20 Insightful Answers From Men When Asked What Behaviours Of Women Give Them “The Ick”

Published 1 year ago

These days it’s an established and accepted fact that men and women are quite different from each other. There have been books, movies and TV shows that skilfully show the various disparities between the two genders and yet it continues to be a fascinating concept as we continue on our journey of trying to understand each other.

With that intent, one Redditor, u/Diligent-Log6805, decided to dig deeper into the male psyche about things that give them “the ick” about women. Answers poured in and we’ve chosen a few of the most interesting that give insight into the male perspective and shared them below. 

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#1 Denigrating and emasculating men who show emotions. It’s honestly one of the most f****d up things anyone can do to another person. Also, using a man’s kids as pawns in disputes, like cutting off visitation because you’re mad at him. Don’t f*****g do that, it’s just cruel to the kids.

Image source: GVArcian, Adrian Swancar

#2 One time an ex screamed at her 2-year-old nephew. Instantly unattractive

Image source: feralgrandma, Yan Krukau

#3 Loudly empathizing with every cause and group on the planet but treating people in their personal lives like trash.

Image source: Gubzs, https://www.pexels.com/photo/expressive-young-black-lady-arguing-during-video-conversation-on-smartphone-5699832/

#4 Over-the-top solipsism. That whole “I don’t perceive it that way, therefore you perceiving it that way cannot be valid” mindset.

Image source: UnoriginalUse, Monstera

#5 Refer to themselves as a boss b***h, queen, princess, or baddie.

Image source: frostymasta, Charles Nunes

#6 Duckface. It’s 2023. Duckface was cringe 15 years ago but some women are STILL doing it.

Image source: broberds, Carl Roi

#7 This girl said ‘sowwie’ to me trying to be cute, and I instantly lost interest in her.

Image source: hopsinduo, Anna Pou

#8 The f*****g testing.

Image source: Plzdontshadowbanmeh, Vera Arsic

I appreciate that you have been in previous relationships where someone lied and/or cheated on you but don’t spend your entire single life trying to catch me in some lie so you can have your self fulfilling prophecy that all men are liars.

#9 In Scotland. Obvious fake tan and over done makeup. You’re in f*****g Glasgow not madrid

Image source: HoneyInBlackCoffee, Kristina Paukshtite

#10 If they act entitled, no one wants to be drained like that

Image source: NaiveAd8426, Antony Greco

#11 Hilariously fake eyelashes

Image source: AnonyKlau5, Iulia_M

#12 silent treatment, I’ve hated it for the longest time, when you do something wrong and you try to apologize and they say nothing is even worse, just hurtful.

Image source: StxrrVA, Alex Green

#13 When they think a toxic trait of theirs is cute/quirky. There’s a big difference between being blunt in a respectful way and being a b***h.

Image source: SlightlyCheezed, Евгения Карпова

#14 Be super clingy, not have a life outside of the relationship, and baby talk when trying to be cute.

Image source: Hemogoblin_7, Brooke Cagle

#15 Lie/do something hurtful, then play victim so you end up comforting them for what they did even tho you wanna cry Lol

Image source: LabAfraid8005, RDNE Stock project

#16 Baby voice

Image source: RedCutty, Katerina Holmes

#17 Littering, Wasting food, Being very materialistic

Image source: Jarcookies, Brian Yurasits

#18 Saying dumb s**t like “ as a MAN why are you taking care of yourself?” Or “ as a MAN your house shouldn’t be so clean”. Like sorry for not being a tramp.

Image source: Sea_Villain, Pavel Danilyuk

#19 I saw a cute girl on a treadmill at the gym sneeze 4 times and not attempt to cover her mouth once. Absolutely disgusted me

Image source: JBean85, Edward Jenner

#20 Confusing confidence with being inconsiderate.

Image source: EvolvingEachDay, Cameron Sanborn

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