30 Times Amputees And Disabled People Wore Genius Halloween Costumes

Published 2 years ago

I think we all agree that Halloween is much more fun because of the amazing costumes you get to wear. Nobody should miss out on the fun of dressing up as spooky and interesting characters. Some disabled folks find it difficult to choose their costumes due to certain limitations. However, many disabled people and amputees come up with brilliant ideas to create their Halloween costumes.

Check out how creative people turned their disabilities into incredible costumes and nailed Halloween in the gallery below. You can also check out these amazing wheelchair-adaptive costumes by Disney for more interesting Halloween costumes.

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#1 Turned My Wheelchair Into The Iron Throne For Halloween

Image source: shehappens

#2 Hooray, I Won The Costume Contest At Work

Image source: theadamroper

#3 Last Year I Did Several Halloween Costumes And This One Is Honestly One Of My Favorites. I Want To Wear My Skeleton Hand Around All The Time

Image source: aannggeellll

#4 My Son Is In A Wheelchair. I Turned It Into BB8 And Took Him To Hollywood Studios. Here Is The BB8chair Build

Image source: crrude

#5 Simply The Best

Image source: aannggeellll

#6 Amputee Halloween Is The Best

Image source: aannggeellll

#7 Awesome Pirates Of The Caribbean Wheelchair Costume

Image source: mista_milla78

#8 Ice Cream Costume

Image source: joshsundquist

#9 Our First Halloween Costume As A Married Couple

Image source: joshsundquist

#10 This Girl In My Town Has Spinal Muscular Atrophy, And Her Parents Made Her A Cinderella Carriage Around Her Wheelchair

Image source: Saragoldeenlv99

#11 Wheelchair Zombie Escaping The Grave Costume I Made For My Daughter

Image source: TheLeebobr

#12 Brandon’s Dad Turned His Wheelchair Into A Tie Fighter For Halloween

Image source: jawa709

#13 Throwback To Halloween 2016

Image source: joshsundquist

#14 My Wife Dressed Up As Lara Croft For Halloween. She’s An Amputee So She Improvised

Image source: theschway83

#15 Happy Halloween From Aladdin And Abu

Image source: silas_saga

#16 Here Is One Of Our Favorite Halloween Costumes

Image source: mobilitypartnersofhouston

#17 Turned My Son’s Wheelchair Into The Millennium Falcon

Image source: NKHdad

#18 Oh Snap! Happy Halloween

Image source: amputay_

#19 Guy In My School Was Confined To A Wheelchair. Great Spirit For His Dressing Up

Image source: jelinski619

#20 Its My First Halloween As A Double Below The Knee Amputee And My Husband And I Went As Forrest Gump And Lieutenant Dan

Image source: Happymix

#21 It’s So Worth It. Hearing Other Kids After Seeing Caleb In His Costume, Say “That’s The Coolest Costume I’ve Ever Seen”

Image source: and_she_loved

#22 That’s Not Really A Tree. It’s A Man Dressed As A Tree. And Get This: That’s Not Really Santa! It’s A Dog Dressed As Santa

Image source: joshsundquist

#23 I’m Planning On Doing That Version Eventually

Image source: aannggeellll

#24 Black Panther Wheelchair Costume

Image source: AnnArborBuck

#25 When Life Hands You Lemons, Make Awesome Halloween Costumes

Image source: joshsundquist

#26 My Friend And I Are Both In Wheelchairs So We Did A Mario Kart Group Costume This Halloween

Image source: shehappens

#27 Sam Was Single-Minded About What He Wanted To Be This Year For Halloween. He Knew He Wanted To Be A Bunny And The Wheelchair Had To Be A Carrot

Image source: samvsvwm

#28 I Don’t Know If It’s Held Up After A Full Day Of Teaching, But Here’s My Sally Costume

Image source: mscaitlinmichelle

#29 My Coworker Is An Amputee. This Was Her Costume

Image source: Xenon808

#30 Confusing Trick-Or-Treaters With A Posable Skeleton Arm For The Last 2 Years

Image source: left-shoulder-closed

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