20 Rules That Will Make Air Travel Pleasant For Everyone

Published 1 year ago

If everyone knew how to behave on public transportation, that would be ideal. Dealing with the journey itself is difficult enough for almost everybody so why make a tiresome chore even more tedious? Netizens have long waxed lyrical on the subject, so our team has found suggestions put forward online by frequent flyers to make everyone’s air travel experience a more civilized and tolerable affair. Just remember, flying can be fun and exciting or it can be tiring and exhausting depending on you.

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Image source: cpl1, westend61

Have your boarding pass on hand before you approach the gate.


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When they start the boarding process, you don’t have to stand up and queue. It usually takes a long time and you have a seat assigned to you anyway, so relax a bit more before your flight.


Image source: leahbee11, Chalabala

American here. Please, for the love of all that is holy, learn how to go through airport security! I mean, how long has the TSA required 3 oz liquid items ONLY in a carry on? The amount of time wasted waiting on people who somehow in 2015 STILL don’t understand how to get through the security here is astounding!


Image source: Dawn_of_the_bread, Chalabala

While queueing at security, take your belt, keys, change etc. and place them in the front pocket of your carry-on. You’ll sail through the scanners and can reload your pockets when you get to a quiet spot


Don’t swarm the conveyor belt at the baggage claim area. Is the belt moving so fast that you can’t walk over and grab your bag when you see it instead of blocking everyone’s view of the belt?

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No children at the baggage carousel. Space is tight and bags are flying. My bag WILL smack your kid in the skull, and I will not apologize.


Former flight attendant here:

Don’t bring your massive bag of leftovers and then throw it away in the plane, we have very limited space for trash on board while in flight.

Don’t come into the galley in the middle of the flight to make conversation. We’re interacting with hundreds of you at a time and we’d like to relax for a few minutes and not interact with other humans. Please let us decompress.

When we tell you you can’t do something, must have your seat up for takeoff/landing it’s not because we are thirsty for power and authority, it’s the FAA. If I don’t tell you to do that or you don’t comply I could lose my job. Don’t shoot the messenger, be a sport and just play along.

Your flight attendant is there for your safety, not pleasure, so don’t be rude. We are trying our best.

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Image source: A2134263148a, Steven Damron

For the love of god, if everyone could learn that people should get out of their seat by alternating rows, de-boarding would be so much easier.


When you got to stand up, don’t latch onto the seat in front of you and use it for leverage. I am sleeping in that seat and you are waking me up. Just use your legs. I believe in you and your abilities.

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Image source: Dr_Ax, friends_stock

The middle seat gets both armrests.


Buy two seats if you need it.

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Image source: [deleted], Maria_Sbytova

Before you get on the plane, have what you want for the flight ready so you can stow your bag and get out of the aisle asap.


Make sure that your carry-on can EASILY fit in the overhead. Don’t be the guy who delays everybody boarding behind you by trying to squeeze a steamer trunk into the overhead bin.

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Image source: Kazimierz3000, pandalove85

I’ve flown over a million miles so hopefully, this helps. Make sure to check behind you before you throw your seat back when reclining.


Image source: GrimmandLily, propsman

Keep your hair, feet, hands to your effing self.


Image source: SoupEnjoyer28, T.Tseng

Do not eat egg salad. We aren’t able to crack windows. I’m begging.


Image source: spartacus07869, Marsel

Minimize your cologne/perfume usage. Believe it or not, not everybody wants to smell a cheap french hooker for a long flight.


Image source: Kyliexo, joaquincorbalan

Be respectful of the person sitting next to you. Don’t yell at the lady with the screaming baby, I promise you she wants it to shut up too.


Image source: iqtestforhiring, yesphotowrite

Do. Not. Change. Your. Baby’s. Diaper. Anywhere. But. The. Bathroom.

Seems like this outta go without saying, but some parents are just honeybadgers and they just don’t care.


Image source: Maj_Prismatic, DC_Studio

This one is pretty general, but from experience I guess it still needs saying: If a person has headphones on, earbuds in, whatever, don’t try to make small talk. It’s nothing personal, but some people have really long days at airports (Can’t tell you how many red-eyes I’ve caught after waiting standby all day) and just don’t want to talk.

Follow-up, for the flip side of this instance: If you’re listening to music, be reasonable about the volume. The people around you shouldn’t be able to hear your tunes.

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