15 Predictions About The Upcoming Trends Of 2024 According To Pinterest

Published 7 months ago

With the dawn of the New Year, everyone is making predictions of what to expect in the next 366 days. Pinterest has joined in on this experience sharing their guesses on what trends we might get to experience during the coming year based on the current trending searches on their platform. 

From forecasts on the revival of Jazz music to conjectures about folks’ attitudes towards planning vacations and holidays, nothing will be the same according to these assumptions on what people will collectively enjoy in 2024. So scroll below to check out what will likely be the most popular trends next year and to decide for yourself whether you’re on board or have a difference in opinion. 

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#1 Slowcation

Image source: Pinterest, InstaWalli

Instead of booking overly busy vacations, in 2024 people will tend to book slowcations – vacations, where they can actually rest their bodies. “More lazy mornings in bed!” can be called a motto for the new year.

#2 The Rise Of Kitschens (Kitschy Kitchens)

Image source: Pinterest, Tina Dawson

They say the party always moves to the kitchen. But sometimes, the kitchen is the party. This year, Gen X and Boomers will spruce up their cooking areas with thrifted finds, vintage appliances and jarring pops of paint. No minimalist aesthetic is safe.

#3 Badminton Aesthetic

Image source: Pinterest, Saif71.com

In 2024 one of the most compelling aesthetics will be badminton. In fact, it is predicted that Gen Z and Millennials will be smitten with this sport and everything related to it, as in 2023 searches from “badminton outfit” to “playing badminton aesthetic” were trending. Maybe it’s time to pick up a racket?

#4 One Person’s Trash Is Another Person’s Treasure

Image source: Pinterest, Utopia By Cho

2024 will be a sustainability year. As of 2023, the search for ways to use leftover wood scraps for do-it-yourself projects went up by a whopping +1,220%, while the search for ways to use up other kinds of waste materials from craft works went up by +140%. That suggests that the interest for such projects will be even higher in the new year.

And it involves not only DIY but food as well, as the searches in 2023 show that a search for leftover recipes went up by +165%.

#5 The Bigger The Better

Image source: Pinterest, Dzenina Lukac

Voluminous hairstyles and oversized jewelry will be the peak of beauty in 2024. This was assumed due to such searches as “big bun” (+230%) and “sculptural jewelry” (+75%) dominating beauty search results in 2023.

#6 Bow Stacking

Image source: Pinterest, Leah Kelley

In 2024 youth will finish their looks by tying a bow on their outfits, shoes, jewelry, and hair. The delicate detail will have a not-so-delicate year as it will be used frequently by both fashion influences and the public. After all, even in 2023 it already garnered quite some attention, for example, the rising search for “bow necklace” by 180%.

#7 Jazz Revival

Image source: Pinterest, John Matychuk

In 2024 electronic beats will be replaced by a blast from the past – vintage jazz. And it won’t be only in music, as it will also touch fashion and interior design. This possible trend was suggested by the rise of searches such as jazz aesthetic clothing (+180%), piano jazz (+105%), and many other similar ones.

#8 We Will Be Punching The Air

Image source: Pinterest, RDNE Stock project

The way to relieve stress in 2024 will be punching the air. That means that such sports as karate, jiu-jitsu, and kickboxing will be at the top, just as it was on Pinterest search results in 2023.

#9 Food Frankensteins

Image source: Pinterest, Cats Coming

We will likely see new food mashups, as people are getting more and more creative with their recipes. For example, things such as gummy kebabs or cheeseburger tacos are supposed to be new trendy dishes, as the search for these recipes on Pinterest went up by 170% and 255%.

#10 Cafécore

Image source: Pinterest, Fahmi Fakhrudin

Apparently, in 2024 we are going to see the rise of at-home coffee stations, which will replace people’s trips to coffee shops. And these at-home coffee stations are going to be no joke – they will include nearly everything you can wish for – from various types of coffee to even some coffee shop decor like chalk signs. And Pinterest dubs it as “Cafécore.”

#11 Futuristic Vibe

Image source: Pinterest, Eric Marty

Cool silver tones and bold chrome are the colors that are becoming popular right now, which will make melty metallics take center stage in 2024, as they will replace neutral metallics in jewelry, fashion, and decor. This was assumed as “nail art metallic,” went +295% in searches in 2023, along with increased search for aluminum door designs and silver necklaces layered.

#12 Tropical Treatment

Image source: Pinterest, Rachel Claire

In the new year, we will see the rise of tropical decor and aesthetics, as people will wish to incorporate some vacation vibe into their daily lives. Tropics will dominate nearly everything from decor to food, as in 2023 searches like “Tropical chic décor” or “Pineapple mocktails” went up to the heights it hasn’t before.

#13 Homemade Spa

Image source: Pinterest, CRYSTALWEED

As skincare has been in the spotlight for quite some time now, Pinterest guesses that it will have to share it with body care in 2024. People will be creating their homemade spas with luxury lotions and SPFs as the search for the so-called “spa aesthetic” went up 60% last year.

#14 Bye Coastal Grandma, Hello Grandpa Core

Image source: Pinterest, nilgün özdemir

Your grandad will be another style icon of 2024, especially between Gen Z and Boomers, who will embrace “grandpa core” – vintage clothing. So, if you want to be stylish in 2024, consider digging through your grandpa’s closet.

#15 A Groovy Blast From The Past

Image source: Pinterest, Thomas Curryer

The 70s will be making a comeback in 2024 as an inspiration for weddings. In fact, the search for “groovy wedding” went up by +170%, and the search for “groovy hen party outfit” rose by +110%. So, let’s just expect to see weddings be dominated by disco and hippy decor.

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