Three good reasons to keep an extra pair of sunglasses

Published 8 years ago

Like other clothing and fashion accessories, use of sunglasses has become so common among the people of all age groups and genders. Even kids can love wearing them. If you are among those who consider this useful item solely as a fashion accessory then you need to rectify your views. Now a days they have become a necessity in everyone’s life who is moving outdoors during the day. People don’t only use them to create a style statement, but also to protect their eyes from the sun, dust and harmful rays. Despite being a great adornment, quality shades can help everyone to maintain a good eye health. When it comes to purchasing a perfect pair, there is a huge variety of local, branded and designer pieces available for sale at different prices. Don’t go behind the cheapest and the most expensive, as you aim is to keep your eyes healthy while looking trendy without breaking your budget. Unlike other accessories, when we step into the market to buy a pair of sunshade, it’s almost impossible to think about purchasing an extra pair. The primary reason for this misconception is that 90% of the buyers think they are going to use them under the sun only and according to them one is just right for them. They totally ignore the different circumstances and situations. Let’s me discuss an example here to explain what I mean to say with different circumstances. Suppose, you have found a delicate frame from a designer shop at a good price, no doubt the eyewear truly looks stunning and make you feel like a fashion diva, will you be wearing the same at the day out on the beach? I am sure you better leave them in the hut, as you don’t want to ruin them with careless handling. At this stage you must be imagining that if you bought an extra pair, it would have resolved the problem.

To further prove the benefits of possessing an extra sunglass here I am sharing few good reasons.

Become trendy like a celebrity, you must have seen several celebrities who always look chic, whether they are walking under the sun, or they are performing on the stage in the evening, they don’t forget to carry their glasses. Don’t worry, you can practice the same, if you sensibly analyze your lifestyle and activities and purchase two different shades to fulfill most of the possible needs. Designer brands like Tom Ford sunglasses come in a wide variety of designs, shapes and colours. All you need to understand is your face cut and skin tone to select the most suitable design.

For emergency reasons, perhaps you are not the kind of extrovert, who love socializing and partying frequently, still you may need an extra piece. Accidents and emergencies can happen even to the most sophisticated persons. Moreover, there is always a probability of forgetting your favourite pair at the counter of the shop you may have randomly visited. Sometimes you are too busy to take out time to purchase the new pair urgently. Possessing an extra piece will protect you from facing such urgencies.

To execute specific needs, probably you are actively involved in aggressive sporting activities that keep your eyes directly exposed to harsh, sunlight, wind, sand and salt water, how could you expect healthy eyes without wearing a quality sports glasses. Opticians prescribe sports glasses that are made up of special lenses that are essentially resistant to scratch and UV. Sports specs are good, but you can’t wear them casually. For casual purposes, you always need another spec.

Summary: Next time you go out for shopping sunglasses, keep these facts in mind and sensibly purchase two pairs instead of one.

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