‘You’re Not A Real Man’: 30 Things Men Do That Women Have Weirdly Hated On

Published 2 weeks ago

There are some ridiculous notions about gender stereotypes that are still running rampant. Little things like, a boy should use soap and not shampoo in their hair or that men should know more about cars than women, are silly ideas that have likely been planted in our heads a long time ago, but it’s hard to get rid of their influence nevertheless. 

Recently, internet user u/Bikini_baby767 inspired a wonderful conversation online about this topic on the r/AskMen subreddit. Scroll below to read what folks responded with when asked about the weirdest thing women have called them ‘unmanly’ for. 

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#1 I like flowers. I grow flowers around my property and sometimes post pictures on Facebook. Very often I get called gay for doing that. I don’t give a s**t.

Image source: BackItUpWithLinks, Tima Miroshnichenko

#2 For crying AT A FUNERAL. A lifelong friend of mine lost his sister tragically, and as my friend and I knew each other for almost twenty years, she was like a sister of my own. I was devastated at the service.

Image source: Dolorous-Edd15, cottonbro studio

#3 Owning a cat.

Image source: BourbonGuy09, Yuliya kota

#4 Liking opera music. Pursuing a PhD instead of construction work or being a trucker idk. Not groping her on our first (and last) date.

Image source: CarrotDue5340, Vasily Koloda

#5 I went on a first date and when we sit down the woman stares at me and gives me a look of utter disgust and asks in an equally contemptuous voice, “Um…. Do you normally wear glasses?”.

Image source: Swimming_Bag7362, Dominika Roseclay

#6 Easy – I was engaged, she had a baby. We break up, turns out baby isn’t mine. Her sister ran into a friend of mine and claimed I was the father of said child. When my friend pointed out that the DNA conclusively determined that I was not the father, the ex’s sister loudly proclaimed, “A real man would have stepped up and taken care of the baby anyway!” Pure insanity.

Image source: JerCH24

#7 I once had a girl I was interested in laugh at me for drinking tea and said “what kind of guy drinks tea?” B***h half my family is British, what do you expect?

Image source: Satansleadguitarist, Julia Sakelli

#8 Girl in high school told me once if I didn’t drink or smoke I wasn’t a real man. A teacher she liked (they were both Vietnamese and he had been helping her with adjusting to Canada) intervened and said that taking care of your health is what a real man would do….

Image source: easythrees

#9 Dinner with an ex and her roommate a long time ago. Ordered a salad with grilled salmon on it, roommate thought it was embarrassing because real men are supposed to eat steaks and s**t when going out to dinner. Laughed my a*s off at her.

Image source: Aztec_sandstone, Alina Chernysheva

#10 Because I called an Uber instead of getting in the car with her when we were both heavily day drinking on a 3rd date. Red flags aplenty all day while bar hopping.

Image source: Expensive-Fail7581, Viktor Avdeev

#11 Using coupons. She fully believed that a man should not use coupons. She said it embarrassed her, and often made fun of me for it.

Image source: SecuritySky, Erik Mclean

#12 I still shave with an actual straight razor made by rolls razor in 1942 in London England. My ex told me shaving with that razor was womanly and should only be used for decoration. And to quote her ( any man that uses British steel is a b***h ) and quote.

Image source: anon

#13 Because I’m not into cars. I think some look nice and some look bad, but I don’t care what engine they have. I don’t care how fast they can get to 80mph (there’s no highway around that even let’s you go that fast). And I don’t care what rims or spoiler is on them. They’re just methods of transportation to me, but that apparently makes me an undesirable non man.

Image source: TehPharaoh, Tobi

#14 Wearing pink. Imagine being so insecure about a colour.

Image source: gin-o-cide, Anna Shvets

#15 I can think of two weird things: for wearing a seat belt while driving and for using an umbrella to stay dry. Not the same woman, and the examples happened years apart.

Image source: addeegee, Craig Whitehead

#16 My dad said I was a big fairy for wearing deodorant and not just using a bar of soap to wash my hair. Using shampoo made me a big fairy powder puff, apparently. One of many pearls of wisdom he tried to give me. He would s**t himself if he knew that I use moisturiser on occasion.

Image source: crimsonavenger77, Tyler B IV

#17 Had someone tell me it’s cringe as a man to live with your parents as an adult, but it’s perfectly fine for women to live with their parents as an adult as long as they want.

Always been a weird one to me. Like, so I fall on hard times and my parents want to help, so I guess I’m no longer a man ?.

Image source: tdyoung1989

#18 Every time I’d call out my ex for being rude to me, she’d say “be a man. A man would just take it. Instead of complaining over a little thing.” Every single day she would say the meanest things to me and she expected me to just take it cuz that’s being a man. I found it ironic cuz I thought a man WOULD defend himself against a mean person. That’s what a man would do.

Image source: RevolutionaryStar824

#19 A woman came to my house and criticised how neat and clean it was. Apparently, men don’t live like that. Turns out her house was an absolute pig sty.

Image source: working_class_tired

#20 I wore an apron while cooking.

Image source: Bikini_baby767, cottonbro studio

#21 I paid a moving company to move a bunch of furniture. She massively disrespected me in front of the movers, commenting about how they were “real men” (implying I wasn’t). We are no longer together.

Image source: Lucr3tius, RDNE Stock project

#22 Not exactly a “you’re not a real man” moment but close. I had a girl once explain that as a girl she gets to do whatever she wants and I need to make sure to hold down the bills and accept her decisions as the man. So I get the only restrictions in the relationship. We broke up, now I am married and welcoming my first child with a perfect woman.

Image source: SKIPPY_IS_REAL

#23 I told a girl I wanted to stay at my 5’8 and 140lb lean build given I’m a competitive marathon runner. She said a real guy would be trying to bulk up and be as big as possible.

Image source: little_runner_boy

#24 I didn’t simply give her money whenever she asked for it.

She deemed herself entitled to men’s money – even if she didn’t even know them.

Image source: EverVigilant1

#25 Ordering a hot cocoa instead of beer. I love flowers. And I love to cuddle.

Image source: OldPyjama, Chester Toh


If you don’t do what a woman wants you to, she will try to shame you into it by attacking your masculinity. It’s selfish, unkind and childishly, transparently manipulative. Stupid, selfish, childish women are not worth keeping in your life.

Image source: yepsayorte


I rejected her sexual advances. Made me “girly”

I asked another how she felt. That wasn’t very manly either, apparently.

Image source: Emotional_Load9735, Monstera Production


My ex-wife: A real man makes seven figures. If you can’t handle me physically hitting you, then you’re not a real man.

Image source: Jiggly_Love, RDNE Stock project


Not me, but I remember one time a woman was talking about how “guys who change a tire with gloves on are pussies.” Spoken like someone who had never changed a tire and scraped their knuckles on asphalt lol.

Image source: robsc_16


Wearing flip flops with a strap between the toes, using lotion, crying at my grandpa’s funeral, crying at my grandmas funeral, not wanting to have sex after a child abuse case, not wanting sex just because I wasn’t in the mood, taking baths, getting a massage………. women love telling men what’s a real man.

Image source: Trailjump

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