20 Of The Most Satisfying ‘Reverse Pinterested’ Pieces Of Furniture

Published 1 year ago

Although Pinterest is the perfect platform for DIY’ers, sometimes they go overboard with their experiments and ruin things instead of making them beautiful.

Turns out, there is a subreddit called ‘Reverse Pinterest’ where people have started posting restored versions of furniture that have been “rescued from Pinterest-paint hell and restored to their original glory.” Check out some of their interesting posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Lent A Helping Hand To This Poor Cedar Chest (Henderich Furniture Company). Boy, Was I Pleasantly Surprised To Find Such A Gorgeous Grain Beneath That Paint

Image source: teaphillips

#2 $25 Solid Teak Table

Image source: Wrathskellar666

#3 Liked The Shape Of This Vase And Knew It Was Spray Painted, No Guess As To What Was Underneath But Decided To Give It A Go. Pleasantly Surprised

Image source: theothercrystal

#4 This Weeks Goodwill Find. Why Would Anyone Have Painted This??

Image source: tenglempls

#5 Restored This Beauty To Its Original Glory. $20 Goodwill Cedar Chest Returned From Crackled Paint Torture

Image source: toothqueencolleen

#6 Finally Finished Rescuing This 1954 Beauty! (Details In Original Post Comments)

Image source: helllllohaley

#7 Got Me An Old, Damaged Bookcase For 5€

Image source: nightonless

#8 No Idea Who Would Buy This, Paint It, And Throw It To The Curb, But I Love My New Lamp ?

Image source: 99_ahc

#9 $75 Craigslist Find. Ended Up Getting It For Free After He Saw We Were Expecting. First Time Refinishing Something!! Pleased With How It Came Out

Image source: BeautifulHindsight

#10 For $8, I Couldn’t Pass Up The Challenge

Image source: Wrathskellar666

#11 I Was Not Looking For A Project But Walked Past This Table In A Thrift Store And Felt Obligated To Address This Monstrosity

Image source: No-Illustrator-8412

#12 Goodwill Rescue Of The Week

Image source: tenglempls

Saw Some Cobalt On The Bottom Of This Bud Vase. Got The Twine And Hot Glue Off Only To Find That It Had Three Layers Of Paint On It (Black, Gold, And Red). Some Soaking In Boiling Water And Some Very Satisfying Paint Peels Gave Me This

#13 My Dad Didn’t Have Much Respect For Nice Furniture, So He Painted This Glossy White And Wrote On It With A Sharpie. I Restored It

Image source: Picksologic

#14 I Refinished A Blonde American Of Martinsville Credenza

Image source: NotElizaHenry

#15 Before And After: Green Secretary

Image source: agtitan

#16 Not Sure If This Counts As “Reverse” Or “Slightly Un-Pinterested”, But I Like It

Image source: MattOnADinosaur

#17 Saved At $30 Bassett Mid-Century Nightstand

Image source: AngryAlan

#18 Before & After: Mcm Hutch From Fb Marketplace

Image source: WeilaArt

#19 Refinished A Painted Gem. Harlequin Line For American Of Martinsville Designed By Merton Gershun

Image source: Pandapuss33

#20 Bye Bye, Yellow “Antiqued” Paint!

Image source: GoalHuman

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