Fashion Designer Creates Dresses That Can Be Worn In Many Different Ways

Published 4 years ago

Oyinda Akinfenwa is a fashion designer from Nigeria who recently shared some photos of a unique dress that she designed. At first glance, it looks like a pretty ordinary emerald-colored dress – but it’s actually four dresses in one! The dress that Oyinda designed can be easily styled for all sorts of different occasions and people instantly fell in love with it!

It turns out that this isn’t the first multi-purpose dress that Oyinda designed and she even has her own brand called Janore. In a recent interview with Bored Panda, the designer said that sometimes it can take her weeks to come up with a design – yet sometimes she can come up with one in just a few days.

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Nigerian fashion designer Oyinda Akinfenwa recently shared a video of a dress she designed that can be worn multiple different ways

Image credits: just_oyinda

It can be styled in four different ways to suit almost any occasion

Image credits: Oyinda Akinfenwa

This isn’t the first dress that Oyinda has designed

When designing the dresses, Oyinda usually starts with the sleeves and then draws the body later. “But also I make changes along the way when I start sewing to make it more perfect,” added the designer. Of course, mistakes are unavoidable when designing such intricate dresses but Oyinda usually manages to make them work. Just take the emerald dress for example – initially, it was supposed to have sleeves but the woman decided to leave them out.

One of her dresses can even be styled in 12 different ways!

Image credits: Oyinda Akinfenwa

Oyinda also designed this cute polka dot dress

“Do you know how cool it is to make your own dress? I also get this thrill from being in my own creative space,” says Oyinda. “It’s amazing to be able to look at something normal and make something extra out of it while keeping it simple but perfect.”

The woman says that designing makes her feel like she’s on top of the world as she gets to show everyone what’s in her head and see all the positive reactions. “I also want to contribute to the fashion industry and it’s important to keep doing something creative and interesting because that’s what fashion design is also about,” says Oyinda.

Funnily enough, Oyinda never thought she would become a fashion designer and found her calling by accident. She says she never even knew she could make a dress or a shirt until she made a top out of her mom’s scarf when she was 17. “It came out pretty good and then I did it again the next day and the next and the next and here we are,” explained the designer.

And this purple one that can also be styled in three ways

Image credits: just_oyinda

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