adrienn

#21 The squeezing and plucking thing, as in the compulsive need to squeeze black heads and tweeze rogue hairs.

Image source: ReasonableExplorer, Anna Nekrashevich

Sometimes, she will be scratching my back or scalp and I think hey this is wonderful, I wonder what I did to deserve this and then seemingly out of no where I feel like I’ve fell victim to the attack of 1000 fire ants.

It doesn’t stop there, she watches videos of popping and squeezing blackheads on her phone as if the assault on my back, chest, face and arms wasn’t enough to feed her sick lust for squeezing, plucking and torture of my tormented body.

#22 **Belief:** Women are tidy, organized, and keep everything clean.

Image source: BitBucket404, NastyaSensei

This belief was implanted in my head because whenever I was invited to a girlfriend’s home, it was always immaculate, and she fussed over every detail.

**Married:** She’s my beautiful ADHAD disaster. Everything is everywhere and nowhere all at once, and can never find that thing that she just had her hand a few moments ago, but that’s ok because she just found a shiny state quarter in the laundry and is now looking up it’s potential collector’s value on Google.

### Update:
Hindsight 20-20; thinking back when we were dating and all the times her home was reorganized perfectly before inviting me over to (reorganize her) perfectly, is nothing short of an astonishing amount of sheer will and determination.

I should thank her for her hard work and dedication, then apologize for not noticing it sooner. I owe her a romantic dinner and a day at the spa.

I love my beautiful disaster.

#23 They always need to feel warm.

Image source: PrestigiousData768, David Izquierdo

#24 Just got married and surprised with….

Image source: hestolethatguyspiza, Jenny Ueberberg

How messy she is but clean – takes showers every day

How everyday she makes coffee with 80% creamer only to drink 1/3 of it and forget about it

How often she gets close to dying with small accidents like bumping her head or knee or stuff like that

How often she farts

HOW MESSY HER MAKEUP AREA IS. My garage with tons of tools and stuff is so neatly organized. Like how???

How she is a wreckless speed demon w her 2010 toyota rav4 playing songs she knows 100% of the lyrics to

Yup, but still love her for her. Wouldn’t change it…well, besides the driving habits, we’re working on that.

#25 Just a cute little show I noticed after we were married. My wife holds her breath when she applies mascara.

Image source: buckwheats







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